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A giggle in the stress...


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DH goes in for a right-hip replacement tomorrow. I'm stressed out and, although I know God has us securely in His hands, I still worry. :(:pray:

Last night our married daughter was telling me how it went when she helped out in her son's Kindergarten class last week. And surprised even herself, apparently. :happy0203:

I used to help in school as often as they'd let me. It let me see how my children were being educated, I got to know the Principal, staff, and teachers, and I got to know their classmates. It was a good thing for us. And much later they recommended me for a type of Kindergarten aide when one quit at another school in the district, recommending me *because* of the way I handled myself with others. Especially with the kids - I always had them having fun as they learned. :)

So my daughter wrote this for me last night...


I was gonna tell you... Had one of those "oh crap, I'm turning into my mother" moments last week when I was helping at the school... But it was a really good thing.

In the second group that came back to do their craft with me, there was a little girl named Alene... She couldn't spell her own name or really form any letters... Couldn't cut with scissors... When we started the craft the other kids in her group even told me "Alene can't spell her name... She just doesn't know how to do anything." You could tell she was so discouraged.

So I took extra time to hold her hand while we made the letters and hold her hands when we used the scissors (despite her begging to just DO it FOR her). Every time we finished part of it I was careful to tell her what a great job she did, and every time you could see her perk up just a bit.

When it came time to get the colored paper out (it was an ice cream cone with the colors in a certain order) I asked the kids what came first... BROWN! So naturally I go for the bright pink paper and start handing it out... "Okay here's the brown..." Alene spoke up and said "that's not brown that's PINK!!!!" and of course all the kids were laughing. I told her she was SO SMART I couldn't even fool her. SHE knew her colors! She just beamed.


And what do you know... She cut out the next three things all by herself and did a great job. I made sure to tell her in front of all the kids what a great job she did all on her own, and by the time they left the room, they had all told her "good job" and "you CAN do it". It felt pretty good.






I told her that I read it to her Dad - he said "She IS turning into her Mom!" LOL


And so she said...


"I KNOW!!!!!! Ugh. At least so far it's all the good stuff."

:o:whistling: :shakinghead: :sEm_blush: :24:

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