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Countryside and Small Stock Journal, Volume 62/05 (1978/May)

Countryside and Small Stock Journal, Volume 58/10 (1974/Nov-Dec)


Will buy-and-return as it will be digitized. (Not allowed to publicly post 'LOC guild rates', but better than cover price, by quite a bit.)(LOC: Library of Congress).


Will buy your digitized as long as 300dpi overall, pages may be 4bit greyscale, but cover must be 4bit color at same 300dpi rate.


Will barter already digitized for buy-and-return. Will barter digitized for digitized. Will barter hard for hard, if we have spares desired.


Might be interested in 1969-1973 if reasonable. This would allow a complete block back to when the two magazines combined.


Know somebody who has these? Please ask them to get in contact at librum.us's guestbook.



(with crossed fingers)

(I will post when the project is completed)

(Project will run to only 2005, I-ILL standards. Sorry.)

(We may not sell I-ILL to end users, only another brick/mortar library, so please do not ask...)

(But, I will be happy to give the contact information in private if you want to have your library order, or you want to 'gift').

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