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Making a mountain out of a mole hill?


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When do you know?

My neighbor is/was borderline diabetic. All last week he was bringing in 2 cases of beer a day. No I am not noisy but my dog is!! She lets me know overtime he comes outside leaves or comes back or has visitors,etc.!

Sunday according to his aunt,he was at her house. Monday thru now his car has not moved. I heard a single gunshot from that direction on Tuesday evening.

It has been warmer ,it has been in the 90's and I have not heard his loud AC come on.


What would you do?

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I discussed it with the town police,he called county,and they wanted him to handle it..really we have o county protection if you want to call it that.

Anyway they finally found someone that knew him..but h it was after 10 am before he answered said he as in the house. I am glad to know he is not a corpse.

However I have never known him to stay at home for 4 days.....

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Talk about timing. Today a girl on another website was talking very strangely. Very long story short, one of us called 911 and it turned out she was having an insulin problem. She is in a wheel chair so we thought it was prudent to act. I guess it can make you see and hear things that aren't there. I think she has other 'issues' too but no matter, she was in distress. Thank goodness it turned out good for her too.

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Son has diabetes and PTSD ... and is severely obese. When they told him to "deat several meals a day" he asumes that it's MEALS rather than a small snack-type meal. Anyway...back on subject. He's on some really hard drugs because of the PTSD and an inoperable back injury...so we never know when his number might come up. When we're over at the homestead house, we step inside and listen. Because of his weight, we can hear him walking across the floor IF he's up. He prowles the net all night and sleeps until noon, getting up only long enough to let his dogs out to go do their biz. So...like you said "what do you do"? For us...we'd just bang on his steps going up and wait. His dogs would raise the devil so he has to get up and come to his door. If not? Probably call his cell...still no answer? MrWE2 would probably go up and force open the door.

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Jeepers as you say acting strangely...when the sugar gets out of control your mind goes... you can black out, it is not safe to drive, yes see things that are not there, it is extremely dangerous. My neighbor needs to be in the hospital.

The liquor part, I do not know how that effected him but it could not have been good. Just because he was able to answer the phone does not mean he should be left alone or not have medical care.

I do know if he keeps food on hand ..he still has not moved his car.

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Maybe his not driving is a good thing. Hopefully he is just going through spot in his life and will work through it.


This girl was able to post and respond on line but what she was saying sounded very paranoid. It was sort of nice what a community of strangers from all over the world can do online. Someone had her address from a donation she had given. One girl from NYC called the police for a wellness check in MA while the rest of us kept her engaged. It was a beautiful thing. Shows how much we really do need each other.

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