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So yesterday I prepared for the Blizzard Hooey to Hit the Fan. I rode. I repaired fence post and leak in duckhouse. I positioned extra feed for goat/ducks. I rearranged the fencing for horses to move wherever the WIND wasn't. AND spent quality effort getting a horse blanket on an hysterical horse. <_<


All good!


Today ....there isn't much we can do until this monster storm stops. We convinced our dear friend/neighbor NOT to even try to plow at our place. Too dangerous for him to travel the half mile here....cuz this WIND will simply put the big snow DRIFTS back where it wants them anyway. A blizzard likes where it puts the snow and it fights you if you try to move it. BLOWS it right back into the DRIFTS & SCOURED areas. Can't fight physics during the storm. :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044: :grinning-smiley-044:


So we re-positioned DH's truck down below. Need to have one close to the road....if we HAVE to get out for some reason. No way he's going to work tomorrow tho. :grinning-smiley-044: My truck is now tucked in close to the house.


DH fed/checked on ducks hiding inside duckhouse. Collected eggs...only 3 on this day. The usual SNOWDRIFT is forming right thru the gate to the duckyard. Hip deep already when DH was up there. Deal with that when this stops. Will probably be chest high by then. But the large 'people' door to the duckhouse is always scoured clear of snow by the wind pattern. Fortunate, that! :amen:


Then he did horses. Put lots of hay where wind wouldn't take it away. The Whiney Whinny's horse blanket was half off her, despite my attempts last nite. Can't figure out what she does to twist it so much. :gaah: So DH straightened it up again. Both horses are shivering somewhat, but not really wet. Just a horrible amount of WIND and biting snow content. They COULD stand peaceably inside their shed..... :banghead:



I slogged thru knee deep snow to reach my poor lonely goat. Plenty of hay and wedged door open enough to put a small amount of warm water for her. Goats like 'tea-temperature' water. She's fine. Went down to barnyard to help finish and was ASTOUNDED by the wind speed and roar. Can't even hear unless you shout in the ear. Wild!


We're keeping the house on the hot side...as a precaution. Have heard there are scattered power outages around the region. :blink: That would not be good. That would get serious in a big hurry! I put a ham and lots of whole potatoes in the oven when we went outside to feed. One can eat ham and taters cold if we lose power. Plenty to eat. A Buddy heater stored in basement....at the ready. Kerosene heater too.


Not using much energy. The less I move around, the less chance I have of doing something ELSE...like falling again. :buttercup: So we'll sit tight until just before dark tonite. Then we'll repeat this morning's routine with the animals. Walking the hill.....leave trucks where they are. Sleds to carry water to ducks. Stream is still open for horses. Pond didn't even get a glaze of ice....wind disturbing the surface too much.


This is prepping and surviving Rocky Mt. BLIZZARDS. :shrug:


MtRider ...praying to keep electricity! And that most of the mess will MELT...eventually. :pray:

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Both of us came away with good reports.  I'll go in for 4 week followup and...if I choose...fitted for glasses.  I'm probably going to wait on the glasses thing until we get back from our EXTENDED tri

Hung out a couple of loads of laundry this morning...had to wear the heavy duty sunglasses...neighbors probably wouldn't want to share their thoughts   Pulled a pint jar of last years spiced pears, du

I've been going through the pantry and trying to use up things with looming expiration dates.  For example, we don't drink milk but I always have a few cans of evaporated milk on hand for the very occ

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Worked all day in the garden area. Hopefully we'll be planting some things in a day or two. It's supposed to rain tomorrow so we won't plant if it's too wet by the time MrWE2 gets home from work project. Hoping the hotel work will be done in a week, give or take.

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Ordered 21 $ of dk weight cotton yarn for a summer top. Want to design it, it also could double as a two piece( top piece) { conservative in nature style} swim suit or summer type top pattern I guess. Nice summery colors. Cannot recall the brand but beat amazons shipping prices by looking under the typical click to buy link and found a craft store listing with a link to buy , free shipping and it was much less than if I had ordered just with amazons system, 3 skeins.

