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Squirrel anyone?

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Anyone here eat squirrel? I've eaten a lot of different things but not squirrel. We are getting over run with the bushy tailed varmints and hubby is ready to start taking them out since the hawks and owls don't seem to be making a dent in the population. He says he hates to waste the meat though, but he's not said he's willing to eat them. (He's pretty finicky.)

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Mother canned them like you would any other meat. Use them like chicken with dumplings. If you think they taste wild soaking them in vinegar water will help. Fried squirrel is good too again basically like chicken. It is all dark meat.

I mentioned what Mother did only because I haven't hunted for 40 plus years. She really loved squirrel to eat.

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punching squirrel into the database gives:



Recipes, squirrel, 01:269
Squirrel cooking, 01:269
Squirrels, dealing with (in the garden), 04:191
Wild animal foots, squirrel, 01:269

xx:yyy is Foxfire volume / page.


POULTRY AND GAME: Squirrels. 89
SOUPS. Squirrel. 30


freebie copies of both works via the link below.



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Update on the squirrel situation...

Hubby has declared war on the bushy tailed critters now that he had a run in with one last week. I wish I had been home to see the confrontation myself because he had me in tears ( laughing so much) when he called me to tell me about it. That didn't help matters any either cause he was miffed. :24:


We have a bird feeder that is attached to a post of a fake well in our front yard. Looks like this - post-13105-0-67066900-1442945609_thumb.jpg


As he went to put seeds in, he noticed one side was loose, but didn't think anything of it as he started taking it down. Squirrel was inside and popped up at him. He threw the feeder, but squirrel jumped at him. Claims it head butted him then took off. He ran in to get the old BB gun and ended up some how bending the firing pin as he was trying to load it. Of course, by now the squirrel is long gone. He was still spitting nails when he called me so I didn't help matters laughing at him.


Anyway, we purchased a new air rifle. Once he gets the feel for it and the ammo, he'll be taking out some frustrations on the squirrels.

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Oh my gosh, that is so funny. :24:

I'm sure it wasn't to him at the time though.


I have a squirrel tattoo on the top of my toilet seat in the downstairs bathroom. The bathroom is to the immediate left when you walk in my front door. It has gotten some surprised looks.

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On a serious note, an Amish teen was out plowing his field and was shot in the head last week. It was from a .22 and they think it came from a squirrel hunter up to A MILE away. He is going to be okay. I know we are talking about air rifles here but just be aware of what is within your bullet range when hunting. Just a thought that popped into my head because of the recent event. I'm not 'targeting' anyone here!

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Yeah, .22 is small but long range. A similar incident happened near here a while back. Results more tragic. :(



But small game is good survival food. .22 is economical. Air gun good if it has enough power. I tried one against 'pasture varmints' and they laughed as the BB bounced off them. :bounce:


MtRider :rolleyes:

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There is a squirrel popping up behind some gourds on Googles homepage today. Better warn Mr. Daelith before he clicks on! He's already had enough squirrely trauma . Might send him flying over the edge. He's probably a little 'delicate' right now. :happy0203:

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There is a squirrel popping up behind some gourds on Googles homepage today. Better warn Mr. Daelith before he clicks on! He's already had enough squirrely trauma . Might send him flying over the edge. He's probably a little 'delicate' right now. :happy0203:

I saw that too. :lol: He should be okay as long as it doesn't try to head butt him.


We didn't want to risk using the 22 in our area. Other houses too close even with several acres in between. That was why we decided on an air rifle. I was just floored at how expensive they can get. I told Mr. D that I just could not bring myself to spend over $100 on a air rifle.

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I could just see him in the ER with a big bandage around his head.



ER. Dr. "Oh my Mr. Daelith what happened? NURSE, get a bed STAT."


Mr. Daelith, "Woe is me...it's my head doc. Help me. Please."


ER. Dr. "Yes sir, right away. Nurse get the MRI machine ready. We might be looking at brain damage here."


Mr. Daelith, "Please hurry! I'm sinking fast!"


ER. Dr. "Can you tell me what happened to the best of your ability?"


Mr. Daelith, "Yes, it was...it was... a head butt."


ER. Dr. "Oh No, a drunken bar fight? I’d like to see the other guy, hee-hee!"


Mr. Daelith, "No, but I don't want to talk about it. It was just too horrible."


ER. Dr. "Please try to calm yourself. Crying will just make it worse. Nurse...bring a morphine shot."


Mr. Daelith, "Finally sweet relief!"


ER. Dr. Sir, we removed the bandage and can't find a thing. What did you head butt?


Mr. Daelith, "It was the biggest meanest most ferocious squirrel I have ever seen.


ER. Dr. NURSE, make sure that needle is the biggest one you can find! Stand up Daelith and bend over!"

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they tend to be tough critters, so you can parboil them before frying, or just fricassee them. Stew is also good for squirrels - brunswick stew is traditionally done with squirrel or rabbit depending on what is more plentiful in the area.....i personally find that a crock pot and bbq sauce works very nicely

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Air rifles with at least a 1200 range is the only thing we have...because it's a good vermin killer. They're also really neat to take to the firing range for target practice, not nearly so noisy :-)

Yep, that is what we have. Still trying to get the feel for it to be accurate.

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