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Busy days...


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I haven't been posting much, but I am still here several times a day. Life gets so busy.


We got LilDD moved back to college nearly three weeks ago. Our son needed some help last weekend at his house.


Thankfully, BigDD & her DH have had minor, temporary changes in their lives that have left me not needing to babysit unless it's an "emergency".


Next week DH will have surgery to replace his hip. There's still a lot of stuff we're trying to prepare before it. Not only procedure-related appointments and care equipment, but other stuff, too.


It seems like everything happens together. The heart fears we had for me and good results (posted in the private ladies' forum). The washer and dryer seemed to be falling apart, but DH kept them running. This weekend it seemed like we might have to replace the toilet, but he thinks he's got that fixed now.


Now the surgery, and all that the recovery will entail for weeks, maybe months... :(


Throughout it all, we have been blessed to see God's loving care in pretty much everything. I keep trying to focus on that, as there is nothing else I can really *DO*. We are in God's loving hands.


DH's recovery will be hard, I'm afraid, but I'll be with him and the kids will need to just understand. I'm scared; I can't help it. Afraid for his health, afraid for my possible shortcomings that might frustrate him.


Love you, friends... :hug3:

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My first husband had a hip replacement. They had his whole leg etc., in a really neat machine that was already starting to move that new hip joint etc. The pain meds will be a must so don't try to "tough it out", it's not worth it. Your dear one will only suffer and be reluctant to exercise. They'll probably recommend some home therapy...take advantage of it :-) It'll save you time and gas money. I'd also not recommend the "I don't need it, I'll just do the therapy myself" ... it just doesn't work. Not only from my own experience but from several friends that have had replacements etc. One dear friend had a knee replace and decided she knew best. Ended up falling and doing permanent damage and only cure was more surgery. She hobbles terribly now because she won't use a cane and needs corrective surgery :-( Just my own 2 cents worth.

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The BIGGEST thing DH **must** do is the side swinging exercizes. They are done lying down in bed, a simple moving the foot out to the side and back. This will assure pain-free hip movement LATER, but it's a real bear to do after the surgery.


A large piece of cardboard on top of the bottom sheet will make sliding the foot outwards much easier. This is the singularly most crucial thing to do for a pain-free future. You will have to be a harsh task master dearest Cat. Know you are both in my prayers, but most especially yourself.


mega hugs.

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