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Court Dec 2......Urgent Request: Mistakes and God's Grace

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First ....please begin immediately praying for Sean. He's in critical condition ....at last report. Head injuries, placed in medical coma. Both arms broken. Probably more. :pray:



Let me talk about human error. Mistakes.


1) Recently a young woman who works on the TV show "The Price Is Right" made an error. She had a moment of losing focus and turned over the correct price, instead of the card for the price the contestant actually chose. Essentially, her error gave the contestant a $21,000 car. The announcer started laughing. Contestant was happy! Fortunately she'd worked there for six years and the show forgave her mistake....despite being out $21,000.



2) DH just found out tonight that he'd made an error on someone's tax forms. For some reason [and I think our recent siege of not getting adequate sleep is to blame] he put in their dd as a dependent on the parents' form. But she's independent and he'd done her taxes at the same time. He didn't catch the mistake. The parents sent in a check for an inadequate amount, per DH's calculations. So he has to print out corrected forms for them and they will have another check to write. Bummer! He was feeling SO bad about his mistake.



3) Until we heard from my life-long friend, KJ tonite. She lives in MO now but we grew up together in Iowa...adjoining farms. Y'all have heard prayer requests for her before. She moved to a new house three weeks ago. As are all moves, it was a nightmare of physical/mental/emotional strain. The new house needed a new kitchen [it's gutted], really needs all new windows [not begun yet] and unexpectedly, all new wiring!!! Old house stuff. Stressful. But she was enjoying the new place and being close to her church. Eventually all the stuff in those boxes will be put away.......


Last nite she was driving to a sister church to play piano for their special service. She was on an unfamiliar road ......and she didn't see a stop sign. She never even saw the small car that Sean was driving either........and hit him broadside with her heavy truck. The car spun away from the impact. They both ended up in the opposite ditch. She hit a pole for a final collision. The airbag broke her nose and a bone in her lower arm. The seatbelt did a lot of damage as it held her in place. She was able to stagger out of her truck and was heading to the other driver....she worked as an RN years ago.


Someone grabbed her and knowing she was in shock, put her in another car. Officers were on the scene almost immediately. She spent the past 24 hours in the ER, getting stabilized herself. But when she called me while her dh drove her home tonite, all she could talk about was Sean. Pray for Sean. He's got head injuries because I make a mistake! His family could lose him because I missed a stop sign! I'm a healer....I don't hurt people! I've never EVER wanted to take back just a few minutes like I do now! God please spare him...heal him...restore him to his family!



Oh...what a burden she carries now! :(


We all belong to a very fallible race of people. We're human. We all make mistakes. Some because we are careless by character. Some because we were inattentive for a moment. All three examples are people who are normally quite careful but slipped...just this once. Sometimes, it's simply because we are "dust". [i forget the reference but the verse is: "HE [God] remembers that we are dust." ] Fallible. Made from the dust of the earth. Not supermen/women. Not prophets who can see events ahead of time. We make mistakes and ask forgiveness and God grants it. Not all humans grant forgiveness. But we should....because we all make mistakes. One second can change your life.


But ohhhhh, when our mistakes cost someone else something that we can never fix.......


4) When I worked in Maui with At-Risk kids, we had an exercise that that taught something. The kids had to individually go thru a rope web hanging vertically across the trail. A chunk of stick was lightly attached to the center of the "spider's web". While making their way thru the web, the kids could not disturb the spider or they would incur a penalty. Like....you have to go thru the web again but you can't use your right arm [cuz the spider bit you]. One teen knocked down the 'spider' and my coworker assigned the penalty to the next person in line. The teen protested. 'Why don't I get the penalty if I knocked the spider down?' she asked. Answer: Because in real life.....sometimes others pay the price for our mistakes.


:( Sadly, a few months later, this girl took a car out one night to a party. Another girl went with her. Coming home at high speeds with way too much alcohol in her system, she wrapped the car around a tree and both were killed outright. I mourn that outcome for her to this day......



My friend, KJ, was not speeding, drinking, or anything else that she could have changed last night. She was very tired from the move but she was also excited to be playing for this church's evening service. So she wasn't groggy. Nothing that she could have foreseen and done something different. But still, more than anything in life right now, she wants to redo the whole thing so Sean isn't fighting for his life. So his family doesn't lose him. So he doesn't face life with cognitive or emotional impairments from traumatic brain injury. :( She'd trade places with him on that hospital bed in a heartbeat....if only she could.



