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Happy Birthday Sassenach


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LOL< thankyou! got my pork- refried beans- green chili-cheesy burritos made and listening to classic rock and such on the pandora radio site.. life is good...... all my order's stuff is pretty much put up and can sit and try and cool off with the fan, its humid and hot again..... and can eat some lunch.

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thank you! I got four good things that happened today....

1. My amazon order including canned foods and my folding saw ( camp style but very heavy duty blade system and good handle with rubberized grip and orange for easy finds when you set it down...... locks in place either folded or open. )

2. Adult coloring book, ended up it was a nature scenes one not the one on horses .

3. Talked to son on phone who called to wish me happy birthday, they had sent some nice photos of them and Flynn my grandson done by their nice photographer lady at the beach.

( I don't know if they sent anything else did not check mail the last few days and need to do so)

4. Got a solid invite and welcome by Marcy ( yes she is a member here, but we are real life friends too from our northern California days and she and her hubby, a good man and veteran who own a small homestead property with home and barn and such things would be very glad to have me. Hmmm, all the basics , and basically I can help with improvements and handle the rabbit breeding and chickens and gardening and such. He is a veteran and they understand the VA stuff very well and so we can figure out appointments and such things I really struggle with here. ) So.... I will be starting to send out book boxes via the mail once a month over winter and probably some extraneous small stuff that is still helpful for homesteading that is safe to mail and go ahead and clutter clear. Probably pay dump fees and a 12 pack once in a while and just clear out stuff here over winter time when the weather is good and G has time , and re=-home extraneous books and oddball stuff here and there over time... Hmmm, seems like a plan.....


Other homesteading friends of theirs in her area are planning on working together and barter and such... so I will be busy trying to learn rabbit handling and such. We all love rabbit meat and good chicken, lol.. oh, and goats milk from some small breed goats we can set up for..... and just chores and stuff together to fix the place up , its like a blank pallet when you google earth it. I was like, oh wow, serious potential , so barring financial collapse and asteroids and emps, this the PLAN


And I can probably manage renting a minivan out of Albany which is way cheaper than Plattsburgh for rental prices at car rental agencies and just drive out there in the spring once the snow is melted off! It would be enough for camp gear, personal items and bedding and take apart bookshelves and clothing and kitchen stuff including canner and sewing machine stuff and knitting stuff and tools and dad's paintings.... and a couple lamps, lol and all my camp oil lamps, and clothing that would be useful. Linens and first aid stuff and a box of toiletries. Medium fold up dog cage for passenger seat could be set up so my cat is comfortable she would learn to be a farm cat, lol and only has two tiny dogs to get to know. Should actually like that.


Big Hurrah! :hapydancsmil::cele::happy0203:


5. Son and I were able to talk about Grandson's legs, and I had not been sure of his reaction when I told him I noticed that the lower legs, equally had a curve that made me wonder, in his pictures, if something might be wrong and he needed medical help ( sooner the better usually if it is the case. ) He told me he was actually improving rapidly and certainly was aware as was the pediatrician so they are watching it at this point and not doing things with him that might make it worse like letting him stand too soon for long and now can reposition him in the wraps and carriers so that does not wrongly affect his lower legs. Other than that all is absolutely wonderful with the little guy who is growing and getting fat on momma's milk.





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They start out so tiny! Please do not repost online in any fashion. Or the Squatch/DS will get you... but I am allowed to share pm or here for friends who want to see, respectfully.


....and one more thing, DS and DIL want a small homestead when they move back to the states and she is done with her service time finally, so they can grow good food and chickens and such for eggs and maybe be able to weather things they too are realizing are something one can no longer ignore. ( I had thought all he really wanted was his harley and sports fit stuff and city pro sports fun, but he does understand this need to do something that is more self sufficient too and wants to grow safer food for his son and them.) He wants to talk chickens and stuff, wow....

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Its amazing how well he is doing with being the primary caretaker while mom is working on the base. He knows stuff I never heard of, lol. He is really studying all this development stuff in detail and handling it well and so is DIL. Evidently it is common for breastfed babies to go through Purple Crying stage and a white spit up stage at this point, well the last few weeks some of it is common..... which can drive parents overboard since you cant get them to stop crying at times and they are not hurt, hungry or wet ..... I had never heard of Purple Crying. You can google it if you like.


But generally he is one happy little fellow and I have heard his laughing and stuff on video they have done. Really cute, loaded with personality. Smart as the dickens. Interested in everything and very social generally. Physically doing fine with his basic development, right on time as the weeks go by. It is fun seeing how DS is really into all this. Even did really well with first shots, GS, that is.

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thank you Ao5 and WE2, lol. Jeepers, yea, hes a cutie for sure. Trying to start to talk at this point. Pre baby talk talk....... yes there actually is a latin name for it and my son told me but I didn't quite catch it. It sure has been nice that they post pictures and videos of him each week and we can see how he is growing up.



Thanks........ been immersing myself in backyard chickens site ( same nickname there, Sassenach.) and McMurrays hatchery on line and looking for goat and rabbit and pig information. In preparation to actually building coops and putting hens in them next year and milk goats and rabbit raising and care too as I will be joining M and her hubby P in NE.

Going to hasta this place here in NY....... and get on with living! Gardening too. I will be very busy out there and that is good. Should be heading out in the Spring after the snow is gone here, should be time to plant out there in the garden and time to get busy with building stuff and setting things up .

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