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Sass, for major purchases I always ask if they will give a discount for cash. So far I got a nice discount on my Jeep and on a total roof job on the house and some tree removals and a few other things too by paying cash. Money talks and they don't want to see you walk. I'd also ask if they give vets a discount. I'm going start asking for senior citizens discounts too. It might work only with 'face to face' transactions though. Don't know about that. I'm not at all shy about negotiating. All they can say is no. Nothing to lose.

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Both of us came away with good reports.  I'll go in for 4 week followup and...if I choose...fitted for glasses.  I'm probably going to wait on the glasses thing until we get back from our EXTENDED tri

Hung out a couple of loads of laundry this morning...had to wear the heavy duty sunglasses...neighbors probably wouldn't want to share their thoughts   Pulled a pint jar of last years spiced pears, du

I've been going through the pantry and trying to use up things with looming expiration dates.  For example, we don't drink milk but I always have a few cans of evaporated milk on hand for the very occ

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Right Jeepers.




Ok, today I was doing clutter clearing and starting to rearrange my bedroom and I honestly I thought I felt an earth wobble this morning during a short moment but I was not sure.


Occasionally I have posted stuff by Dutchsinse about the quakes, tectonic plates and volcano monitoring and his ability to predict quakes...... you can go back and view his stuff on youtube , and please understand, he is very very good at this, he has a science background and he is studying this like no other researchers ever have, and he is ticking off our government and others so there is a hush order on him.......so ya know he is good and refuses to be under their thumb.


So I get on fb to check things and here I see a post on this, Dutchsinse's website, about the swarms occuring this week. Which created quakes all the way to New Hampshire in the last 48 hours or so , btw........ he predicted them evidently.


I was just thinking about an SIP bin to set up in case of a quake here, affecting power and water, since everything is electric here. I need to get to the gear and pack a bin and set up some food stuffs and some water bottles in it and enough stuff for a few days at least.


Then I see this article on the quakes these past four days or so..... mmm kay...




He is warning more to come in the next 48 hrs. They could be sizeable on the west coast and into NV /AZ/ Desert areas of Southern California. Not mega but sizeable.


So, it' a good idea to check on a SIP prep bin or two to make sure it is up to snuff in the next 12 hours. Do you know where your stuff is?


The pressure of the Pacific Plates is getting very serious now.

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Always a good idea to be set up to shelter in place. After the bombing in Belgium today, they were telling people to "Shelter In Place" and to stay inside their homes if at all possible. Kinda gives ya an eerie feeling to hear the 'powers that be' use the SIP phrase. :unsure:

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Always a good idea to be set up to shelter in place. After the bombing in Belgium today, they were telling people to "Shelter In Place" and to stay inside their homes if at all possible. Kinda gives ya an eerie feeling to hear the 'powers that be' use the SIP phrase. :unsure:


Glad I took the notebook out yesterday, updated all the programs (anti-virus etc.) and re-charged the batter. it's safely back in it's "faraday" box. I always feel a bit "weird" when I take it out to update it, thinking "what if this would be the day?"

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Yes, and something else that was issued as a directive to our servicemembers in the EU, especially Belgium, currently....... one, INTEL tells us now that 400 persons were trained and sent to the EU this year ( recent immigration) , specifically trained and trained to set up their own strikes with bombings and the Belgium bombings were suicide vest wearers. All they had to do was have it under their jackets. Plan out the vulnerable situation, coordinate the timing and BINGO. Other than prepping the bomb materials and vests, etc. So, in country , one of them takes charge of these very small groups of terrorists and they can do it any time, any where.


Ok, directive to servicemembers , if a bomb goes off, or other styled attack in your immediate area, run, get to cover, hide, if necessary, fight back , this is for when on liberty and leave and travel,( they won't be armed at the time )so basically you could be with friends and family as well, which was the case with one USAF officer yesterday, in Belgium. They did not immediately describe their injuries if any but I believe they are listed as doing fine, or only minor lacerations from flying glass or debri.


If you do choose to fight back, make sure you do not infringe on Law Enforcement or Security / Military forces responding , and make sure they know you are not one of the terrorists. ( Yea, be careful with that. ) Do what they say , in other words once they arrive. Do not do anything aggressive towards LEO or SECURITY FORCES .

Summary of directive.




All bases and LEO are on high alert again in the US.


Flags were ordered to half mast for Brussels, in the US by the President.


I talked to a young man playing the game I play on line. He lives in Belgium. He simply said, it can happen anywhere. Lesson learned, no one was immune to these attacks.