It did snap DH's annoyance at his own mistake into sharp focus. He has the option to make it right for the clients. Pay late fee if they incur any. It's just inconvenient and unfortunate when he told them they owed a lessor amount. But it is light years away from what KJ is facing.



I know I went on and on with this post. Perhaps even longer than I USUALLY do. But my heart is heavy for KJ and her dh.....and especially for Sean and his family. A young man with kids. :( May they all come to know God's glory and His grace through this.



MtRider ....thanks for praying with us on this.....

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Praying, and adding one of my own, please pray for Sonny. He rides the bus with me on wednesdays to shop. He was having a TIA (mini stroke) yesterday and I could not persuade him that he needed to see a doctor. I feel now that I should have insisted on us all going to the ER with him yesterday. I hope he doesn't end up with a really bad stroke because I wasn't forceful enough.

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I will pray for your friend, Sean and for Sonny.


I make mistakes sometimes, especially when I'm tired or yea that distracted moment, luckily none this rugged so far. It happens . I hope she can turn it over to God and that Sean can get all the medical help he needs and can recover. Perhaps it's bad enough that it will be like wounded veterans who have brain trauma injuries and I hope he can benefit from any and all treatments and that they are offered in the first place. They have made great progress in these therapies currently.


One of the things I learned about health issues, injuries that are life threatening or illness that is serious or high terminal rate is that it may be God's will that this happened. ( Not out of punishment, however. That is superstitious nonsense) . He has his reasons, we may be too stubborn about going to Doc soon enough to catch something and it progresses, too, and even when our friends try to get us to go, or family, we resist due to our own feelings.


There are definitely moments with my more recent experiences with the doctors and medical facilities I have been exposed to around here where I just want to refuse to go, but I again, made my appts recently and trying to just do it anyway. I will try to 'get along' at the moment even if they are rude or apathetic or disregard a basic need , because that is better for my peace of mind. It's a better action for me to take, but I can understand a persons personal choice when they are frustrated to this point and that may have been Sonny's experience, other than typical macho stuff going on, because men just are that way, more than women.


I can be just as independent and ticked about it myself, I know this. The middle ground for me is at least trying to get adequate care and in timely fashion and just do what I can for myself to reduce impact of the various things and yea I have stroke liability for sure with typical problems related to that. I don't want to die anytime soon or be so disabled by it that I can't get around on my own. So I will try to get more improvement, but its a reality some of us are susceptible too. It's also one of those things that used to be chocked up to natural causes and todays world got all holier than thou about it too with medical knowledge.


Sometimes it happens no matter what you do for yourself in other words because of things wearing thin inside or whatever the process is that ultimately causes the weaknesses of that disorder. Others can really only encourage someone , it is THEIR decision , their free will and their responsibility to address it once they get the facts. I see this with something like diabetes too. Very few are really so fragile they have extreme problems trying to control it once it occurs when adults and past all the hormonal stuff as kids and teens growing up . So it is usually more about learning, and controlling things decently to reduce the issues hopefully. I get mad when I see type 1's using up to four times what insulin they should normally dose themselves with because they want the whole dang pizza and soda , routine too, but honestly, most don't abuse it like that, and they have to pay out of pocket for all that extra.insulin and have the money.


Id rather invest it in a homestead and healthy food growing, it runs in the thousands for some of that insulin and such.




and then there is the fox news story today about the man who had a rental car ( with bedbugs) and evidently he had rubbing alcohol he poured all over inside the car trying to kill the bedbugs, maybe his clothes too, and then.......... he wanted a cigarette. I have had experience with bedbugs , i understand, yes I smoke, I understand the inclination to light up when you are frantic......... but........... kerblamm , the car burst into flames, he caught fire, two other cars also burned, parked next to him, he is now in the hospital burn unit I believe...


so, he made the wrong choices ....... stuff happens, sometimes no matter what.



Accidents happen. It definitely makes us feel guilty because we are compassionately made, it's when you don't feel that any longer that something is really gone wrong with you, so this is normal. I know you will help your friend get through it, and I hope Sean will heal well and still be able to live his life as well as he would want to. Many do. He will need everyone's support too. I hope Sonny will be moved to go see the doctor or hospital ER and that it remains at minor levels for him. I hope he would take care of himself as well as he can manage.


But sometime's it's just God doing things as He decided, yet I can't blame Him for it either. He has his reasons. It is a mystery to us, of course. Sometimes he takes the very best, you know?

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Thanks, all of you. I slept last nite with only a couple times waking....but both times praying for Sean and KJ was the first thing on my mind. I hope she'll call today. Doesn't have her cell phone; don't have a house phone; I don't have her dh's cell #.


