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So, last week in the news, on AOL, there was an article about women in the military and a new cause they were championing complete with pictures. I clicked on it to see what our women were involved in. Sigh. It was a picture of military women in uniform breastfeeding. It was a group photo very tastefully done with no close ups and nothing lewd.


Now, every time I post a video there are naked women expressing milk, and not with a pump, and they are in my opinion, borderline pornographic. It is NOTHING I viewed!


So my issues are twofold.


1. If that crap pops up after a video I've posted...I'm sorry. I hate it too. It's truly gag worthy.

2. Is there anyway to stop it or have no 'suggested' videos show at the end of a posted video.


I don't mind videos I've actually watched popping up. But that is insane. If it isn't a music video or something to do with prepping or dogs, then the chances are very good I didn't have anything to do with it or recommend it. Glad I don't have children in the house anymore! Heck I'd be mortified if my adult son saw it at the end of a video I sent to him.


On the other hand it could be from a video someone else posted that I reposted. I don't know. Maybe I need to install a child protection devise. :motz_6:

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My pet peeve with those is that you often have to wait through advertizing. Some only force you to wait five seconds to see a link to 'skip ad'. Others, the newer ones, you have to wait at least thirty seconds, with no 'click out'. I do not post videos any more, the concept of forcing me to sponsor their advertizing... No thanks.

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I don't like those either. I always click off after 5 seconds if it's an option. Sometimes I make a game of it to see if I can click off before they show the product they are selling. Kind of like a small victory for me. The ones I'm forced to watch I always mute the volume. I'm sure they check the key strokes and know what a rebel I am... :grinning-smiley-044:

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