I have realized my eyesight is often not very good and its really getting bad if I forget to walk out with some glasses on. When I ordered a gluten free deep dish pizza tonight and was coming back into my apartment building door, the inside light are flourescent but they really are not all that bright. So it seemed dim and the apartment mgr and a friend of his who has a very mild disposition were walking from the other end toward me as i entered.

They called out about the box of books I had set out, freebies. His friend is going to carry any boxes of books for me to our library where they can be left as freebies. The mgr had checked to see if our county dump recycling program includes book recycling, but noooooo, they don't do it here. For pulp even. WE all shook our heads at that. Really??? It's frustrating, they might be a bit beat up but they are still worth a good read or two, many of them.


But as for my eyesight, in the dim light of the hallway, I realized I could barely discern who these two men really were til I heard the mgr.'s voice. I can no longer see detail , hardly at all, of faces. I can , if familiar, recognize them by body shape, the way they walk, or something like that, without glasses, or say at deep dusk outside, it would feel similar. This was without my glasses on. I need to clue in quicker as well... situational awareness. This was an excellent example, it could have been anybody walking toward me. And yea, I need to remember to always put on my glasses now.


Honestly if I do any hunting it will be forest style and close yardage these days, probably from behind a blind or a tree, etc. Small open areas. I don't need to bother with a 500 yard shot even if I have the equipment. I am hoping the rifle sight on my wee pellet rifle will help.


This had a lot to do with low light, low contrast situations, the hall basically is grays , when it comes to color or subdued , unstained wood, but at dawn and sunset times, it gets like that outside too.



Um. learned how to make a legal 'pop' gun, 12g....... it is quite simple. You just need to do it up sturdy and legal length for your state. And if you do it right, it doesn't even look like one. It is, however, effective, if not perfectly factory style accurate on what choke normally is used on manufactured.

It is however something per individual for legalities so it's up to you if you make your own after you figure out your local regs on the matter and if you are legally able to have guns. Use at your own risk.

Handy for zombie crowd control when all hell breaks loose? Yea.

I won't put the instructions down but I do have them.

It would be a cheap way to provide for your BOB.

This thing , the way it ends up is useful in about four ways actually. For one thing it would make a decent short paddle for a make do raft or canoe.

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Going to be going through my bob and SIP bin stuff in the next couple days and I want to make up some dry mixes and small bottles of oil for camping meals, and I want to do a full test of my coleman single burner stove, the sterno stove set, and my alcohol stove on a good day outside very soon.


Its probably similar , Sarah, It was on youtube, under a bushcrafter type I follow, it was in his list, but another guy was hosting the lesson. I was surprised to see it on this bushcrafter's page but things do get shifted around at times on you tube. No need to google that stuff, lol. I was actually studying camp cook systems when I saw it in the line up of videos.


Also need to go through some old bills and such.


Part of today was a think tank session by myself on money matters. It is wise to review, now and then, of course.

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Need to definitely order moving boxes on payday next. Evidently my son will be coming to fetch me to NE personally after one of his teacher conferences in the states. I know he went to one in VA recently but he didnt call while he was stateside.



Seriously going to invest in large trash bags and clutter clearing is priority this next week.

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Re-stocked my corn starch (I buy bulk) so I can re-fill my jar as well as another jar of local honey and a couple of spices. Picked up some more pint jars to save back for the gardening this year. Bought a tea ball (I can't find either of mine since the new countertop went on?) as well as some of the cloth-type tea bags. Also some cheesecloth and a package of jelly bags. Made several stops today. Also picked up some methiolate, iodine, betadine and saline solution. Caught eggs on sale at Aldi's (limit 4) for 49 cents a dozen and butter for 1.99 so we bought a case. We love our butter! It'll stay a long time in the freezer. Forgot to pick up some live-culture yogurt. Plan to try my hand at making my own yogurt. I'd like to find a yogurt maker (and I'm looking for a panini maker) but also want to learn to do it in jar. As for the panini maker? Well today I made our corned beef sandwiches using my cast iron skillet, then put another cast iron skillet on top of the sandwiches and then a smaller cast iron skillet in that one. Mashed it down pretty good :-)

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Ok, talked to my son on the phone. They are all jolly and well. Grandson definitely is keeping his blue eyes and his strawberry blond hair is going a bit darker so it sounds like my red hair , I was like that, so he will probably have dark auburn with all kinds of red to blondish red highlights in it. DGS is larger than average 12 mos size already... which gave me a good tip to be able to knit some monster pants at least and hopefully a nice blazer sweater or something of the sort for his Christmas present this year. It is cool enough then , there in Hawaii that it would be useful if its just acrylic.


