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Trying to figure out my new to me town.... I located some stores, and yes, a church I should be comfortable with! My friend brought me a map.... we were noting things on it and now I can't find it! Between shopping for some eats and them still moving stuff out and around...

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Put in another 5x30 section of newspaper and composted leaves from last year. This will make a nice garden bed for this coming spring :-) Still have to clear out the other areas of the garden and get the stuff run through the chipper. Still have quite a bit of wood chips from last year and it's nice and black :-) Also bought a lot of top soil and compost when several of the big box stores were clearing out their garden supplies. It's stacked and ready for next spring too :-) We enjoyed a lot of food from this year's garden and plan to do so even more next year. Didn't put in any fall garden produce because we didn't think we'd be able to keep up with it. We're getting the inside of the homestead ready for us :-)

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I limed and added amendments to our new garden today. I left three 4' wide rows without the lime so I can grow scab-free potatoes. We go through a lot of spuds and use the leftovers to grow next year. DH was drilling around the homestead and found where groundwater is in our lowlands. It was fun/scary watching the water level slowly rise in the sandy hole. DH calls it his new water feature. :0327:

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Ordered seed potatoes, they need to chill for several weeks right? Russets . I will order some Pontiac Reds and some golds and blues later.


Does anyone know where I can order yams? ( not sweet potatoes ---- yams that have triangular conical ends, orange inside, that are gmo free, but heirloom.)

I realize they may be seasonally sold, seed taters.


Ordered a foam pad for bed, I cannot abide old hard mattresses or the newer slippy slidy cushioned upholstery mattresses, might just get more quality sleep in time this way.


Working on knitting a nice pair of knee socks in Kroy FX sock yarn , hopefully got stitch count exact to leg size since I now have perfect size dpn needles for proper fabrication of quality sock. Doing better knitting ,skills are improving, much smoother.

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:lol: Miss Macy and Ambergris. 'Tis surely the way of cats!


Prepare.....for FRIGID WEATHER.....


I've been wearing a combination of heavy hoodie/zip sweatshirt and a good windbreaker hooded jacket outside thus far. I'm SO prone to overheating that the layers make options possible.


:unsure: However....with this allegedly noteworthy arctic air coming down well into CO, I thot I should have my whole insulated coveralls ready.




For pete's sake...this is not October! Telling me I don't have it ready...nor do I even know where I stored it as I said goodbye to winter last spring. So tonite at 3 degrees, I bundled up and began to search. It wasn't apparently in the house so I put away the goat with lots of hay and then checked the van. Nope. I DO have emergency winter overclothes in there. But not that. So I had to hike down to where truck is parked [til repairs made] and yeppers! If it's superfluous during summertime, why not have it ready to BO already in a vehicle. [not counting on said vehicle being a dead vehicle at the moment...]


Anyway we'd already done the winter glove and hat search earlier. Cuz we have been down below zero already. Already have winter boots standing by...cuz we've already snowed too. But DH and I both thot the winter coveralls might have merit in the next days.......weeks :( ....... MONTHS..... :yar:



Windows have bubblewrap and stuff to insulate. Pizza box cardboard strips to block air leaks at the front door. Propane folks filled the tank again today. Have purchased hay and have some of it in the barn.


MtRider ....I guess we're ready for WINTER :frozen:

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When we went to the store for fresh veggies, I splurged and got a small package of watercress. I've never seen it before and have looked for it for years. When I opened the package, it had potting soil, like the small starter pots you get with veggies in the spring. Immediately, I decided to try to keep it growing and harvest it as needed.


Yesterday, when we took a walk, we decided to check out a new small thrift store on Main Street. They had a pretty medium sized glass globe for $1.50. This morning the watercress has perked up. We shall see how long it lives. I am sure it would never be able to be outside, but an edible house plant is a wonderful addition. :D

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Sass, about a month before you plant your potatoes you cut them and let them dry for about two weeks so they can scab over. Some people treat them with sulfur but I never did. I just rubbed the cut ends in dirt to help them dry up. It's also best to let them turn a little green before cutting them.


I also made sure I had 1-2 'eyes' on each cut piece.


If you plan to can any potatoes, the yellow Yukon Gold hold up the best.

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I need more long johns , plastic for windows and tacks I guess, when I go shopping tomorrow.

Got some white almond bark, can make some snack treats ( yes I can eat a bit of chocolate now and then and got some white cake mix on sale and dark chocolate chips ) as I Had a few things in mind for christmas goodies........ and am experimenting with mug cake cooking since it is quick and clean up is minimal and M let me use a microwave they had here. I saw recipes using white cake mix and spice cake too..... so, why not.

Haven't splurged in years on goodies for a holiday.... and this was minimal.

Found camping trip sized herbs for store brands labels.... the small jars ? Good price though, so I did get several and remembered the dried ginger and wonder of wonders they had tarragon...... will be a great thing to use those when I grow my own later on.

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I've been watching a lady on Youtube (I got hooked darn it) who shops mostly at clearance racks. She is saving a bundle.


However, she is a true shopaholic, in my opinion, and she shops nearly every day. She shops and buys for the thrill of a deal and not for need. That's why I think she has issues. She also films her shopping sprees to share on Youtube. I'm thinking there is some attention seeking happening too.


She is pretty funny and shares a lot of good info. Mostly about buying from clearance racks at higher end stores like Sears, Penney's, Macy's, Kohls, Target etc. Also beauty products on clearance racks. She also uses a lot of store coupons. And shops nearly everyday at the Dollar Tree


She gets reward money for shopping the stores but those rewards mean she had to spend a certain amount of money to get them. And the gas she is using has to be a lot. She is in Atlanta, GA.


She also returns a lot of things. She is sort of a dichotomy...a tightwad who loves to shop for anything.


I am seeing the benefit of hitting the clearance racks first in stores though. I'm going to try to remember that. But not everyday. :shopping:

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I am seeing the benefit of hitting the clearance racks first in stores though. I'm going to try to remember that. But not everyday. :shopping:


I broke a friend in college doing that. She decided she needed new jeans, and they HAD to be Calvin Klein. OK, off we go. She was standing at the checkout, paying a horrid amount for a single pair of jeans, when I walked up with 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pairs of jeans, all CK, for less than a third of what she spent on her one pair.

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Yikes, that reminds me, son said my breaks were squeaking when I pulled in at his house. I need to call for an appointment Monday. I never hear them when they start to squeak. D-I-L also informed me a break light was out too. It's time for an oil change so might as well get it all done at once. $$$$

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Took the day to take a ride to a state park and just enjoy the beauty of Father God's creation...as well as adjusting to daytlight savings time :D Sketching out the layout I want for this year's garden area as well as looking at planting guide for our area, taking note when the last frost is anticipated as well as when to start seeds inside and outside. Going to just get the seedlings started here in the enclosed porch. I'm going to just leave the table I had my dehydrators on, dry my clothes in the dryer for a few weeks and start my seedlings here where I can watch them, water them and keep them warm...under the ceiling fan/light as well as a floor lamp I have out there. The mint is doing great, no signs of distress from chill. I turned on the oil heater a couple of days ago when we got a freeze warning so it's a good environment for seedlings...I think. We're putting in a lot of produce this year, but not any huge amount of any of it. I want this to be a dehydrate year, for the most part. Eat from the garden, dehydrate and jar up what may not dehydrate well...corn etc. Only planting enough corn to put up some more jars of my own "Okra Succotash"... :24: and perhaps some corn salsa.

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