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One tip on yogurt that I know..... I have always used the recipe in Making the Best of Basics by James Talmage Stevens. Lots of recipes and tons of tips. Recipes use fresh or storage foods. They add powdered milk to help thicken the yogurt. Also be very careful not to set the temperature too high ... This counts for me cuz I make the yogurt in my dehydrator and have once set it's temperature too high. A yogurt maker wouldn't have a variable temperature, I'm thinking. I have also sucessfully used the insulated ice chest method.


I'll post the whole recipe [in case someone who doesn't know about yogurt making wants it].


4C fresh raw milk [ I've used store milk and mostly I used fresh home-pasteurized goat milk....dunno if your boxed milk would make any difference or not, WE2. Not thinking of any reason it would cuz you're adding the starter...]


1/2 C non-instant powdered milk


1 T yogurt starter (unflavored) [ I usually am very generous in that measurement, just to make sure]



In this recipe, they do boil the raw milk for 5 SECONDS (180 F). I drank my own goat's milk raw but ALWAYS pasteurized when making cheese/yogurt. Leaving it in a nice warm environment to encourage the "beasties" to propagate..... Well, I wanted to be sure that ONLY the beasties that I wanted would be propagating! LOL


--Cool to 100 F ....so you don't burn out your starter. [Leave out this step if your milk is from the store...it's already pasteurized.]

--Stir in powdered milk ...I use a whisk.

--Thoroughly mix in starter [commercial dry starter or unflavored/vanilla store yogurt]. Pour a little warm milk into a bowl with the starter and mix. This ensures that the starter will blend evenly. Then add back into the rest of the milk and whisk well.


--pour into containers for setting in yogurt maker or whatever method you use.


Do not jiggle during the setting period. Don't leave in the warm environment too long. Once it's set, cool it in fridge. It will thicken more in fridge. Recipe can be halved.




Sass...I've used those driveway solar lights inside too. :thumbs: Not all are made with equal quality, that's for sure! Remember that they can work as a battery recharger.....and you can use those batteries in other devices. :unsure: Well, the model I used could. It depends on which type of battery the light uses and which type of battery you need in a different device. They have to match, of course. ALSO...they are a non-flammable light which is good in some circumstances. Some are so cheaply made they probably wouldn't last long but some are better.




Just surviving here. Been snowing off and on for couple days. Not much accumulation. Yet we were in single digits for temps last nite. Today...up near 30 degrees again so snow is melting somewhat. Doing sweeping to keep paths/stairs cleared.


Reviewing my lists of WHAT IS WHERE? Like: what am I keeping permanently in the back of my truck...or DH's? Couple things on list had me :scratchhead: {WHAT did I write down????} :busted: I was able to figure out most of them...misspelled or too abbreviated in my own notes.


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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Both of us came away with good reports.  I'll go in for 4 week followup and...if I choose...fitted for glasses.  I'm probably going to wait on the glasses thing until we get back from our EXTENDED tri

Hung out a couple of loads of laundry this morning...had to wear the heavy duty sunglasses...neighbors probably wouldn't want to share their thoughts   Pulled a pint jar of last years spiced pears, du

I've been going through the pantry and trying to use up things with looming expiration dates.  For example, we don't drink milk but I always have a few cans of evaporated milk on hand for the very occ

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Thanks, Mt_Rider for the recipe for yogurt.


Starter? Non-instant powdered milk?



IDK if it counts as a prep... I moved all the business documents on to DH's old Mac, and saved them on a new memory stick, clearing up memory on my computer.


3 of my older memory sticks quit working, I was quit upset.

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Sorted out yarn into tote bags in bedroom. Other yarn stash and circular needles would be good task to sort out better in other bedroom ( used as storage area), tomorrow. Chose the rose heather woolease yarn for triangular shawl, simplest method for making it found and reviewed so I know the order of stitches. Also found the blue heather woolease so I can make it two tone. I need to locate the exact needles for it, circular type, and I can get started. Rolled the rose color yarn into balls in preparation for the project.

Youtube will teach you how to do a basic triangular shawl, just search it and choose, finding one you can easily follow. There are about three ways to increase stitches and there is a simple way to make a nice lacy edging and just stitch it on the angled sides down around triangle tip to add some pizzazz to nicely finish it. I can suggest stitch patterns and give instructions for the edges if anyone wants to know any time from now on. Just PM me.


They also had some crescent shaped shawls and some of the more dimensional ones I know are popular, involving the short row technique, it sort of makes the edges toothed in descending order til one corner that goes over a shoulder is more narrow than the other when finished. I am more traditional, but I do love many of the lacy patterns, but I couldn't find one for free download on ravelry yesterday, so I think a triangular and simple shawl would just be fine to make. It will be for every day wear any way.