The plan my son came up with , to move me to Nebraska is when he come to a special test in TX to qualify to enter his Ph.D. program , in mid to late October and then he would rent a small UHaul and come pack up it up for me and we can go to Nebraska.

My daughter in law will be putting her papers in this summer to retire from the military , and next summer or so she will retire and they will return to TX then.


They have two families they are friends with on the base right from DFW area too, and they all really enjoy each other and have wee babies my DGS' age so they will be staying in touch through all this time. One family will have Pentagon duty soon I guess.

DIL had the opportunity to do the Commander of the DC military guard units ( yea, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and such things , too.) But she really wanted to go to Hawaii.


They are working on being in the best health they can be. DS has lost weight and is getting into a team of baby joggers, he laughed and said some of the women are pushing two and three year olds in pairs in their jogging riders and whipping on by him right now.


I guess they are considering another child too. I hope my DIL will be ok physically, for it. So, life goes on for them.


He was firmly told by the Administrator of the high school where he taught previously in north TX will have a good contract for him when he returns. They are delighted. He actually loved it there, excellent school for a public high school and he would actually love to work again with the accelerated students again, and his Ph.D. would be applied there too , and it would give those kids an even better edge.


I am sure this is reassuring as his wife will be entering the civilian workforce then too, and they want to find some land and build on it or get land with a decent home on it. And start their own homestead, small but more naturally raise more of their own food. Getting some common sense about that sort of thing finally, hurrah!

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Cleared out the livingroom at the Homestead so it's ready for us to start stripping out the carpet and pad. We usually take it out in 4' strips because it's easier to roll up and carry out. When we've got it done we'll call the lady who raises Great Dane's to come get them. Sorted through some things in the process and was able to put some things where we want them for the time being. Then we came home and took a nap...something we very rarely do!

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Its been along time since I have been here, last year was a terrible year we lost our son at 39.

We now have what we call anew normal without him.


We are still prepping as things seem to go from bad to worst here.

I have ordered some gas cannisters for my Colemans two burner stove which I keep in the shed.

We can cook in there with the door open.

I have also bought 5ib sugar ,10ib salt, 6 bottles of olive oil.

Next week I will get some wool to knit some scarves we have hats and gloves.

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Re-programmed our scanner so we could monitor the police frequency. Now we have it as well as our NOAA weather alert radio. Our NOAA is set to moniture counties several miles away from ours. We like to know what's going on long before it gets to our county. My homemade yogurt came out very thin, but I used some of it on my baked potato this evening and it tasted fine :-) I'm thinking I either didn't get it to the 180 and keep it there long enough, or it was the shelf stable whole milk (ParmaLee) that I used. I had the milk and it needed to be rotated (2013) so that's why I used it. I still have the "seed/mother" in a squat canning jar in the frig to use as a starter it I want to, but I also have another container of pure yogurt if I want to start over from scratch. Got all the T-posts pulled from the yard at the Roost but it was raining a bit this afternoon when MrWE2 got home so they're still in the back bed of the truck (under the cap) and will be just fine there until tomorrow evening or Friday when MrWE2 gets home.

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LOL, WE2, that bit about the fence posts is called delegating tasks.

Good luck on another try with the yogurt making. It has been a while since I reviewed the process, myself, so following along.


Mt. Rider makes hers without an electric incubator like I use, so maybe she would have a tip or two for you.


I have been testing some cheapy Family Dollar store solar lights. The kind with the spike posts to stick in the ground but they also light up if you rest them upside down on a counter top. Perhaps a little less than a tea light's worth of light but it does give you just enough so you can see slightly in a very dark room. In the mornings I just set them propped up at an angle so the solar battery part catches day light and sunshine or overcast skies seems to both work , in the window sill and put them in my bedroom at night. Handy to grab if the power went out , to light my way slightly in the very dark windowless kitchen or bathroom, also another room with no windows to gather light from outside influences.


I do suggest keeping them shielded from rain, any solar light lamps that 'say' they are water proof for outside usage. I had one of better quality that immediately was 'toast' when it got sprinkled on, so I am cautious.


These tiny ones would be a handy help if you can bundle them safely in a BOB for a small tent initially. I may grab a few more if there are any left, tomorrow. Or something similar with a brighter glow perhaps? Using them nightly saves 4w an hour with the electric bill, lol in my kitchen and bathroom. Ha!

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