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Free Prepper Webinar (online class)

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Hi Everybody

I hope this shows up. This is my 4th time trying to post this.



I found a free webinar (on line class) called “How To Be A Prepper” on the Survival Mom Blog (http://thesurvivalmom.com/). It aired on September 15, 2015. The owner of the blog is graciously allowing the webinar to stay up for a while. If you use the webinar link below, you are not asked to sign up, register, or give any of your information. It does last for about 1 hour and 45 minutes.



An article about the webinar can be found here: http://thesurvivalmom.com/how-to-be-a-prepper-free-webinar/




Use this webinar link: http://connectpro19068335.adobeconnect.com/p56iw9x6y1z/



Note: The sound dies out at about 4 ½ minutes. Fast forward about 4-5 minutes and the sound comes back.




Hope this helps someone.




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Thanks for the link YYY. I just listened. It is basic stuff but that's fine with me. Anytime I listen to or read about prepping it keeps me motivated and that's a good thing! I really liked how she broke things down in the beginning into manageable parts; pick one of the most imminent issue you face and prepare for that first. A good way to keep from going crazy and giving up. Glad you mentioned about the sound problem or I might have clicked off. She seems down to earth and not using conspiracy theory fear tactics.


She talked about bogus websites and forums and oh...and she even mentioned about bogus people out to scam you of your money on how to train Great Danes! She must watch the SDP! Woo-Hooo. Gotta love her just for that.


I have had her book for a long long time and I think I need to dust it off and read it again. :bouquet:

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