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Hi Everybody


I haven’t checked in for a while, but do still read every day. I just haven’t felt that I had anything to contribute or a question to ask.


Maybe y’all already know this. I don’t remember seeing prices this low anywhere. Today I went to Walmart. They have Jar Boxes now. The pint size (they were sold out) was $10.97 and the quart size was $12.97. I don’t know if these were a special price or an everyday price. I’ll be going to another Walmart to try to find some of the pint size.


If anybody knows of a better price, please let me know.


Hope this helps



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Gosh YYY, I don't have much to add either but that doesn't keep me from posting away. :008Laughing:


Are you talking about the molded plastic ones or cardboard boxes. I'm not sure about the plastic ones except they are usually pretty expensive. But you can get cardboard boxes with the dividers pretty cheaply online at Uline. I've never ordered them but I would if I needed them. Guess I wasn't much help. But we all knew I'd still post something. :hidingsmile:


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Sometimes you can get these types of boxes from floral shops :-) May have to use your box cutter to lower them, but they have the dividers. When we deliver for a local florist, that's what they have us sit the vases etc., in to keep them from tipping. They pitch a lot of them...and if you can get them, they're "free".

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Cool recycle/freebie idea, WE2. Wonder if Safeway would have them...and give them away? My canning boxes are getting pathetically old but I can't fork over for the plastic ones. They look great tho...the plastic ones. Esp. in earthquake country!


MtRider :pc_coffee:

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I'd like to have some of the plastic ones too but I have too many filled canning jars to be able to afford them. The only place I've seen the plastic ones is Lehman's and they were $17.00 for 2 sets. Or $4.25 for each tray. Hummm. When I break it down that way it doesn't seem so bad. I suppose you wouldn't have to store them with the lid on them. Maybe stack 3 high without the lid and just use a lid for the top one to keep out dust.


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Like many...I have WAY too many jars canned :-) We always leave the flaps on the original boxes, and fold the flaps down to keep out dust etc. Since I no longer buy Ball or Kerr etc., jars (haven't for some time) I don't even have the boxes that the new jars come in. Still have some canned food in them (left the plastic around the bottoms and sides) though :-)

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None of my boxes have flap lids. All of the boxes came with plastic wrapped around 3 sides. I did cut around the top to leave a sort of a lid. It helps a little bit keeping the dust out.

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I just ordered new boxes and insert separaters for Pint jars from ULINE (http://www.uline.com) at a cost of $4.00 each + shipping. They also offer for other size jars also and inserts are optional but I prefer them since they provide added strength when stacking.


10 KT S-18943 PINT CANNING JAR BOX KIT $2.80 $28.00

12 EA S-17491 16 OZ. REGULAR MOUTH CANN $1.20 $14.40


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Oops I blew it on my previous post. I ordered a carton of pint jar boxes and inserts, thinking they were separate items, but the first item (S-18943) is "both" the box and the inserts. I didn't see the "kit" in the description. :Blushing: The second item was actually a dozen pint jars, the last thing I needed under the circumstances since I have several hundred empty jars already.


The reason I know is because the shipment just arrived and I was surprised to find a case of pint jars in the box besides the boxes and inserts. It wasn't until I had another jolt of caffeine and re-read the packing list over a few times that the smarts finally sunk in.

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:lol: Canned Nerd..... Some days I REALLY wish I didn't detest coffee so very much. The "jolt of caffeine" would be so handy.


Hopefully you can sort out your order.


MtRider :pc_coffee: <------not drinking coffee despite this smilie! ;)

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Wish I had known this last month when I moved over 500 jars. What a pain- I hope I never have to move again. I do think I'll order some just to store clean jars in.

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