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:) Link to Part 43... http://mrssurvival.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44206&hl=




I've just been trying to use up, make do, save money, take out what we no longer need. I like to donate to the Salvation Army, whenever I can. Took some stuff there this week.


And I'm boiling down frozen ham bones to make stock and separate the meat. Then back in the freezer for when I need it...

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Sold the entertainment center so we'll have a few bucks to help pay taxes for this year on the 3 properties :-( Work at the Roost is progressing much faster now that everything's sorted and boxed. Will work at the Big Garage (at the homestead) today, moving stuff to the "loft" in the rafters of the BG and wll have room to move more of MrWE2's tools etc., to the BG. Will move all the RV and camping gear to the wood barn (at the homestead) and decide what needs to go where in the shed at the Roost. Confusing? Trying living it :24: . Weather's supposed to be much warmer today so will be a good day to work outside a bit.


ps...why aren't we planning to keep the homestead? It's right in the city and the building inspectors make it really hard on everybody who lives in this town...thinking like it's a population of 2 million instead of 20,000. They even sent a notice that our sewer caps "smoked" when they blew smoke down the city sewer pipes. All the ruckus so we could put a plastic cap ($5.00) over them instead of leaving them open :-( That's what we put up with here "for the time being" and why we won't live in it. Mother lives in bottom unit and son lives in upper unit ... for the time being...because they have no place else to go. It's our "black hole".

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I live in a town like that too We2. We have to have a permit for EVERYTHING. Two years ago they even tried to start having permits for things like interior painting and appliance installations and basic redecorating and upgrading. People had enough of them so it didn't go through. Well, it sort of did, we can still get a permit for those things if we want too. The only advantage to that is if you want the work inspected to make sure it's done properly they will come out and do it when the job is complete. I think they just want more of our money from the permits and to raise our taxes on home improvements and they want to get inside the houses to nose around. I believe I can paint my own walls without their approval...so far.


Boy, I'm sure getting grumpy in my old age. I just want to be left alone and to stop getting ripped off. Roar. :angry:

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Doing a massive ROTATE of goods. In tight quarters, Stored Stuff Stays Stored. But now and then, I catch up on rotation of older to use first and newly purchased to shove deeper into storage. The original purpose was to access more wheat for DH's baking bread. But while I"m in the vicinity......


The motto of such days is: It's gonna get worse before it gets better.


MtRider :):0327: Whew!

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Rotated two more 5 gallon cans of gasoline. Put them in the truck, re-filled the cans and treated them with Stabil and labeled them with date etc. Also made A LOT MORE progress at the Roost. Even MrWE2 was playful today, recognizing how far we've come getting this far (6 years!). We've got a weight bench now that he's got to dismantle and get out of the house so he can sell it. Then an old electric scooter that he wants to dismantle and keep the motor etc., for rigging something for a SHTF project...:-) Day by day...

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Oh MTR, I feel for you. I'm cleaning the bedroom closet, what a mess!


Will it get better? I sure hope so.

When I get thru with this I am going to make my New Years resolutions. No problem there as I have been making the same resolution for the last 40 years. " This year I'm going to get organized" HAHA So what are your resolutions?

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Please have things labeled correctly...that barrel of sugar....

oh dear it was wheat worthless now.....


No that was not me that did that.. But really labeling and dating are so important.

I need to go through all my canned goods again....try to do this several times a year.

I check the lids for proper sealing, contents for looks....... can be a wearisome job,

but comes with satisfaction when all is well.

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Avoiding the Gestapo types in the area, lol. Also avoiding sick persons. Getting my rest, puttering with declutter works , nothing on a hard schedule, just a little here and there. Told son and dad that if SHTF :smiley_shitfan: due to radical affects, economy, govt out of control ( hmmm, yes there is that....) I would be doing my best to take care of myself here. So, prepping them mentally. Maybe it will jog them into taking a few steps at least , to do the same whereever they are when the time comes. I reminded my son that historically when stuff like this keeps going on , it gets that bad, every time. A long time before it gets better too, if it does.


Learned Germany in more dire straights now and Russia's currency failed. These are two major indicators. With Russia it inspires more aggression, in several places we used to be able to keep a lid on. Not anymore due to policies and reductions. Please consider that, they are in the northern Pacific, Northern Atlantic, Northern Canadian waters/ice. Have approached Eastern Pacific land masses aggressively already. Black Sea, Europe, Scandinavian countries also dealing with aggressive moves recently. Russia has only gain in mind, now, and they are going to take what they want. Repeat.....


Watching racial divide and aggression.... going on here in the US. LEO attacks. Not good and not stopping, it is just getting more consistent in too many areas.

I will be trying to find a live feed on computer of Times Square tonight and got a link for scanner for NYC , hope I can keep up if :smiley_shitfan: at celebration. Many major cities are threatened by this, this time, that radical stuff keeps growing in intensity and danger levels. If I was going to go, I would change my plans.


Be safe my friends and keep an eye out on the perimeter if you are celebrating. Small incidences occurring in a spreading fashion too. I guess they don't want people to celebrate and have hope for themselves, must bust up tradition.

