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Both of us came away with good reports.  I'll go in for 4 week followup and...if I choose...fitted for glasses.  I'm probably going to wait on the glasses thing until we get back from our EXTENDED tri

Hung out a couple of loads of laundry this morning...had to wear the heavy duty sunglasses...neighbors probably wouldn't want to share their thoughts   Pulled a pint jar of last years spiced pears, du

I've been going through the pantry and trying to use up things with looming expiration dates.  For example, we don't drink milk but I always have a few cans of evaporated milk on hand for the very occ

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Seed sprouting stuff came in. Great variety of seeds and beans to try , probably over 2 lbs worth. I can test them out and see what I like the most, sprouter kit is a round , white one. I think it will be fine. Looking forward to using it.

The soft mesh stuff for canning jars to be used for sprouting look like they are easy to sanitize and will work nicely and durable. Very happy with my order.

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Planted the Jerusalem Artichokes today as well as re-planting the Ransoms. Next will come asparagus and garlic. These will be "amid" the tiny tree line on one side of the Roost. They'll be left alone to "do their thing"...if they want to. Also want to get some cuttings from my berry bushes at the homestead & get them transplanted also. We'll be putting a lot of "volunteers" along that tree line, which is about 3' from Abby-girls' fence on one side. perfect place to plant stuff you want to just let go and also be sort of "out of site".

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Hey Cecilia!


I did some more fence line clearing. Wore out already. Glad tomorrow is Sunday! Hopefully I can get back to clearing monday, but I've got no more brush clearing energy left today. I have two sides complete and two sides appx half done. Not sure how much is left to do because it is so thick I can't tell how far I've got left to do. Since it isn't a straight line, I can't even look back and tell how far I've come either. I'm clearing from one good tree to another and I'm using trees for posts since there is no way I'm driving t posts into that rocky ground. Not to mention I can't afford that many posts.

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I had dental work done.

Ugh. My dentist just called this week and left a message on my answering machine. I was hoping he forgot all about me. Guess he mi$$es me. I hate to have dental work done. Now that I have reached a 'certain age' my teeth are getting so sensitive and they are moving around.

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What's a "skink" CGA?


Clearing little bits from Garage....or house...at a time. Can't do too much and trying not to :0327: flatten myself. Most things for Wildfire Evac are now located, inventory updated, moved, and stored in my truck. If nothing else, it was worth it to have a bit of breathing space to work in garage.


MtRider ....we're back to :frozen: winter, temporarily. Springtime in the Rockies!

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Pretty chilly here today too. Glad you've made progress, Mt Rider!

I'm trying to make myself get back out and finish clearing. I've had a nice break. Checked the goats and one of the does gave me a beautiful daughter with no fan fare whatsoever. White and grey buckskin pattern. Never had one like that, but the dam's dam frequently throws patterned kids and the sire was flashy.

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What's a "skink" CGA?


Small lizard like animal, wet looking, known for sacrificing their tails to escape. We called them 'fire brats' when I was young, as they live between bark and tree, and were revealed with fire clearing brush. They would 'pop' if cooked.

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Pulled out all the water storage containers, two hundred or so two liter bottles, and cleaned. Now refilling. Two drops of bleach each, and topped off. My DD having fun with the dropper. Restacking.


Pulled out the battery of the electric start lawn mower, and exchanged, looks like it got a bit cold nipped. Also pulled out the battery of the porta-power, a jump start unit with a 10A 100v inverter/alternator, not holding a charge. Searching online for a replacement.


Finish bottles tomorrow, then attack the firewood rotation.

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Thanks, Sarah, I missed her question.


Skinks look like short snakes with itty bitty legs. LOL Funny, the one I saw the other day scooted under some brush then stood there and shook its head like a rattle snake would shake its tail. No sound of course, but rather a strange behavior.

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A1C ( avg. blood glucose ) 5.9, down from 6.7. great improvement but I want it about 5.5


BP was 114/64 really good on 25mg hydrochlorothide ( sp)


Tryglicerides not good, finally being put on both statin and fish oil , basic chol not so hot either. ( Its the only thing I can't control one way or ta other without meds)


genetic issue and smoking,


retinopathy screening done and opthalmogist exam to be done soon( but dont qualify for glasses to be issued ,but I guess I can at least get a copy of the script and order some online )


saw counselor, first cool one Ive met in ten years, lol. am going to try and get official testing for HFA

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Sounds like a productive medical day for you, Sass. Hooray for a good counselor! :thumbs:




Ahhh.... skinks are GECKOS ...of a different color! :lol:


So if you put a color-changing gecko from Hawaii together with a blue tailed skink, would you have two skinks? :)


....it seems that "Blue Tailed Skinks" are also a band that plays "Old Time Music That Ain't Old". :band:


Would you believe I've never heard of a "skink" ... :shrug:



Anyway, for prepping today .......I rode my horse! :cheer: It's been ....too long. I could only last 20 min. Tried for 30 but she and I are both better off starting this slow again. Poor old gal [the horse, not me!] is always so thin in this season. Glad the grass in pasture is coming in weeks early this year. They're definitely nipping all they can and that is what fills her out again. We've tried to pork her up with grain, senior feed mix, alfalfa pellets [rehydrated for her older teeth] and even corn oil. In addition to hay, of course. This year it's been the pellets with a top dressing of 4-way and corn oil. Oil has done great for her hooves and provides more calories......but with all that, she's still thin. Previous owner had same problem and she was inside a stall those winters. Just her way. Grass will bring her back better than anything else. So.....we'll start out slow for both of us. Felt SO good...as soon as I'm riding, my body/brain is...."connecting the dots"..... How to describe it? It just is so good neurologically. Did specific exercises today, rather than just sit and move with horse. Both are therapeutic.


MtRider ....making some changes back to health as much as I can. :bounce:

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I saw a gecko in Humble Tx when I went down for DS and DIL's formal wedding. It was cool.


Never seen one before.


I forgot one thing in medical check up summary. I was asked if I wanted the flu vaccine..... considering what I went through exposed to friend down the street when she had been given hers ( and she and man partner of 10 yrs got very sick , ( while I got good and sick with the nausea and needed to sleep it off) , I told the VA clinic unless they had updated the flu shot , it was no good because of the natural mutations taking place over what 9 mos. or so since it had been issued originally??


She didn't say a word and didn't try to push me around with my logic I used. That was a good thing.


I really didn't want to get super nauseated again and to not develop the chronic bronchial difficulties. Id rather go fishing this coming weekend , instead.


It was raining. I rode my scooter. I have to wipe down scooter now cause it is all sandy, but aired up tires ( need to find my gauge) , but it went fine on battery this time. In fact further than last year's rides so the battery is fine. I was worried about that. They are not cheap to replace really.


I got my pants soaked except where my jacket covers me and my leather mittens are drying out now, the tops got pretty soaked. A face helmet would have been better than a bike helmet but it has a sun shade brim so that helped. I do not reccommend it. At least there was no thunder and lightning yet, this early in the season. Brushed off the sand and hung my jacket to dry some while i went through two hours of appointments.



Told them how the endocrinologist had been about my diabetes and they agreed it wasn't right although they don't usually send any Type 2's who are in good control. I explained how I had had to find my information on diabetes groups on facebook and that I thought the VA could do a lot better with some general information, to start with as they gave me absolutely none. ( there is absolutely no excuse for this any more. ) Only because I am conscientious did I get it under control. If I had a more brittle case, this would not work at all.) I was left hanging.


I could only lose weight once I got the blood sugar towards normal, as well. Interesting coincidence. Also, off the daggone seroquel. I warn everyone to stay off that stuff. It does way more damage than good.

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