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We bought a couple of spaghetti squash the last time we were at the Mennonite store. Ate one just like spaghetti, but had this one (already cooked) in the frig so we had ourselves a mighty tasty "spaghetti squash omelet" :-) Put the strings in my skillet, diced up some ham and onions and browned it a bit. then added my eggs (4) and when it was all done, topped it off with shredded cheddar cheese. Yummy, and very low carb! You can microwave your squash (be sure to poke holes in it!) so it doesn't take a long time to get it ready.

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We went for a motorcycle ride today for several hours and was very surprised that we didn't get hungry at lunch time, so only ate a granola bar that we had tucked in one of our saddle bags, and then ate supper about 6pm.

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That is something I grew this year and now have plenty for the winter. I have made "potato" pancakes and hash browns as well as served with garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese. I'm going to try cashew chicken over the "noodles" next!

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Speghetti squash is one of our favorites! Last year we hosted a gathering of friends and served up speghetti squash with sides of chicken tenders, seasoned green beans and speghetti sauce, parmesan, garlic & onion powders for them to use as they wished. NONE of them had ever eaten speghetti squash! LOL

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I rarely post in Kitchen threads cuz I rarely use recipes and always just throw together anything that 'needs using'. So....I never have exactly the same thing twice. :shrug:


But last night's hot dish turned out pretty good. Perhaps enough to repeat on purpose.


Leftover spaghetti squash

ring sausage sliced in 'coins'...then quartered.

chopped onion

shreds of greens [mine was kale

home grown carrot 'coins'

small chunks of mozzarella


.................Hmmm..... :scratchhead: ....can't remember anything else


Squirted in some Italian dressing and mixed. Heat in oven til hot.


{yes I know I'm mixing nations here....the sausage seasoning is probably more Polish and then the Italian...but it works....YMMV } :shrug:


A caution from DH....the squash stayed clumped a bit and it retained the heat more than other ingredients...whooooo!



MtRider :) that squash goes with so many things and, as Sass mentioned, is low carb / diabetic-acceptable

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