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Pork sausage

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We are doing the food program called "Whole 30". Both dh and I are feeling better for it.

Will someone please tell me what flavourings you use for the wonderful pork sausage patties we have eaten in the US. They are not common here, and because we were beef farmers, that is the ground meat we used.

I surprised my self with chili made with ground turkey too!

More ideas for ground pork or chicken would be welcome too.

If you are interested, google the book called "It Starts with Food" and/or also "the Whole 30".

You give up common allergen foods for thirty days and start adding back one at a time if you wish to see how those foods affect your body. Tossing any form of sweetener and sugar I feel has had the most impact for me. My body is changing and I feel so much better.

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Sounds so good......I had been wondering about adding sage. I am bbqing three chickens on the Treger (wood pellets) this morning and need to do something with the ground pork and Turkey. When there are just the two of us to cook for I try to batch cook what I can. One day I will get as efficient as. Mrs. We2 and all of you other ladies with more canning.

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Glad you're finding out what food do and don't work for you, Lovinit. DH often challenged a patient to "just give it up for 2 wks". :lol: Course he knew that they'd KNOW if they really shouldn't be eating it....if they ate it after abstaining for a bit. Several of them told him he was too tricky....lured them into a trap. :happy0203: He'd just smile.


MtRider ...giving up sugar.... :yar: I give you full credit for that one! :thumbs:

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Glad you are feeling better!!!


It's sage! That is what 'flavors' most American sausage. Other things added are red pepper if you like I hot.



One thing I've always heard is the sage can get a bitter taste when it's canned so use at your discretion if canning it.


Anyone know how bitter the sage gets when canned? I'd like to can about 6 pints of Jimmy Dean's for making sausage gravy but I don't want it to get bitter. I love sage in sausage and dressing.

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Canning sausage Chubs or fresh ground sausage-type meat? ...I think Michigansnowponey (?) or one of the others does a complete video on youtube when she canned her Jimmy Dean sausage chubs. I've cooked off chubs of seasoned sausage (sage already in it) and we found no problem. If you're adding your own sage to a freshly ground meat, I'd say be sure to cook it off just like you would any other sausage...perhaps cutting the sage in half. It doesn't make much sage to make a meat bitter...including poultry rubs. I've made the meatless sausage patties (you'll find several posts here) made with oatmeal, and I definitely cut back on the sage the 2nd time around because it was much to "pronounced" for our taste buds...ie....bitter? If you want to omit the sage completely, I'm betting you could sprinkle a little poultry seasoning on the meat when you start cooking it...?

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Yeah, I was thinking about the already 'saged' sausage. I wouldn't add any extra to it. I like sage, so too much wouldn't be an issue as long as it didn't get bitter. I've watched the videos and it's pretty much like canning hamburger. I just didn't want it to go bitter.


Sorry I hijacked your thread Lovinit.

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Yep...Fennel is a must as far as we're concerned when I'm making the meatless sausage or sausage patties from home ground pork. MrWE2 can't handle much heat, so I put a tiny bit of the red pepper flakes in my little coffee grinder and then add it. That whay he doesn't get a mouthful :-(

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