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tonight we had prowlers. the new pup (shepherd mix) sounded off in his 'who the heck are YOU?' way so I went out to check. He was barking ferociously, but came at my whistle to my side, still barking, so I said 'show me' and he led me to the back fence, where the rear neighbors dogs were still sounding off in the same agitated manner. then i heard the neighbor 3 doors down in the back yelling Hey, what the H*ll are you doing in here? Get OUT!' i knew then one of the neighborhood prowlers was doing the back yard thing again (looking for things to steal I suspect).


ALL the neighborhood dogs were going crazy by then, and as I headed back to the house to tell room-mate the prowlers were at it again, she came out the back and said "someone was messing with the RV! I ran him off but I can't chase him anymore!" I called 911 and gave cops the description of what she saw. The dogs started up again, but this time it was a hello bark (the back neighbor coming home) so I went out to tell him the local juvie prowlers were at it again. (He has been broken into so we watch his place when he is gone.) he was madder than a wet hen, especially as his girlfriend was home all the while and did not check when the dogs started alerting.


The cops talked to roommate and she says they know who the prowler is, but can't seem to catch him in the act. tonite they had FOUR prowler calls in the area so all the neighbors are up in arms. about half of them want to shoot him, booby trap their yards, turn the dogs on him, and the like (and probably get sued by his parents). Oh yes, he did put scratches on our RV, but did not make entry (we lock it). stupid 17 yr old kid...where the heck are his parents? Hope he gets caught by the cops rather than the angry neighbors....I imagine he thinks he won't get caught and has never been taught about not fouling your own nest. i'm proud of the pup, he is shaping up to be quite a good watchdog!

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It would be nice to think that if you called his parents to say he's there again--wake them up every time you get awakened--they'd take it out on him. But they'd probably take it out on you.

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If everyone, when they start hearing the racket just lets their dogs loose out of the yards, bet he never comes back again, lol. They will chase him off. The only thing about that is rounding them all up afterward. Mebbe talk to the neighbors?

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You can bet your sweet booties that we'd turn the red-head loose and back her up with some "precious metal"! Thank God we live in a gun totin' state. Just a week or so ago a man shot and killed his girlfriend and her son, and when he faced off the police...well, let's just say "we won't be feeding and watering him for 40 years".

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put up cameras so hopefully it will either deter the activity, or give us a pic for the cops...grrrr. really hate having to do it though.

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