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Absolutely must have cookbook

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Yes, that is the one. Computer was taking 5-6 seconds per key stroke yesterday!

She has directions on plucking and cleaning poultry, taking care of chickens, skinning and cleaning rabbits, how to tell age of wild rabbits, how to make a smoker and recipes that never require opening a package of prepared food. She even has a chapter on foraging. You'll enjoy reading the extra material about her life in Ireland too.

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Do you think that cookbook will have a lot of things we don't eat, since she's from Ireland?

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I don't know the answer to that but if you go to the book link (listed above) it will take you to Amazon where you can buy the book. But wait...there's more! If you click on the picture of the book at the very top left hand side of the page, it will show you a peek inside the book. It shows A LOT of what is in the book including the index at the end.


Edited to add that I don't have the book. I just linked it for CGA.

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Sarah I love old books and have my share of them.

I went to the link you posted and clicked on Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard.

I did not realize it would download right then.

But what downloaded was a bunch of pencil drawings...I assumed it was a cook book?

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