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Oh, figured out you want to use bikes with the old coaster brakes, so the beach cruiser bikes , 1 speed, are just fine , for that motarized bike set up. Found some at reasonable prices at amazon but I have been having trouble getting deliveries properly from amazon since I moved so I am going to hold off and just save money each month for my transportation needs.

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Hmm, wonder who that could be!




Looked up TX moped list and affadavit stuff..... they have a list but you can add to it. You get a K classification on your license. It's for mopeds only, not motorcycles.

Found out 50cc mopeds/scooters , if ya cant go over 30 mph are just classified as mopeds, so you don't need a motorcycle license. In NY State.

NE is the touchy state. ( All states are different). :P


I seriously would not ride on these rough roads more than about 26 mph on a good stretch!


Well, it was nice to clarify about the NY state laws regarding mopeds at least. I just don't know if I will be able to get one before I move. But if my move was delayed I would get one so I had it and in good weather could ride it. ( You are required to have regular drivers license to operate a moped in NY. )


I walked today. Nice and sunny about 56F today so not exactly really nice and warm but sitting in the sunshine outside was nice when I got some lunch.

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Walked three miles going on errands and remembered the cat treats with the cat litter! Hurrah!

Got a printout of my account, one can do that at my c/u a couple times a month or more... it's nice to have a simple printout! Helps me figure out my budget. Plenty of room to use a pencil where you need to make improvements or notes.


Talked to a guy making some kind of rack with cheap aluminum angle iron stuff with the holes in it on his folding bike. I guess he was trying to make a carrying rack. ( I think he should have thought it out and drawn it out on some paper first and just carried the angle iron home and done it, but didnt of course mention that as I looked it over and him --- he was a youngish man , wearing the sturdy work kilt and a work shirt. Sort of had a bit of a lilt. Might be new around here? ) Friendly, though, greeted me back with a smile and got right back to his work. Making do with what he had to work with.

Ya got to start somewhere!

Forgot my hat when I took it off as I entered the town hall to get trash tags, had to go back and get it. Luckily it was there and they were still there but closing. Did get my hat. Its cotton and a ball cap , light olive drab, it blends in and I need it to shade my glasses so I can see since I am sensitive to glare and medicaid is awful about photolenses glasses. I hope to buy a nice pair myself eventually after i get my next prescription and exam. One really should have those if they need them and as an extra pair of glasses.

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Got some help in two areas, the Outreach on the first floor is letting me use the internet they have so I can cancel mine, so I can save money faster for the scooter I want, so that I can have some gas operated transportation!


While I was down there, I also met a nice lady , E, who has a similar sewing machine like mine and she is very happy to give me some actual lessons. She also handsews, crochets and wouldn't mind learning basic knitting, so we can exchange skills. She also has a car and definitely goes to the larger towns to shop periodically , so next month I will go to Walmart with her so I can save a bit on meat prices and such. This too helps my budget. She lives very close to me. She's a lively person, bold and fun and smart. We got on well right away but shes got such a big personality I kind of have to let it sink in a bit.

Another neighbor let his drivers license lapse years ago and I am going to help him prepare for the written test.

It feels like some doors are opening for me here.... :)



Knitting a dishcloth, its going well and looks nice.

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I live in a very rural area, there is not much selection. But if I get my moped in Sept or early Oct, I can run down to a butchers to my south at least once before it gets too cold and could get some nice meats there.

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Got my dk weight cotton ( Patons Grace brand ) yarn , white, powder blue, teal. It's nice feeling already, soft , should be even softer after it is worked. Looked like it is in good shape and evenly spun and strong, like cotton should be.

Also got my flat soled boots with rubber heels in too, and yea they fit better than the other pair do. Look nice too.

Paid for po box again, it was due.

Gave some money for friend going to Ptown to get me some bulk hamburger, because its much cheaper costing there than what is sold in town.

I will get my fishing license tomorrow. It is finally getting warmer weather so it would be pleasant to get out and fish now.

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This week I bought some more sewing supplies.

Also got a cast iron pot with swinging handle at the charity shop for £10 about $15.

It looks pretty new so i really pleased with my purchase.