I read articles on the new ICBM NKorea now has, it can reach Chicago, btw. Makes me want to find my potassium iodide in case I have a fallout situation after the fact?


That is one thing I can do tomorrow too, after errands to pay some bills and get some groceries in the morning. Yarn stash , some clutter.


Ok, crunched numbers and determining not to nickel and dime myself out of saving money each month.


I also read more articles on cougar sightings. Video by Crown Point NY woman ( about 30 miles away on Lake Champlain, a noted Revolutionary fort area. ) The video is being examined by biologists , etc who work in the Adirondack Park region here, now. Over the recent decades more sightings are occuring. It may be the western cougar has now spread eastward far enough. 12 yrs ago they were at the Mississippi and in Minnesota, so .... it makes sense ? 44 sightings more recently in my region.

That is a lot of sightings ! ( Of course some could be other stuff, critters, but cougars are pretty identifiable by sight.)



But it just makes you think about raising your awareness level if you are out and about around here. In fact I trust the bears response ( generally departure) over a clever cougar anytime.


I do need to renew my fishing license. I am frequently waking up before dawn alot now so morning fishing at the big pond or up at the falls behind a certain library works great. The roads to either are not too steep the ways I can go. Mostly flat and thats safe enough for the electric scooter.


If I wait til May 3rd to get fishing license that is ok too. Just got to see about Aprils essential budget first anyway. Trout and salmon season open tomorrow but town hall is closed on Fridays so I have to wait til next week anyhow. I can get trout, sunfish of many types, catfish , and later on bass is in season at the big pond.

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WE2 I think you can use instant non fat, same quantity in recipe, it thickens the yogurt too. I have used it, it was fine. ( for some reason it works?) If that is easier purchase wise.


as long as its powdered dry milk of some sort?


My little electric yogurt maker does 7 small 7.oz containers. It takes about 7 hours I think It does shut off when its done I think, but one can use a hay box system to incubate too if you dont have power to use.

The old tibetan method probably just put it in a horse stomach with sheep starter stuff and hung the bag near the fire to keep warm? Its really a simple process. (Inside their yurts.)

Of course they like butter in their tea too. I think it is called tsampa?

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Thanks MtR. I printed it out. I used the shelf stable milk, the starter yogurt I bought and that was it. I used my candy thermometer and the recipe said to bring the milk to 180 and keep it there for 10 minutes, then let cool to 110. Then add the yogurt starter. I mixed it well, poured it into my jars and then put it into my small cooler (I had a jar of very hot water in it to warm it) and left it over night. But...I have your recipe and another small container of yogurt to make another try. I do want to use up this 'thin" stuff though before I make any more. Just can't handle throwing stuff out unless it's absolutely worthless any place else. Hmmm...wonder if the compost bin would like it? LOL

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Yogurt starter......can either be dehydrated stuff you get commercially or just use a good spoonful of plain/vanilla yogurt from the store. I use the ones that have a lot of the -------- goodies in them. Shoot,, brain is shot and can't think of brands or the word for the stuff you eat yogurt for. :imoksmiley: Acidophilus, etc.


Sounds like it might not be warm enough, WE2. My insulated box [aka: hay box] instructions said to fill the cooler with water as hot as you can make it without boiling. Tap water....unless your tap is set too low. The water level should come pretty far up the sides of the containers holding the yogurt. I use pt. or qt canning jars. If you put too much water in, the jars won't stay put...float around/tip. :grinning-smiley-044: Then close the lid and leave overnite. Just one jar of water probably wasn't enough to stay warm long enough enough. Other wise, everything you did looks like what I do.


LOL reminds me of how each night I take a couple of fist-sized rocks, hot from sitting up on the pellet stove, and put them in a wool knit cap. I set them into the little blanket-cave that my elderly cat sleeps in. By morning, rocks are cold and so is she.....loudly yells for DH to get up and turn on that pellet stove again! Anyone have a suggestion to keep an OLD cat warm all night w/o roasting us? She cannot sleep with me...wakes me up all night. Dog and cat do not sleep together either. :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044:


Annarchy's other question....as for the powdered milk, as Sass indicated, I also just use the powdered Carnation or generic brand available in the grocery. Nuthin' special but adding it will probably help if you like a firm yogurt. Set-up pudding consistency.


