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Kim started having stomach problems in August. The lymphoma had come back with a vengeance and soon spread over her body, she did have a large mass on her liver but it was worse elsewhere.

She was taken in by a Mennonite family, the same one that Bethany now lives with, and they cared for her in their home until she passed. Hospice was there also. Bethany stayed with her Mom everyday, and was with Kim when she died with her hand on her arm.Bethany cried herself to sleep that night.

The property will continue on being paid for by the family that legally has Bethany. The goats have gone to a different family. Kim went away very loved.

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She had mentioned she was concerned the lymphoma was coming back in February, but never mentioned it again. When I'd ask her how she felt, she would always say "fine or good", 'tired from all the work she was doing on her homestead' which was understandable. She had so much she was always working on. I loved how cheerful she was when we talked, always looking at the bright side of life, instead of the trials.



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She had briefly mentioned to me concern of the cancer returning. Did you all know that she was miraculously healed from the cancer many, many years ago. She'd lived free of it for a long time past when doctors believed she was dying. This time though.....God said it was time for her to come HOME.


MtRider ....both :amen: and :sad-smiley-012:

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we spoke once in a while, she had her concerns for her daughter should something happen to her.

She will have passed easier knowing daughter is taken care off with good people.

She will be missed.

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I just learned of Kim's passing on another forum. I was always so impressed with her can-do attitude and amazing work ethic. As she had shared some of her fears about Bethany's well-being, there was always the sense that she was in the process of working out a long-term care solution. She always approached everything in a matter-of-fact manner. It was as though nothing was too daunting to take on! I'm so glad that she was able to finish her work on earth and that she can now rest in peace, knowing that her daughter will be looked after.


I'm sure that there is a special place in heaven for her!

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I feel really bad. Wormie told me about CGA today. I've been so scarce here that I haven't been able to catch up & missed this. I was looking forward to meeting her soon. We'd discussed, since she was just a few hours from me & an hour from Hubba's site. :'(

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