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Back in TX. MIL is still in the hospital. They are going to let her eat today. If she does well, she will finally get to come home.


If she comes home, we might make it home by our anniversary.


Rain and temps in the 60's.

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MIL is still in the hospital. I asked the doctor what the exact diagnosis was, he said, “she has a rupture in her bowel” and said it just happens sometimes, and, "Diverticulitis". They are using antibiotics to fight the infection, and no food to irritate the area, to allow it to heal. Yesterday they started her on liquid food. Today, if she does not feel pain, they will give her regular food to see if it healed. If not, then, they may have to do surgery to repair it. At 84 years old, surgery is not the ideal option, due to healing time. Right now, only time will tell.

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MIL is home. She is on a liquid, low fiber diet. She said she is feeling better when I called her as soon as we got home. If she has a relapse, I will go back by myself. With such short notice, we stuffed the ferrets in a cage, the dog in the back seat and hit the road with our luggage in disarray. I am grateful God provided funds to make the trip, one day before we got the call.


We cleaned out her refrigerator and her cupboards of expired (years) foods and replaced some of it with new. I am hoping she will start looking at expiration dates after this emergency.


Sadly, I believe it was the burger we ate on Saturday before I left. My tummy has been horrible too. The trip home last week was very painful and I am still feeling it - not as bad as it was. But, the doctor ignored my concern that it could have been triggered by bad food.




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Hoping all the antibiotics I have been given, work to knock this crud out.


:pray: that MIL begins to feel better. She keeps telling me she does not feel any better and she is getting depressed. I am disturbed with some of the things she is saying about end of life. :sigh:



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Poor Annarchy and MIL!!!!!! :(


Did they take samples to test for something-you-ate?


Praying for you both to kick this thing and get well again. Does MIL have church or friends who are helping out?


MtRider .... Praying for MrAnarchy too....got two of his loved ones sick at same time.....in different states! :runcirclsmiley2:

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Do you think it was the meat ?

So sorry you are going thru this and you MIL too. Did the Dr give her some new medication?


We are not sure what caused it. We both ate three things Saturday and by Sunday we were feeling the effects. By Monday, MIL went to the Dr. and was hospitalized. At that point, it was antibiotics via IV's. Tuesday they did a catscan. MIL goes back to the Dr. on Wednesday. God willing she will be feeling better.


I talked with her yesterday and she said she did not feel any better, however, her attitude seemed to be a little better.


No, Mt_Rider, the Dr. did not test. She told me that at this stage, it probably would not show up, but, after listening to me and looking at my symptoms, she agreed it was probably food related. If the meds do not work, then, they will send me for testing. She also said, "...cook your own food and don't eat out..." LOL, we rarely eat out. MIL never lets me cook, she always wants to try any new restaurant in her area. Hopefully, this incident will change her mind about me cooking. DH does not seem worried at all. He wants MIL to come here, MIL wants him to go there. Go figure.


I am hoping I will be able to function properly soon.... I know, "this too shall pass".

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