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Happy Reformation Day!

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Thought I'd share this today:


As we move along from day to day, week to week, month to month, and Reformation Day to Reformation Day, we should be able to look back at grace-fueled progress that’s been made in the past. We should also see a bit clearer down the path ahead, noticing areas in need of work and targets in need of conquest that we had not yet noticed this time last year.

Tackling the problems of the cosmos by beginning first in our own hearts and lives is and will always be the essential first step that we take toward the creation-wide victory of the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

Our perfect hope in every realm of God’s creation – from the artistic, political, and economic to the legal, technological, and linguistic – centers in the God who has made each of these things for His glory and our benefit. If we pursue biblical Reformation in our lives, then our homes will find hope for the same. If we pursue biblical Reformation in our homes, then our churches will find hope for the same. If we pursue biblical Reformation in our churches, then our culture really and truly will find hope and life and freedom and liberty through the same.

This is our mission, Christians!

This is the Big Picture.

This is the light by which we should guide our use of whatever it is that the Lord has given us in this present moment to advance His Kingdom.

Today we’d like to remind and encourage you in this mission and this perspective.

Happy Reformation Day!



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