MtRider .....got the achey muscle thing again. Ow! :(

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I've never tried making milk from shelf-stable milk (UHT stuff?). My yogurt maker only makes one quart at a time. Too slow. :grinning-smiley-044: I use a cooler and make 2 to 4 quarts at a time. I usually have to add some hot water about half-way through. I keep the temp between 100-110 F and cover the jars with the water. It's pretty firm after 4 hours. I find the canning jars seal after the process so have yogurt for at least a week. I also store it on the bottom refrig shelf to keep it cold. It sits right next to the raw milk that also needs really cold conditions to last a week. :happy0203:


We had a college intern stay with us several years ago for the summer. She had come off of a bone marrow transplant and she was a wealth of information. I remember we would go to the grocery store and buy Stonyfield (sp?) yogurt as it had the most probiotics in it. I use it to start my yogurt and use about 1/2 cup-3/4 cup starter. It's probably WAY TOO MUCH starter but I don't want to lose all that good milk to being too skimpy in the beginning. I only use new starter when mine gets too stringy or too much whey. :wave:

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Had a look around some charity shops (think you call them goodwill shops)

Got an old woolen blanket its years old but in good order.

Also a large bag of wool some lady bought it then decided she could not be bothered to knit.

So plenty of wool for scarves for us.plus a lovely tea cosy. OH loves his tea.




Thank you all for your prayers they mean so much. :sSig_thankyou:

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We would buy outdated yogurt at the discount store by the case. I pasteurized the kids milk and added a font container to 2 1/2 3 gallons of warm milk. Mornings milk was evening feed evenings milk was morning feed. I have dumped the yogurt in before the milk cooled was actually hot and it still set. The whole bucket would be a nice texture. Yogurt that is made right will not spoil and last even setting at room temp.

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Walked a good two miles today. My right lower leg calf connection feels looser tonight. A good thing. There is hope!


Paid most of my bills or got the money order ready to issue as payment. Straightened out a snafu with the power company..... sigh. Ouch, is all I can say. But it is taken care of and things are back on schedule and now automated without use of their website which was at fault more than anything.

Worked on prospective budget for the next six months, which is now the expected amount of time I will be here.

I find so called modern convenient methods make things more difficult and lengthy a process to manage ???


Got another 10$ blanket for the bed. It was even a decent color/print, lol. They are rarely available in town, but now I have two again, which beats using throws or throw sized blankets for the warm months.


I refuse to invest again in nicer quality blankets until I have adequate laundry facilities available. And wool blankets may be warm and reasonable costing but they are boring and scratchy for in house use for me. I have to be careful of textures against my skin. However, they would be a good thing to put in preps and I know there are deals , like 4 in a package at times for a reasonable price , and army surplus come in a variety of fiber blends and qualities so please consider that and do your homework or you may get scammed on cheapies.


It has been a long day but my spaghetti turned out good, the wind is rattling the windows , started up strongly as sunset came..... just wow, but it's not cold again yet so that is a blessing. , so after listening to sturdy 70's country songs ( that was a fun decade for so many of them! ) I am about to iggy the rest of the world and watch netflix.

That Foyle's War series is really good!

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Might make yogurt tonight with my yogurt maker.... got all the stuff. Or in the morning. I am tired.

Oh got a nice windbreaker, water resistant and decently lined and in forest-y colors for outdoors usage. Fits nice and hood works well, rain and wind tested already, lol. And the price was right! LOL. I have wanted a decent one for years, again.

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Watched Noreen's Kitchen (youtube) making yogurt. Looks really good! Her's was set up so firm that it was almost like a custard...that appeals to us! Thanks for all the input friends. I'll make some more yogurt "one of these days"..LOL

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Been studying the moped gas scooters 50cc to 150cc sizes. It looks like its required to be licensed and registered in NE if its over 45cc. Probably requires motorcycle license too so I have looked all that up. I am saving for a moped and will get a cheapy mountain bike soon anyway and with son moving me to NE in the fall I will have that handy until I get the moped Late winter 2017) I want and get licensed in the spring hopefully, take one of the area motorcycle safety courses as its completed and you don't have to do the motorcycle drivers test or written test at dmv. They just have you do it all there at the course. It has been so long I think its a good investment to pay for and do that course for anyone, or if you are a beginner.

Due to the licensing requirements, I think I will just go with the 150cc class as the price really isn't much different. Finding them on sale is a great idea and the website I prefer to observe over time has many sales, so it's usually easy to get the discounts anyway. This means regular driving in the full lane and one can go the 55mph on the farm roads and drive easily in town traffic with them. I think that is better than rugged side of the road riding, quite frankly, having experienced it here. Plus most 150cc scooters are designed to carry two people legally.

