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Prayers needed - there is so much happening ...

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We have so much happening at the moment,and would really appreciate prayer.


DD3 is expecting little miss in the next week or so. her first baby was a traumatic birth with spine to spine labour and baby got stuck resulting in 3 attempts at vacuum delivery and 2nd forceps attempt for delivery, stitched 3 times over the first week, plus infection. I have no leave so cant go down to help her (11 hours driving to her place)


DD2 age 29 who has had fibroid issues, is on a wait and see if it shrinks any more - she is allergic to the only medication that could possibly help to shrink it. but there has been shrinkage without treatment. surgery is the only option and if it doesn't shrink it could mean a full hysterectomy.


DD4 age 18 is living independently - and desperately needs work - 6 hours a week wont pay her rent or put food on her table. Her boyfriend (age 18) has stage 4 thyroid cancer.


DH had a good report at oncology with "no significant growth in size or quantity"


My job is frustrating to say the least and I am aware that I need to move on in order to progress professionally and financially - the firm has made the decision that they don't have to give any pay increases, unfortunately expenses keeping going up


And finally - the house we rent is going up for auction - and a serious buyer was putting in pre auction offer today so we will need to move in the next 4 - 6 weeks. We have been looking and there is nothing that suits us in a price we can afford.


life is full of ups and downs and twists and turns, but this is an awful lot to deal with all at once.


Finances may not allow it, but having a travel trailer or motorhome is a comfort when one's renting and at the mercy of landlords. They're a comfort to us...and we own 3 properties, two free and clear. BUT, we know that things can change in the twinkling of an eye. Prayers for you and your family.

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I am happy with the move, I sort of feel that is probably a good time to have with DH, especially knowing that his life is likely to be shorter than we would like. So we enjoy quiet times together, and he spends time in the garden and sometimes I am allowed to help ... Bit it is a job that I need, we are spending about $500 a month more than we have coming in, and that is our house deposit money. Not much we can do about it though, half of that is the cost of storing our household goods. DD2 went home from hospital today, hopefully she can rest a bit more, on Monday she will move to the MIL's to recuperate and will be well looked after there.

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Great news! I got a job at Australian pay rates which are better than NZ

we got a house and move in in 2 days!

DD is back at work and doing well.


Everything has happened very quickly - the job is with an Australian firm and I will work from home. and the possibility of a very good income!


very happy here


Thank you all so much for your prayers :bighug:

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