Others are starting to do things to protest it, deal with it.


Eventually things will get out of hand and that is when the Silent One will use this. It won't take long, get ready to do what you must for yourselves.

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Made a grocery run to Aldi's for eggs, hard cheeses, tp and paper towels, some butter and marjarine, shredded wheat cereal, chips and a few other things we wanted. Then to $Tree for hair conditioners (I use them to make my fabric softener) but couldn't find any puppy potty pads (good prep item if someone is ill & has diareah etc.) so guess we'll check later. We have a few put back, but just wanted more. Then to Tractor Supply to get Abby-girl another NylaBone to stock back for her. Then to WM for more trash bags, Dawn dishwashing liquid, 20 Mule Team Borax and Washing Soda...just for the pantry at the Roost then off to the Roost to unload everything & drop a book off at the library there. Got home after dark but it was only misty so we're tucked in. Didn't really need anything but the eggs but wanted to add some more items to the pantry at the Roost :-) Rotated 3 more containers of gasoline but we didn't have time to add the Stabil to them or label them, so just set them inside the storage shed. Menard's was having their 15% off of everything you could fit in a grocery bag, so we bought just about all the electrical plugs & covers, LED light bulbs, and then clerk gave sack back and said you can come back if you'd like! So we took stuff to truck & MrWE2 went back in and bought the new garbage disposal for the Roost...makes me HAPPY! Haven't had a disposal for nearly 30 years :-) Did all the baking I needed to do; got spice cupcakes and bread for several more days. The Roost stuff is bought with the funds we've managed to set back for the remodeling, and we'll eat out of this pantry here to play catch up for the things we set back for the pantry at the Roost :-) Not too hard to do since about all I would really need to buy are eggs.


Oh, forgot...also picked up a couple bottles of Vodka and a big jug of Old Crow to stock in the pantry at the Roost and brought home the ones that were there that had been opened. Might want a nip during this kind of weather :-) but would also make a good "hot toddy item" for someone who would need one or a little shot in the Flu Soup that's hidden away for emergencies. Also picked up a bottle of Harbor Mist/Rasberry...I love to pour a little of it over frozen fruit while MrWE2 enjoys a Coors Light :-)

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Ordered a lumbar waist pack with some of my Christmas money and a camp mirror I am actually hanging over the kitchen sink, lol. Durable and handy and I will know where it is. There was probably more prep stuff among the knitting yarn and little knitting gadgets I ordered too. Most of it arrives Tues-Wed. Some of the yarn I ordered will provide an earthy warm shawl, which you can even use on a summer night around here at times, its just sock yarn but I thought the colors were cool and would blend in with the forests, darks, greys, earthy tones. NIce way to produce camo, without anyone realizing it, lol... ought to pattern in an interesting fashion since the triangular shawl is much wider at top than a sock is... it will break up the colors which also is camaflauging in effect and that is why I want to make it other than it would be a nice addition to my 'wardrobe' such as it is.

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I may now have enough sock yarn to do several pair total and that also is a prep since a well knit sock lasts a very long time and things are not going to get any cheaper out there from what I can see. This is sock country much of the year. It keeps me busy too, knitting them. Socks good solid mittens, maybe some pants in sock wool blend yarn in time....... lol. NIce for winter wear.

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Mentioned before...Menard's is having their 15% off bag sale so we went again today and was able to buy four more jubs of kerosene. Also picked up another black cartridge for the printer at WM as well as another file box for our 2015 documents etc. Yesterday also picked up about 15 Knorr pasta and rice sides. So EZ to fix and they store excellently. I have some buckets of them at the Roost but wanted a bucket of them here...to use :-) Picked up some spray starch to "finish" the crochet poncho's that I've finished. Working on a multi-color one now...pewter & pastel blue. Next color? Who knows...guess I'll look through all the old yarn I have and see what I can come up with :-)

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My kitty got killed New Years eve. It was raining the next day and I went out in the rain very early , before the boys woke up so I could pick him up from the neighbors driveway. Poor little kitty, he was so loving and sweet. I miss him.



When I am worried , scared or sad , I cope by tearing thru the house, throwing away stuff.. My house usually gets much more organized and clean. It is pretty well cleaned now .

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:( So sad about your kitty.....



WE2....sheeesh, you must really be able to crochet fast! I'm impressed.....and envious! :lol:



I'm getting nothing done. I few things to maintain house, laundry, dishes, ....and chip out snow/ice from our walkways. Just not feeling quite ....right yet. Or just worn out? :shrug:


MtRider ....still have Christmas [#2] presents to wrap.... :santa: ...strange this year.

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Thanks to WE2's, dogmom,Jeepers, Mt. Rider. Annarchy for the hugs. I still miss Daryl. His mom had another litter after him and I can still see him herding the kittens away from the road , and teaching them to climb a tree. I feel better now but it was really hard. Thanks again.


I know every one of you has lost a pet so I don't mean to be so whiny about Daryl. (but he was a good cat)

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