But the model I am looking at and they have more similar styles, the vespa retro look type do have larger fuel tanks and the particular ones I am looking at will hold 1.6 gal. This is better than just 1.1 , even with good mileage, in rural areas becuase between points you can go a long ways sometimes , before you find a gas station.


I used mapquest a lot the past few weeks and google earth to locate gas stations in Nebraska near where I will be living. M gave me the exact address where I will be living and I figured out a lot more things too using those websites and apps, including historical places I want to go visit and M said she would be happy to feed Macy and check on her when I want to go on my wee road trips. I really look forward to exploring and honestly, it will be nice venturing down side roads on the 150cc size, and quicker than the 50cc types.


But the bicycle would be handy in the interim so I will get that first. I sure don't need to worry about getting a fancy one and will not be rough on it but it might be just fine to go on the trail ( it's ok to use on the hiking trail I am thinking of , to get 6 miles in from the road where I want to check out things) Much easier than walking in and out and most of its flat or gentle grade anyway. BE good exercise for the legs anyhow. Easier on my feet too.


M said she carpools with her two friends every week to go to the cities to shop and such , so they share gas and get lunch and such and its a regular outing so carpooling when I need to is great with them. This is a huge convenience compared to the difficulties I have had here in upstate ny.


So we have a running conversation on fb messages as I think of things.


There are lots of state recreation and camping areas and KOA campgrounds too in some places. Lots of fishing.


I have located Tractor Supply Stores all over the area so its a prevalent business in the region ( Yahoo! )

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studied basic motorcycle riding and safety methods on youtube yesterday for a while and looked at maintenance videos for mopeds, carb adjustment, changing the oil, changing tires, stuff like that. There are some very good videos done about it.


Sprouts are doing well :)

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Met briefly with some dear friends (wife is several years younger than we are) about our estate management. Getting my son's name off of everything and hers on. Will meet again in length and then all of us will sit down with our attorney.

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Took some hours this afternoon to just relax. I almost took a nap but settled for watching a movie and two whole episodes of Foyle's War. Now, after listening to about three hours of neighbors antics , of which I am not sure there wasn't domestic abuse involved but hesitated to ask the SP to come by and check on the lady ........ maybe she just had some drunk friends over, I don't know but its quieter now so maybe they passed out or went away again. so, its quieter now and both my kitty and I can relax. ( Miss Macy was coming to get me out of her own concern, seriously, earlier tonight.) ( Yes, she does this sometimes about stuff that is unusual).


So, back to Foyles War series, its really good and I am learning a lot about the womens army ( land army, WVS, WVA, WRENS ( British women in their navy during WW2) , how their gov't handled rations and how controlled it was. Believe me their ration for protein wouldn't work for me..... yet you do what you must when there are major shortages. I have a better grasp of what obstruction and sedition were..... believe me we are starting to experience that here, in some ways. In their case it is something rigidly adhered to , but at times can be abused.


Everything was tightly coordinated and it helped their country , over many years time.


My friend , A, was a tiny child when London was about to be bombed and she was sent north to Manchester, she was not treated well yet she has that fortitude so many of these women who served in that way had, or in their communities in charge of various things.


Being billeted wherever there was a room or a bed, wherever you might be sent. Every bit of livestock and every potato and egg counted, literally. Major penalties for anything fishy going on with it. Community ridicule included.


With today's culture in our society today, you won't see that happen, and they kept their country running in a tremendous crisis for several years altogether. They can take it but you won't have folks volunteering or feeling they should these days. The mentality is very different and even if we prep to help ourselves, and can keep it, it is hard to find those we can trust to work with to sustain ourselves safely if need arose.


Along with the thugocracy stuff going on.... I don't think America could pull it off the next time.

It would just be one big mess.


I look around me and there is hardly any one here that one could rely upon or physically capable and truly willing to do all that labor it would take. They also , most of them, don't have a clue or don't want one. They are in LaLa land here, many of them. Or they will think they can 'take', or be the powerful ones and get in good up the chain as things happen. Yea, right. You are fodder.


I can tell you 80 percent of this town alone will qualify as zombies in short order ( when they run out of food and medicine and beer.) and the innocents will be run over. I bet if you look around , you will come to about the same assessment , unless you are in a really good community.


This is just my opinion, my comparison but I see major differences in people and society today , compared to the 1940s.

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I was looking at youtube videos again. The subjects were motorcycle camping, how to pack for them ( but this depends on size of cargo trunks, including under the seat usually, what pannier styles and sizes, and how you can secure things to your seat. It will vary with style of motorcycle or moped/ scooter.

