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What Are You Grateful for Today?

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Grateful I am feeling better than I did last night.


Nasty stuff. DH got it in TX, started with sneezing, lack of energy and dizziness. Then, moved into a clogged head and cough from a stuffy nose, burning, itchy nose and eyes, clogged ears and general overall weakness, dizziness and complete lack of energy. :yuk: Very Grateful it only lasts about a week or so. Grateful my tooth infection is going away too.


Grateful for getting the tribulations out of the way for the year. God Willing! :amen:

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Grateful for being able to spend a couple of hours with my Dad this afternoon. It's his 89'th :-) Did our "usual" for his birthday, picked up a bucket of KFC. He loves it, so we try to take him some every year for his birthday.

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Neat idea, Mt_Rider. I think I have found a better place for it now, after baking it a dozen times. Oops....



Grateful we have clear skies today and I can work on laundry, since my washer & dryer are outside. :hapydancsmil:

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Don't ya just hate making the SAME mistake over and over? :rolleyes:



We also have clear skies .......so I can fill the horse water tank again. DH pulled the hose out of the new-fallen snow. Waiting for the sunshine to heat the hose. 2:00 pm That's horse tank time in the winter.


MtRider :amen:

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Grateful to be warm inside the house.

When I went out to get the mail, it was bone chilling cold!


Grateful to be able to homeschool and snuggle with the kids on the couch.


Grateful that after 25 years, I am able to make something out of nothing in the kitchen.

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