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Mud, Flood, and Homemade Soap

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Wasn't sure where to put this topic but....


I posted the story of yesterday evening in the Spring Weather conditions thread. It involved my horse nearly drowning in our greatly flooded creek, digging deeper/wider canals to drain overflow of pond from driveway, and First Aid for shocky, scratched up horse in downpour, lightning, and darkness. Wasn't a good night. {hysterical horse made it worse!}


Anyway, we're still sorting out from last night. For instance, at some point last night, DH unloaded his bag he carries to and from office. Apparently his cell phone got nudged off from being clipped to the side [inside, mind you] of his bag. He just found it laying in the mud outside this morning. :gaah: It was turned off so I got battery out immediately, toweled it off, and ....it's sitting in some cheap rice. Hopefully that will act as a desiccant. :sSig_help2:



Had brought in soaked halters/lead ropes and they dried overnight draped in our living room...as did other articles of clothing. Jeans, shirts, sweatshirt....all have to be washed. I may have to hose out the boots I wore. They are not waterproof. Merely insulated nylon and I was standing in the flood waters and mud. Nearly fell once when my boot got secured down in the mud and I tried to take a step. They are a mess.


And my white knee-high socks..... eeeeuuuuuuu!



So I pre-washed them in the bathroom sink. Decided to try Darlene's homemade soap that we like so well for getting dirt (and even carbon from pellet stove) off our hands. Well it took three scrubbbbbbings and rinses but they're now ready for regular washing machine load. I think they'll be quite clean after that. Whew....another use for homemade soap.


Post-Hooey....if you have something to clean, it doesn't matter if it's your hands or socks. A bar of homemade soap does a better job than the 'fancy' products!



MtRider :thumbs::clothesline: ...might have to check my jeans for a pre-wash too. Pretty messy last nite.

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I think/hope the phone will come around.....

While I was farm sitting.....I came in from outside with a bucket of milk

in one hand, a kid bottle and the phone in my other hand.

I got bumped by one of their dogs hard enough to lose the phone

into the bucket of milk!

No rice to be had but whether i should have or not I rinsed the phone quickly

under cold running water, dried it then took out the battery dried it

and left all to dry. 24 hours later it said the ear phones were plugged in- they weren't.

48 hours later I put it together and it worked. Sounded tinny for maybe another 5 days

but it does work..the life maybe shortened on it because I think words are rather garbled on it.

This is a smart phone.

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Had a black and white tv once, many yrs ago, hopped up to put the just starting to squat puppy out the door, tripped on the cord and dumped my tea into the tv. It promptly went dark but I left it on for the noise and a few days later I had a picture about an inch tall that gradually over several days finally went back to full size. LOL


Hope y'all dry out soon. Us too. No garden except a few tomatoes. Garden squishes when walked on.

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When the sun came out yesterday with a good breeze...I removed phone from rice and set outside to dry further. Brought in before dusk and put out into sunshine and breeze today. Have to keep moving it to keep it in the sun and out of Koa's inquisitive reach. She USUALLY doesn't chew things up anymore.... :unsure:


Haven't tried it yet. I think with cell phones it's a one shot deal. If you 'electrify' the thing too soon.... it's all over.



The milk pail, Twilight? Oh no! Yeah, you'd have to wash that off first. This phone was partially protected by the cover but the cover has holes for talking into, etc. Not solid cover at all. And the rain had finally stopped ...mostly...by the time we got up to the house and were unloading his office stuff. Was a shock to find it tho....we'd unloaded in the dark. <_<



One inch viewing on TV.... :blink: Amazing what electronics come back. We're hopeful.




Princess is doing fine. Cuts closed up. Walking fine. We got some gunk on her cuts this morning so the flies won't bug her......that was fun. :o


MtRider ...Good to see ya, CGA :hi:

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