I have been thinking about a motorcycle camp and maintenance kit for my moped I choose when I can purchase one. The second subject was just bushcraft cook stoves and tent stoves and how to create your own tee pee with a tarp, gorilla tape, grommets and setter kit, and a single pole or cord and the Tekton Tarp Clips for tarps which you could hang from a handy limb.

I learned how to make a two adult size tee pee from a 12'x 16' tarp today. It is not hard but does take some time and you need to be smooth and steady putting on the gorilla tape around the edges once the tarp is cut out after you lay it out and do all the measurements and mark and cut it for the right shape. Unless you get bad storms, heavy hail that will break car windows, if the teepee is set up securely, it could last more than a season.

If you can get canvas, it will require sail makers tools or a heavy duty sewing machine , so that is either also intense labor or cost.

The tarp tee pee is a nice idea.

Perhaps a 10' x 12' tarp would work. I will have to test it out and see. I probably have everything I need , just have to dig it out and peg out the tarp and use some paracord or string and a marker to make the pattern outside , out back will work fine. In fact a modification for a simple but closeable hole at the top to let smoke out from a small wood stove would work too. :shrug: In case of rain, you could close the smoke vent flap til the storm passed.

You should be able to do a 12" round or square stove to heat it with. You will need a chimney and the chimney hole for tents or fabricate one with fiber glass material. Then you would secure it at the appropriate place in the tent wall, minimum height for safety is two feet above the tent material for height of chimney needed.

A newer fabric I heard that is better than canvas, it breathes but sheds rain, is called cordura cloth. Just looked it up on amazon, in their fabric area of art, sewing and crafts dept. Yep, its military nylon. ( Oh! I see. I worked with this stuff probably in my job in the navy. )

Good stuff if its the same. One of the men who was giving a lesson on bedrolls and minimal camping used it instead of canvas for his bedroll and ground cloth. . I actually would prefer oil cloth, myself. But it would be excellent for sacking/bag making. It would do for a teepee.


Now that I know how to make one of this size , I am wondering if I could figure out a smaller one, which would also require a shorter pole , and that might be manageable for me. For one small adult. I can also come up with my own tent stove too.


I learned how to make a bedroll, and how to use it, as well. One of the reasons for that is to avoid condensation and thus having to take time to air out a sleeping bag every morning. One of my grandpa's used to camp like this, I would imagine, as a boy. It simply worked and it ends up it is minimalist and not uncomfortable. Granted I will use a sleeping bag pad with mine too.

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Teepee reminded me of the one at the Dane place. Carlene has a 'real' teepee and people can stay it if they want to in the summer. There is a fire pit and short logs cut to sit on. Her cousin (I think) lived in one for awhile and wrote about it if I'm not mistaken. Anyway...when they put the teepee up the first time, they turned the camera around and someone recorded it and posted it in fast motion as they were erecting it. It has since been moved to the other side of the driveway. Wish they would have recorded that. This one is a pretty big one though and 'permanent'. Video is only about 2:12 min long but interesting.

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I learned some stuff about motorizing bikes ( like a mountain bike or beach bike) , with engine kits and found one that actually is put together , and it mounts behind the seat over the back wheel and has a roller that connects with the wheel /tire , to propel it and its a 38cc engine. Add and extra bike gas tank and lines and flow, shut off valve and you could go and gooooo. I might do that. It would save my energy levels...and a lot of pain... while I save for a real gas scooter / moped ( actually a scooter but qualifies fully as a motorcycle) and I never got my motorcycle license and states have gone rigid , so its easier to just take the motorcycle basic riding course and it can mean they wave the drivers test , if you got your permit too..... but altogether that costs a chunk and it will just require saving money.


anyhow, its an answer and its a bug out vehicle, lol. A motor assisted bike that is, locally anyway. The brakes are in tact as long as you maintain them and it can go over 15 mph, which is just fine for along the side of the road around here. As long as you don't go over 20 mph, it doesn't get the need for registering and this style of motor doesn't make the pedals obsolete. It gets great gas mileage. Adding a bike gas tank and extra fuel line and flow valve, good quality lights that have decent mounts and a speedometer with an odometer is a good thing.


A bike trailer ......... wah lah!


It was good to peruse through all this stuff.


If you are interested in a forum that talks mopeds, scooters and the engines and things , http://motoredbikes.com/


They all seem very helpful.

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I would love to have canvas teepee.... but they do cost a chunk of money and my money has to be prioritized. I was glad I came up with the tarp teepee system on youtube. It would help if I had nothing else and if I can make a smaller one, it could fit in lots of nooks and crannies outside around here and not be noticeable.


A big teepee must be fun to stay in.

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