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Duck question

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We have a male and female duck. The kids got 2 female ducklings. They are in the same cage but separated by a fence.
The duckling are in with the 8 female chicks. The chicks are being moved to their own cage soon. When can we put the ducklings in with the adults?

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I figured Mt_Rider would pop in & tell you from a more experienced point of view, but apparently she's still having problems. :(


We only had wild ones, but I would guess they could go in when your chickens do. :shrug:

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Any new bird needs to be big enough, &/or in a large enough herd/pack to defend itself. I also learned the hard way years ago. I would keep them in the separation area until they are feathered out. We just let ours into gen pop, & they were 3 months or close to it when we did.

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I have been keeping my birds in plain but fenced off view of my oldest hens for a couple weeks or more, so they can get accustomed to each other but not hurt each other. I have so far added 8 ducks & a flock (that's the word I was thinking of above, LOL) of 13 new layers/cockerels this year with no problems.

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Hi....yeah, my computer is going off and on. Then I couldn't find this....



Yeah, if you have a large group of smaller ones, they can sometimes huddle together against the bigger ones. But as others have said, best to acclimate slowly. Like Army05, I have put young ones inside a large wire crate within the general duck pen. Then the older ones can get a good look/smell of them over time.....but can't hurt them. Has to be big enough for the smaller ones to live in for a time tho. I continue doing the separate quarters at night for longer than I separate during the day....simply because the duckhouse is much smaller than the duck pen. Crowding of any kind increases stress...unwanted behavior.


I've found that one mama can't always protect a couple youngsters from other adults either... :( Have to separate mama and babies until babies bigger.


MtRider :wave:

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