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Salad as a main entree challenge.

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Challenge rules:


Green veggie base, not pasta


Limited sugar in sauces applied or dressings


As much variety of fresh produce you may have on hand. ( What are your favorites and why? This can include nutritional reasons, which heirloom seed name if they are from heirloom seeds, or a description of the vegetable)

Condiments ( many of you have superb condiment cannings I know, I want to learn about what's good together.)


Cheeses and meats and eggs( usually boiled to hard stage for salad) all allowed. Fish also. TVP if that is whats available or you prefer it over animal based proteins for personal reasons, allergies, etc, special diet.


Foraged greens , please list and give a short description and climate they grow in


Your design, you tell whats in it today! Go!

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This all me out of our garden when we made it.


All in bite size pieces






Bell peppers,



Yellow crookneck squash

All fresh uncooked


Tomatoes served on the side


This was not only the entree it was the only dish served and very satisfying.


Dressing was offered but I do not think anyone used it.

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Well this morning, breakfast, (meal one on the Whole 30 ) was leafy greens with scrambled eggs, and an apple, tossed with a homemade mayo. The mayo is just an egg, dry mustard, wee bit of salt, light tasting olive oil (or avocado) 1 1/4 c

and freshly squeezed lemon juice. There is sugar added to the bottled "real lemon" you can buy from the store.


For lunch I had cucumber, green onion,radish, and a chopped up sausage pattie mixed with the same mayo. Just didn't have anything else prepared ahead. The sausage was a ground pork/beef combo I had mixed up with apple and sage as the seasonings.

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Handful of mixed whole basil and parsley leaves (don't mash, and use half as much if they're strong), double handful "black" plum tomatoes, about half as many lumps of fresh mozzarella as tomatoes, one scant handful raw black-eyed peas or pink-eyed purple hulls. Marinate all but green herb leaves in Italian dressing. Toss with leaves and serve. It's a caprese salad with raw cowpeas and parsley, and I love it.


I like to throw chickweed or clover into an ordinary green salad. I use wild onion too.


I use sweet potato leaves for about any spinach recipe. Sweet potato, spinach, chard--something green is available year round.


Cheese and boiled egg make about any salad a meal. Blueberries or pomegranate seeds or sliced tangerines make it special.


I usually skip the dressing. Sometimes I put lemon juice or a bit of sour cream on a plateful.

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Since in some seasons we have an abundance of eggs :duck 1: we've been pickling them. Dill [which I don't care for], sweet [any sweet pickle juice] or my favorite ..beet. That's using the reboiled juice of the sweet beet pickle recipe. So eggs turn pink-purple.


So we've tried adding that to a usual chef's salad...


greens...as available, including lettuce from the big container I grew in; beet greens [baby leaves], spinach; chard; lamb's quarters


other veggies possible: cauliflower; broc; carrot; onion; [most from friend's garden]


canned black olives


chunks of motz or ched cheese


Ham...if available



We liked the tangy sweet of the pickled eggs in salad. And with the bright purple and bright orange-yellow....it's colorful!


MtRider :cook:

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