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The Journal Books - Great!

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Well these books aren't free, but they were recommended on another site and downloaded them to kindle and I am really enjoying reading them. So far there are 4 books, the last one just came out this month. They are written by Deborah D. Moore. Book 1 - "The Journal: Cracked Earth", Book 2 - "The Journal: Ash Fall", Book 3 "The Journal: Crimson Skies", and Book 4 - "The Journal: Raging Tide". I have read the first two and am reading the third one now. Very good read, some good information on storage, canning, etc. You can read about the author on amazon. She has lived this life so she can write about it very well. Anyway if you have read them, would love to know what you think of them, if now give them a try. Good books.


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Hey Jeepers I think I can loan you this book to read thru Amazon, just need your e-mail address. Not sure how that works but if you want to send it to me, I'll try it and see if I can get it to you. I could at least loan you the first one and you could see if you like it. Do you know how "loan" works??

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THANK YOU! :hug3:


I broke down and bought it! I'm so used to getting free books that I forget about how much I've saved so it's okay to treat myself once in a while. I'm not sure how to do the loan/download thing either. I've never done it. We can download (borrow) a lot of books from our library for free to our Kindle but I still haven't figured out how to do it. I load them, they say they are there but I can't find them. I suppose I'll have to go ask the librarian for help. :rolleyes:

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Ack! I parked this book in a folder on the Kindle and forgot all about it. I started reading it yesterday and I really like it! It's not a shoot-em-up type book like so many macho guys write who like to think they are Navy Seals. You know, more bullets than beans and all technical and they never get hurt or get tired. I'm not opposed to some of that but I'm liking reading about a woman prepper side for a change. So far there has been one shooting but it was deserved! I have a feeling it's about to heat up though. I care about the characters and I want to know what's up with Amanda and I'd like to know about Allexa's last man.


It is just the kind of book I've been wanting to read for a long time. One about what all she was doing to prepare for winter before disaster hit...oh my, there was a disaster or two, what she did when she found out about the disaster and what she is doing now that winter is here, to survive. She lives in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and in a very small town so rioting hasn't been an issue...yet. :shrug:


I have to admit that I'm only half way through the book but so far it's a keeper and I'm glad I bought it. Thanks Katz!

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I'm glad you all are liking her book. I bought everyone of them and have read them all, I couldn't stand it!! LOL!! They are all good. I downloaded them to computer on Kindle from Amazon. I think I can share them somehow, but I don't know how. If someone wants to read one and knows how to share from Amazon, I'll try!!

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