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Both of us came away with good reports.  I'll go in for 4 week followup and...if I choose...fitted for glasses.  I'm probably going to wait on the glasses thing until we get back from our EXTENDED tri

Hung out a couple of loads of laundry this morning...had to wear the heavy duty sunglasses...neighbors probably wouldn't want to share their thoughts   Pulled a pint jar of last years spiced pears, du

I've been going through the pantry and trying to use up things with looming expiration dates.  For example, we don't drink milk but I always have a few cans of evaporated milk on hand for the very occ

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:gaah: YET ANOTHER FAIL! You know those realllllly REALLLLLY sticky glue boards to get rid of insects or rodents? I got the RAT size for my tree rat.




Now I have a formerly-sticky glue board with a LOT of grey fur [and little black things] all over it.



Prepping by learning a new pest control method is ......proving to be a very sharp learning curve! :yar:



MtRider ...maybe will just move out and live in a tent...declare defeat.... :grinning-smiley-044:

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Way to go Truckersgal. Free things are the best kind!


Mt. Rider, I wondered if you had caught the little fuzzy butt yet. I hope its just the one in there. When I found mine it was already dead. I'm not sure how I would have handled the situation if it was still alive. Shudder. Some of the insulation he got into did him in.

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Have any of you come across the toilet paper pill, that you just add a couple drops of water too, and its forms into toilet paper, about the size of a wipe, about the same thickness.it works like the magic towels?

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I don't think I've ever heard of them. I Googled it and came up with a Youtube link. I can see where they would have a purpose. A bug out bag or in the car or hiking. I would have loved to have had them when traveling overseas. Some of the places do not have toilet paper and you have to buy it. I remember in Turkey, at the Virgin Mary's house, at the facilities, there was a woman standing at the door selling it...by the sheet. If I could find them for a dollar a pack like that guy had, I'd get a couple of them.



Edited: I forgot the link. :banghead:

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So....those things are flushable tho? :scratchhead:



RE: the bald squirrel. My dad talked to the hardware store guy who reported the same thing happened when he tried to match wits with a squirrel. He also caught fur but not squirrel in glue board. Aiiiiiieeeee!



OK....last idea.... Opened door. Put Koa's X pen wire section across door [TRYING not to let Baldy's kin inside!]. Put heavy limb [sometimes used as walking stick but it's thick and knobby] leaned from the INSIDE up to top of X pen section across door opening. Put a dab of PB on the top end of thick stick. Then JUMP, BALDY, JUMP TO FREEDOM! Since squirrels can "fly" ....I'm still worried I'll be inviting his kin but......


:runcirclsmiley2: :runcirclsmiley2: :runcirclsmiley2: :runcirclsmiley2: :animal0017::runcirclsmiley2::runcirclsmiley2:




He's destroying everything in the garage! Chewed up one large corner of the blanket that covers my washer/dryer last night.



MtRider ....only good thing....I think he's eating all the crickets. Pray that Baldy finds his way out! :pray:

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Run toward the sun, baldy!! :hapydancsmil:


Now that DH is on his way to the airport, I can start sorting through decades of camping gear and try to get organized. We've finally settled on one RV that covers everything (famous last words). We've got household duplicates from former RV's, tent camping, and wilderness treks. I've printed some lists from full-time RVers and will hone them down to what will work for us. I also need to redo the BOB and now is a great time with everything laid out on the garage floor. :thumbs:

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Finally faced down something bugging me most of last week and finished my mittens today and now zipping along on second sock of cascade colors Patons Kroy sock yarn to get it finished and will start my friends mittens which should be done just as the weather turns or sooner so I can give them to M. Payday in a few days means orders of prime pantry and stuff like sprout seeds, going to see how much I can stock up on canned goods by November. I want to put the dehydrator to work too, this month as much as I can.

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Pressure canned 10 pints of pork tenderloin today, baked a square loaf of potatoe bread & made a batch of homemade instant pudding and added some wonderful flavors and chopped peanuts (tasted alot like butterscotch!) for dessert. Bought two of the 7# tenderloins quite some time ago at the plain people store for $12.76 (smile). The other one is thawed now and back in the 5-day cooler for me to can tomorrow. Probably will do some bbq and some teriyaki flavor.

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:yar: Baldy the squirrel did NOT accept my engraved invitation to escape out the open door today. I was checking around tonite in the corners and crevasses of boxes, etc. I had my headlamp on and saw a grey streak disappear quickly. I looked into there and ....... Oh dear! It's a nest lined with grey fur.


:sSig_help2: Baldy had better not be a SHE! .....hopefully out of season for birthing MORE!



:ph34r: ......so I put the remaining glue board right over the 'nest'. It's not secured to anything so I have no idea what might happen.



MtRider :gaah: :gaah: :gaah: :gaah: :gaah: :gaah:

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Good Grief! BALDY is NOT chipmunk. BALDY is NOT a grey squirrel. DH is NOT good in quick-flash rodent identification!!! :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044:



I just saw BALDY and it's a RAT! Eeeuuuuuu!


