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Happy Sunday


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Hope everyone had a good day today!

I had lunch with a friend and we went shopping. She can shop me under the table. That girl is a pro. After lunch we checked out a couple of pine trees in an abandoned parking lot that used to be a Chi Chi's and we found some nice pine cones. I put mine in a basket and set them on my hearth in case I need to use them for fire starters. Then we found a bag of cinnamon scented ones at the craft store that were on sale so we decided to split the bag and mix them in with the ones we found. They smell good and the pine cones look nice in the basket. I also have a cute basket of corn cobs that could be used for fire starters too. I really like the 'fat wood' starters but the pine cones and corn cobs will be a good back up and...they are free.

I also bought 2 big balls of crochet thread. I'm planning on crocheting bandages for people with Hansen's disease (Leprosy) this winter. I'd like to do at least 6 by the end of the year. I wouldn't mind having a couple stored away for myself. Not only can you use them for bandages but you could use them to keep a gauze bandage in place.

Off to Wally World for a few things and Wally didn't let me down. I found a little charcoal grill! Woo-Hoo. It even has a cover to trap in some of the smoke. I forgot to buy a new pair of jeans though.

Swung by the shoe store and bought a new pair of Nikes. I live in those things and mine were getting pretty flat on the bottom.

Finally, "somehow" ended up at the Dairy Queen for a pumpkin pie blizzard and then headed home. Walked in the house to the phone ringing and it was son. Had a nice chat and about 5 minutes later D-ex called. Another nice chat. I'm glad to be home and I'm going to nothing the rest of the evening.

If interested the place about the bandage charity is: http://leprosybandages.blogspot.com/p/instructions.html

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Oh my gosh....Jeep, please put this link into .....somewhere for medical or DIY ....



I've never seen..nor even considered that these bandages could be crocheted or knitted. Saw they had knitting machine instructions. OK...kind of a 'duh' moment. This is so simple even I could do this....tho they might be a little crooked. For our own use post-hooey or for this great cause.


MtRider :thumbs:

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Will do. They don't have to be perfect for either personal use or if you are making them for the D.O.V.E. foundation. They even say on their website that a few dropped stitches or crooked edges are fine. I like the fact that they are 100% cotton and can be bleached. For me, I'd wash them in hot bleach water and then hang them in the sun to dry.


They give instructions for knitting, crocheting and knitting machine. Not too loose and not too tight. Just enough give to make them stretchy. I'm going to do mine 4 inches wide by 4 feet long as they recommended. I also plan to do some shorter and narrower ones for finger sizes (to use for holding gauze bandages on or a splint) for myself. I'll use the excess crochet thread after I get the longer ones done. I want to get at least 6 done to send off before I make some for myself. I figure they need them more.

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