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When I try to go to Mrs S and my computer messes up, it will do a search on Mrs S instead of going to the site. If I click on the "discussion forums" link I am redirected to a commercial site. Thought someone needed to know that. It has happened several times both with IE and Firefox browsers.

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A WHAT SITE, Andrea? :blink:



Sheeesh....are they "afraid" too?



Hope Annarchy sees this soon, CGA.


One thing I do is....I stay signed in at MrsS. Would that help? Or are we being hacked in some way?


MtRider ....too many techno buttons for me. :behindsofa:

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I have sent several notices to Google about the re-directors in their search results. I am not a happy camper.


When I first got informed, I found one of the re-directors, NASTY. :gaah: When I used my back button to capture the url, it sent me here, proving the problem is with Google.


It does not appear our data base has been compromised, however, with technology advancing so quickly, some of the newer systems do not like to talk with older programs, including, iPads, iPhones, Win 7 - 8, and some of the virus programs, which now consider older programs like the one our site is using, as trouble.


Need to get with Darlene and take care of some stuff.



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Had a 're-direct" virus that unloaded on us a while back. Even Norton 360 Premier didn't catch it because it came in on a false update (don't remember which one). Anyway, went into Norton's file inspector and deleted everything that was downloaded on that particular date. Everything was fine. It was spyware...not a virus that was doing all the re-directing. Took me several hours online with Norton (to no avail) and to our DSL rep (to no avail) and then finally figured it out by a fellow RV'er telling me what to do :-)

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