Heavenly Father, we pray for Sonny this morning. We know that some folks don't jump on their medical conditions fast enough. Sometimes we ourselves are guilty of same. We've all got a barrel full of background that cause our decision-making to be what it is. Sometimes, we heal and clear some of that up....sometimes we get wiser as we age. Sometimes we just get more brittle. CGA, with her medical background, has obvious compassion for a man she only knows by sharing a van. Yet she used her knowledge to offer good advice. She stopped short of insisting....and now wonders about that choice. Was it a mistake? Mistakes happen all the time....yes/no, right/left, now/later.... We make a million choices all day...every day. A good portion of them have to be wrong. A good portion of them are right too. To trust in You is the most righteous of all choices. So at this point, several options for Sonny, and KJ and Sean are in the past tense. The choices have been made and further choices are in Your Hands. Help us to understand and believe that You can fix any problem....as You chose to do so. Even if we have unbelief, help our unbelief. You are the only source of help for that too. It is all YOU. Forgive us when we fail to hear or even listen for Your Voice...giving us the correct answer. Happens all the time but encourage us to listen more and more. Your will be done. In Jesus' name....



Last night after starting this thread, I checked my email. Today's D.Wilkerson devotional was already there. It was PERFECT!





MtRider :pray::amen:

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FINALLY heard from KJ! I sent her a note via 'snail mail'. The news is not encouraging. With the regulations for medical confidentiality, she has HEARD NOTHING REGARDING SEAN. She's checked the obituaries and didn't find him. Her whole life and breath wraps around this young man's recovery from her mistake....and she can't be told if he's even living?


Please continue to pray for Sean....cuz God will know what we do not.


Please continue to pray for KJ. She has injuries from the inflating air bag and colliding with Sean's vehicle and a utility pole. She's been on permanent disability for a few years now....from other serious health concerns. In investigating her new injuries, they found that she needs the second knee replacement. Not due to the accident....it just needs doin'. She's been doing the rounds to different specialists. Has damage to her voice....reversible damage, hopefully. She's hard to understand over the phone. Her very specialized/expensive eye glasses are AOL. Probably in her impounded wreck of a vehicle....or flown out the window. She's in a lot of pain. She was in a lot of pain BEFORE the accident. She's also in unbelievable pain in her heart...for Sean. She talks about him; wonders about him; prays constantly for him. Devastated. :(





So how are the rest of you doing? :grouphug:



MtRider :pray::pray::pray:

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Praying for your friend Mt. Rider. Still can use the prayers for my original request. God knows. Also would appreciate prayer for my health. I've finally caught the crud that's began going through the classrooms. For me it's a respiratory/congestion thing. Can't stop coughing or breathe through my nose.. And it's triggered my asthma....and I could kick myself because I can't find my long term inhaler. I have several emergency ones to use but I put the long term one somewhere...and now I don't remember. And smack me now...I checked where I thought I had a back up one...and I don't. :blush: Using some essential oils and trying to get lots of sleep.

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Heard from my friend, KJ today. Sean is still alive. He has multiple broken bones. That's ALL she knows 29 days later. She wants more than anything, for folks to continue praying for him and his family.


She is slowly getting better. She has times when she's just woken up in the morning and she's not in pain. Her damaged voice nerve is slowly healing. I can recognize her voice now, tho at an octave lower. She's been ministered to by her church in so many ways. She hasn't had to be alone all day....something that is still freaking her out. Someone stops by during the time her dh is at work. Several are working to get the construction work done on the older home they just moved into. Retired men from her church are installing the windows [old ones were badly in need of replacement] ...one by one. The electrician is making this house safe. A gal from church is patching dry wall behind the electrician's work....and also painting. KJ talks of how she is blessed. But she is forever linked now with a man she may never meet. She prays healing and blessings for him and his family. She has come to care greatly about him, beyond the responsibility that is hers through this accident.


So we wonder what outcome God has planned....for all of them. :amen:


MtRider :pray: .....heal them all, Lord, please.

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Update: My friend was supposed to have a court date in Oct. But she was in the hospital with emergency colon surgery ....again. She's still struggling with some issues from the accident and now has an open [still healing] abdominal incision to deal with. It's been a tough year.


So the new court date is DEC 2.


Please pray that all will be just and merciful. And keep praying the Sean's healing will be complete. She still has NO word on how he's been all these months.


The county DID add more signs at that intersection since her's was not the first terrible accident at that corner. If they'd ONLY DONE THAT BEFORE HER ACCIDENT..... :motz_6:



MtRider .....it's in God's hands..... :pray:

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