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The Shocking Truth about aborted human fetal cells in vaccines

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The following article has been edited for space and clarity (by me)


The Shocking Truth about aborted human fetal cells in vaccines

As a Christian I am strongly opposed to any product which relies on an abortion. Other Christian authors have come to opposing conclusions. One particularly well-known author is not satisfied with having a different conclusion than I do, he also attacks Christians like me who disagree with him as being naive and promoting bald face lies, of a particularly evil nature. I am confident that I am not naive, am not repeating lies and I have no evil agenda. My sole aim is to help parents understand the science behind our amazing immune system – a system that was perfectly designed by our Creator. If someone has a different view, and even if they claim to be a Christian, that is fine for them. We will all answer to God for the choices we make and the influence we exert in the world.

Many vaccines are derived using immortal cell lines which were established by using aborted human fetal tissue aka human diploid cells (HDC). These cells were intentionally harvested from abortions in order to do scientific research. It was not a matter of randomly collecting the “wastes”. There was a scientist alerted and on standby to collect and properly preserve the human embryo extracted from its mother. The scientific journal, Nature, explains the history and gives a detailed inside look into the background of this less known side of science.[1]

It has been stated that there was only one abortion involved, so people like me are promoting lies. For the WI-38 cell line there were 38 abortions performed before the cell line was successfully cultured – thus the number, ’38’. {edit: while the number 38 may not indicate 38 abortions, from Hayflick’s paper we know at least 20 abortions were performed[8].} Other cell lines derived from aborted human fetal tissue are MRC-5, HEK-293, RA27/3 (’27/3′ refers to the 27th abortion, 3rd attempt before the cell line grew). This tissue has been used in developing vaccines for chickenpox, Hepatitis A, MMR, MR, Rubella, Polio, Shingles and Smallpox (Acambis 1000) which are currently in use today and injected into babies and children (and now more frequently recommended for adults).[2]

Is there an impact on health?

Another very profoundly disturbing aspect of using human fetal cells to culture viruses which are injected into human babies has to do with the DNA fragments. The aforementioned Christian author insists that there is no DNA contained in the vaccines, but the FDA has a legal limit for the amount of DNA, which is routinely exceeded.

But what is the impact of the human DNA when injected into babies? and others?

The implication and health impact of injecting foreign DNA (including DNA from other animals, which is also used in vaccine production) is not completely understood and those wishing to explore the science are often discouraged from doing so.[4] DNA cells present in vaccines has been debated for over 40 years and those promoting vaccines claim the amounts to be “in such infinitesimal amounts” that they are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) yet they resist further study.[5] At the very least there should be more urgent honest investigation. In the meantime all children are victims of this experiment.

As far as the argument pushing parents to get the shot for the good of the community or of immuno compromised individuals – The best gift you can give to yourself or your community is a healthy child with a well-functioning immune system. Vaccines fail miserably in both safety and efficacy. Children who receive vaccines are probably a greater risk to the community. A healthy non vaccinated child poses no risk.

You need to study this topic BEFORE you agree to any vaccine, particularly in pregnancy and for newborns.

Parents need to demonstrate discernment and seek truth. Acting out of fear inspired through the media and marketing is contrary to what Jesus called us to. There are myriad peer-reviewed scientific publications, old and recent, which clearly indicate the multiple dangers that are associated with vaccines yet the public is often bombarded with scary stories and marketing materials claiming how safe vaccines are.

Don’t take my word for it. Begin exploring the science behind vaccines. I am absolutely confident that Jesus Christ is the source of all wisdom and knowledge and He can lead everyone to truth. I pray daily for the Christian community to wake up to the deception that is trying to engulf us and take us captive with serious physical consequences for ourselves, our children and our future.

Author: Becky Hastings, wife, mother, grandmother, passionate follower of Jesus, seeker of truth, health and joy.




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..........................ugh. :blink: Did not know this. Beyond the abhorrence for the fate of these babies.....mixing DNA between humans? We do not even mix blood types, for pete'ssake!


MtRider .....God help us all...the human race has, once again, gone completely mad. :pray:

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