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Poor Nudge.

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It was a very hot humid day. Son went out to check on the chickens and ducks and left to go fishing.
When DH got home he went out to feed the chickens and ducks.
We have the adults and little ones in the same pen separated by a fence. Dh could not find Nudge the adult female duck. He finally found her wedged between the fence and a bale of straw that was going to be used as bedding. She was overheated and just about dead. Dh brought her into the house and popped her into the bath tub. He called the vet Dd2 works for and was told to try to get 1/4 cup of honey down her. After a few hours of Dh, DD2, and DD2's boyfriend working to cool and honey Nudge we are happy to report she has recovered.

Good thing I have LOTS of Comet.


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Honey for quick energy fix with ducks. Hadn't heard of that. Other than getting mangled by predators, we haven't really had 'sick' ducks. I'm making a mental note of that.


Yeah, I can just imagine why you'd need the Comet cleanser! They aren't called water "foul" for nothing!


MtRider :lol:

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Heat stroke or exhaustion? Poor Nudge. I hope she continues to recuperate. Where is the kiddie pool for the ducks?

Its an idea and if you have a big inflatable one, some horses love to get in and splash and lay down. Just saw a really funny video about a horse that does this. He absolutely had a wonderful time cooling off.

( totally ruins the water, however, as they rinse off. lol)


Poor Nudge needs an extra day in the tub environment before going back out there and some readjustment of their duck quarters might help. What about tying up a tarp for shade over their area?

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Glad you found her in time. It's hard losing animals, especially when you've named them. (Funny how that works, eh? When I first realized that truth, it gave me a whole new perspective on the lines in the Bible where it says God "knows us by name". :wub: )



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Nudge is a welsh harlequin duck

Yes they do have a pool but with the young ducks being in the same cage separated by a fence we can't open the other part of the run where the pool is up yet. The chicks have their own run now and everyone is happier. Soon we can take the fence down give them access to the pool.

She is doing very well.

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I love my ducks. We got 3, because one of the kids wanted ONE. Well, flock animals, right? We ended up with the perfect trio. Then we got 8 more earlier this year. They are so funny to watch.


None of mine have a pool. Ducks don't need or KNOW they need a body of water unless you teach them that. They just need enough water to dunk their bills in :)

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