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fly bait


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Great! I recently found a half banana.....way past it's spoilage. Euwww. I went looking for it cuz of fruit flies suddenly appearing. SOMEthing is drawing them! I forgot the part about the drop of soap and covering the dish. I just set out the vinegar and they congregated but nothing happened. This will work better.


Loved the one using the intake of a hairdryer. Use vinegar to attract them.



MtRider .....knew I was doing something wrong....but eventually they died out when they had nothing else to chew on.

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Thank you, Wormguy!


Mt_Rider, Bananna? We freeze those before storage, just before they 'turn'. For pies, breads, puddings and the like. We are not big on raw.


Hmm... Going to have to experiment a bit. I do not want to put soap in my glass traps, it would be too difficult to clean out. And I wonder if it has to be store bought 3-4% apple cider vinegar. Ours is normally stronger.


Reproduce overnight in the drain?!? So that is where... But I would have thought the wire strainers would block. Going to try a couple of drops of soft lye soap in the drain each night, after the nightly flush.


Thanks again.



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