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Don't ya just hate to be lied to? Argh!

I wanted to add money to my PayPal account. I've always bought a 'Green Dot' card and it was so easy that even I could figure it out. I went to buy one today and nobody in my area sells them anymore. No one. I asked at one place Rite-Aid, and they assured me that I could do it with one of their prepaid Visa cards. And it does say Green Dot up in the corner. They promised I'd have no trouble with it. After over 2.5 hours (yes really that long) I finally got the card authenticated. But I couldn't figure out how to transfer the money I put on the card into PayPal. I went on line, searched PayPal site and searched Green Dot Visa site or what ever it is. Nothing. I read the fine print inside and it said they would charge me a $5.95 fee every month! Not gonna happen. I finally found a number to call. Of course there is no way to add money from that card to PayPal. I'm so mad. He said I could use it like a charge card but I wanted it in PayPal for donations etc. My money dude. He said he'd refund the money. I said I wanted the price of the card back too. He said $2.00. Uh no $2.95. Oh yeah he says. Now I have to wait 2-3 weeks for a check from them to get a refund. I got his name and work badge number. He probably made it up but I felt better. Like I knew what I was doing. I had plans for some of that money but now I'll have to wait because Rite-Aid lied. Ya know...if you don't know just say so! Anything for a sell I guess. Okay, rant sort of over. I'll feel better after another trip to Rite-Aid when the manager and I have a little tete-a-tete tomorrow. And that's another thing, it isn't my job to train them how to sell their merchandise. :angry:


And I still don't know how to get money in my PayPal account other than give them my checking account number and that ain't gonna happen either.


I know in the whole scheme of life this is minor but dang that made me mad. It's 2:00am and I'm all fired up now. I'd better go watch the puppy site for awhile. <_<

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How silly the clerk didn't even think he'd be caught.

Seriously, what's wrong there?

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Can you just get a prepaid Visa and use that to make donations?

I like to keep the money in PayPal so I can keep better track of how much I'm spending so I don't over extend. The site is set up for PayPal (and charge cards) but since I'm already listed, and all I have to do is click a button. Then they send me an email to confirm. If I lose the emails I can always go to PayPay and get the info for tax time since it's a charity I get a deduction. I usually give once a month to them and once a year to another org.

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