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Here is an example of a family trying to change their area in a positive way by not only growing the food they grow in a pretty bad neighborhood...but they have workshops and have days where people can come and learn to grow themselves. I've been to a seed saving workshop they put on and last week went to a soap making workshop where I finally got a chance to make some from scratch. My house smells lovely while it's curing.



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Sheeesh, they have really developed that . Was the first vid taken a few years ago? I want a garden that looks like that! :yum3:



VICTORY GARDENS!!! We certainly need them again....tho it isn't cuz of a war in Europe.



I like the quote on the first vid....about farming/agriculture being the first step toward civilization. Stepping out of hunter/gathering.....in the markets and grocery shops?


MtRider ....all worn out today from gleaning in a friend's garden....turnips near the size [and weight] of bowling balls, greens, beets, :feedme:

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They bought the house next to theirs (was in foreclosure and had squatters...yuck!) then tore down the fencing between both yards so their yard space is huge. One area is fenced off with fruit trees and their chickens. The back area you saw in the video was the garden beds and their beehives. The second house is used for family (they have 7 kids) but also for the soaps Judith makes and the workshops. I was impressed because I know how much work goes into all they've done.

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