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Banana Split in a Jar

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Hi Everybody



I know this should go elsewhere, but there seems to be more traffic here. So mods, please let it stay here for a while.



I found the following recipe, Banana Split in a Jar, here on Mrs S. Did anyone try it? Did you like it?






I have several questions about this:



  1. I’m unclear about what is meant by “ 1 pkg. powdered pectin”. Is that a box of Sure-Jell? Something else?
  2. Is it OK to thinly slice the strawberries and bananas? Or must they by crushed and mashed? I just want them to look like what they are.







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I just looked at that thread. Violet gave the OK....the recipe as is. One of the things she always warned was about DENSITY in canning. Density affects how well the heat will penetrate to the middle of whatever is in the jars. If it doesn't penetrate, you aren't assured of bad microbes dying off.



That MIGHT be why everything is mashed.....to assure equal heat penetration. If you notice her comment about the bananas [low acid] being mashed. ......But....I'm no expert like Violet. :shrug:{I miss her contributions to these questions!!!!!!}



As to your question about pectin.....I'm not experienced enough to answer so other canners will have to field that part.




.....I didn't remember this thread and was thinking of dehydrated stuff in a jar. :shrug: Banana chips, Freeze-dried strawberries, dehy pineapple pieces, chocolate chips? ..... I guess that would be 'gorp'....a.k.a "trail mix".



MtRider :pc_coffee:

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