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sad day


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Some things have changed around here without our Sadie. Hank the bad puppy has settled down a bit. He was always wanted to play with Sadie but she hated him.
He has also gotten protective of the family which bothers me a bit. He's not aggressive but I will have to watch to make sure it doesn't continue. He's a big dog and very intimidating when he barks and I heard him give a little growl before he started to bark when someone came over yesterday.

The girls wanted to get Sadie's ashes made into a ring at $2000 a ring.
Sadie is deeply missed. We got a Haskap Berry bush to plant by Sadie's grave in rememberance of her.

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Wow! $2000 for a ring! That's a lot of money.... Couldn't you get like a tiny necklace where you put the ashes in? My mil did that with her oldest son. Not super expensive.

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Really missing my Sadie today.

I got up early today and started laundry and got most of it done. I was cleaning out the hall closet and doing some hard core cleaning when my tummy started cramping. Soon after I was nauseous. Now I'm weak and can't get warm. I don't like the new vending company at work and from now on I will pack a lunch.

I've been on the sofa all afternoon with no Sadie no disaster movie or even a bad shark movie to keep me company.

Hank the bad puppy has been banned form the house unless some is watching him at all times today and he's not happy about being outside. Dh and his friends are cutting down some trees in the backyard. It's to bad I can't be out there helping them.

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