This is the third one in the nearly two decades that we've been here. WHY is the rat trap not catching it? Forget freedom, RAT is gonna die! Tomorrow I'll pull out all the rat traps we have and set them everywhere in the path he's carved out between feed sacks, boxes, etc. Thing sat and looked at me tonite...then turned around and showed the tail. Positive I.D. now. :gaah: So far he hasn't stepped on the 2nd glue board.



MtRider ...I see a lot of BLEACH in my future! :frying pan:

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I learned in my ag class at Purdue Univ to place the traps this way along a wall: (they say if the mouse jumps over the first one when it releases, the second trap will get him every time. Our teacher was a farmer. Hope it works for rats too) :-)



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Thank you!!!!! I've been devising a plan in my head to put a circle of 3 or 4 rat traps. All baited. And more bait in the middle section. SOMEthing has to hit him!


He's tripped the rat trap multiple times without getting caught. I tried fastening the bait in the live trap with bread twisty wire. Placed some corn kernels in the trap under the bait too. Checked this morning and cage empty; door not closed. Bait still in bread twisty wire but the 3 corn kernels that had actually fallen thru the wire to the floor.....were gone. Left a thank you note. :frying pan:


I'm thinking the triggering mechanism for that trap might be too heavy. He would have had to be right under the trigger wire to get at that corn. :motz_6:



If the air gun had been in my hand instead of setting just in front of me last night, I would have had him. But he flashed away when I moved. Our first good look at him. He's certainly nocturnal. He's not a pack rat as our other two have been. Just an ordinary, nasty, disease-carrier, rat.




I think everyone will know from this that rodent prevention and elimination is an important prep. They are SO destructive. I'm dreading when we actually pull down the pile of stacked things he's hiding in and see the damage. I THOT we had plenty of ways to catch/destroy rodents. This experience is beyond frustrating to know that with multiple attack and plans.....filthy thing is still laughing at us and having lunch on our tab. The disease factor alone....and rats can be aggressive..... YIKE! Make sure y'all have some rodent prevention [better] and elimination [if needed].



Going to dig out every rat trap we have and set them around strategically. We're fast training him to be TOO smart! Seriously! He hasn't touched the second glue board.


MtRider :gaah:

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A (shudder) RAT! :faint3:


Chippy and squirrel were bad enough and kinda cute OUTSIDE. But a rat... It can't get in the house can it? Dirty filthy disease spreading rodent must die. Do you have any food preps where he can get into? Koa's food? He's eating something. Is he big?


Ugh, I hope he gets gone today! :pray:

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Just finished unloading 12 half pints of pork loin. Four with BBQ sauce, four with Sweet & Sour sauce and four with just course ground pepper. Noticed in the deep freeze here that I have two big bags of chicken that needs canning. Where do all my jars go?

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MtR, want to borrow my Dynamic Duo? Seriously, Salem, the black cat, is the most awesome mouser I've EVER had- mice, birds, bunnies, moles, voles, shrews, etc. She is also named The Salem-nator & Killer. The other one isn't as active, but 2-Socks-Magoo earns her keep. However, they do NOT mention with any of the chickens or other poultry, brooder babies or any of the rabbits/bunnies. I think we've discussed this, but are felines an option for you?


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Awwwww.....the mother of my current 15 yr old cat was a total black kitty with golden eyes. Mostly indoor but one day she went out for her 'business' and something nailed her. :( Such a neat kitty but I later re-acquired one of her kittens.


So this is part of the dilemma: Mice do certainly come up to the living area from the garage/sorta basement area underneath. Which is why I keep one cat. Even this now-elderly cat sits in the bathroom and waits. Caught one a couple weeks ago...DH saw and disposed her "leftovers". But with no interior stairway, kitty can't get down there.


Good and bad. I cannot use mouse/rat poison....because one might get upstairs and it could poison my cat. :shrug:


I am DESPERATELY hoping that the places the mice find to come up here are too big for this rat. The pack rats are bigger but this one is the usual nasty rat size. {shudder!} Very desperately hoping! Even more important cuz CO has hantavirus and plague and rabies. [yes, we've had bats too but got that hole plugged with steel wool. ] So I wouldn't want Koa or kitty bitten or rubbing up with any fleas. As y'all have mentioned before.


All that is stored down here is rodent proofed....to an extent. Rats are more able than my constant mice. I think I mentioned recently that, for whatever reason, the mice leave our feed bags alone. Not so with the rat. We'll have a huge mess to clean up. Something got to Koa's "food storage" and since then we keep her next bags in a garbage can....plastic, but it keeps mice out. So far rat has not attacked that cuz hey....he's happy with duck & horse food in easy-to-gnaw-open bags. :motz_6:



Yes, it certainly did become a whole 'nother ball game when it wasn't a cute chippy or squirrel. And rats learn....so it's not touching the other glue board. Aiieee! ARE we smarter than this foul critter? So far....... no. :(



MtRider ...sheeesh, I didn't guess that this would go on this long! Should have made this little incident it's own thread! :gaah:

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