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I HATE click-bait headlines!!!


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You know, the kind that says, "This is what happened when..............." or, "The dramatic moment that.............." :gaah:


They're no better than Tabloid Newspaper headlines and they are prevalent on CONSERVATIVE and CHRISTIAN news feeds and FB postings!!! (And e-mail headlines too.) :banghead:


Sometimes I click on the "Related Stories" links that come up just so I don't have to read through the whole the story in order to get the FACTS. (Most of the time the REAL story is in the last few sentences of the story from the original link, and it is nothing like the headline made you think it was.) :tapfoot:


:sorry: /rant

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:gaah: I just went through this bait and switch too.


I'm looking for some powdered honey. I want some with nothing else added. Just honey. I clicked on so many places that said they sold powdered/dehydrated honey only to show they had face powder, or body powder or cough drops with honey. Sigh. I want just honey. Target was the worse offender.

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