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Yesterday I started going through my prep notebooks. What a mess. Yesterday and today I started doing some printing and reprinting. A lot of things I have in the computer but not printed out. Mostly PDF's. Big mistake. So, I'm biting the bullet and just doing it. It ain't gonna pretty around here for the next couple of days but I feel like it really must be done. It will be nice to have all of the info 'typed' up and in one place. I bought a box of paper and lots and lots of ink so I'm ready to go.

Last month I bought a cheapy wireless printer so I could use it from the laptop. Trouble is I can not get it to recognize my wireless thingy. I tried everything. I went to Best Buy and bought a cable for it. It works! It's about 4 or 5ft. long so it's doable. Now I have to go through everything I have saved online and get it printed out. :blink:


I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. :groooansmileyf:

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DH and I could never get my cheapo printer and either laptop to shake hands and play nice either.


MtRider ....the cord is less convenient but it works. Good luck! :pc_coffee:

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I'm sticking with it. It's starting to get hot out now and my fan blows the papers all around. :twister3:

That little Epson 320 is doing a great job. I feel like it's already paid for itself. Eating a lot of ink though. What's ya gonna do. Ohhh, I'll bet Sam's Club has it cheaper.



Yep, Sam's has it but it isn't any cheaper than Wal-Mart.

Glad I looked online before I wasted my gas. :pout:

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How are y'all getting rid of the junk mail? I need to get in on that!!

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I don't know Homesteader but I'll sure look to see the next batch I print out. That would be great. Thanks!


Ohhh, I get so much junk mail. It's obscene. First thing I did was get a clear plastic box about 10x13 and 11in. deep. I think it's supposed to be for hanging files. Right now it sits by my chair. As soon as the mail comes in I set aside the bills etc. and any magazines I want to look at and then start pitching all of the rest. I've been crossing out my name and address, with a magic marker, on the stuff I throw away. When the box gets full I take it to one of the many recycle bins around here and dump it all. That system has really tamed my papers and makes it easier to get rid of the regular trash too because all of that paper isn't filling up any of my trash bags.


Sometimes if I see something interesting I might want, I tear it out of the catalog and get rid of the catalog right away. Then I take more time to look at the item. Nine times out of 10 when I stop to think about it for a couple of days, I don't buy anything. Win-Win.


Then I found a website that has hundreds of names of magazines, circulars, flyers and just plain old junk mail companies. If you sign up with them you can use their site and they will submit a request to stop sending you mail. A couple of places don't participate so you have to call them yourself. So far I think I've called 2 but they have contacted 27 different companies for me.


I just started doing that so I'm not seeing much difference yet but they all say it could take 3 months because they have their mailings bundled up that far in advance. We'll see.

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Without realizing it, we eliminated our junk mail by moving. The bulk rate postage can't be forwarded. :hapydancsmil: Part of my system is to shred any pages or envelopes that have our name and address in it. I find that it's usually the first page of documents or magazines. That personalized stuff gets shredded, sent to the garden in garbage bags, and spread thinly. When we lived in Wis we had chickens. It was fun watching them poop on junk mail. :laughkick:


Anytime you sign up for anything, you're going to have your mailing address sold to dozens of other companies. The selling of your address is extra money for companies. It's been done for decades but we notice it more these days, especially with credit card companies or those nick knack women's magazines. I talked to our mail deliverer. We still get mail for a lady who has been gone for 4 years. He said that the post office also makes money by delivering the mail.


It's a conspiracy!! :008Laughing:

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I shred anything important too. Anything that has more than my name and address gets it. Things like bank statements, credit card bills, or credit cards wanting me to sign up. Come to think about it, I shred all of my bill stubs too. They have too much of my account info on them and how much gas, water and electricity I use. I have you beat on getting the former peoples mail. I'm still getting mail for the woman who live here...36 years ago! She has more expensive taste than I do. :pout:


BTW, inside some catalogs where the order form is, they will sometimes have your name and address printed there. I always have to check it.

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One of my projects this weekend was sorting through the useless freebies cluttering the paperwhite, running the good stuff through Calibre to reduce Amazon's ability to control it, and putting everything in PDF to further reduce Amazon's ability to control it. But I can't focus enough to actually get anything done. :(

So another project is decluttering bookshelves and dusting them with a dampened cloth. So many books here were needed for homeschool, or were books my late DX read over and over.

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