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The 7 Christians You Meet on Halloween

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Found this to be an interesting discussion.


Halloween; it’s hard to imagine another holiday which invokes such fervent reactions in Christians. Given its dark reputation, October 31st has earned a special kind of notoriety among believers.
Opinions on the holiday are so widespread and intense that, in recent years, many Christians have found themselves at a spiritual crossroads. Should they dress up and go trick-or-treating like everyone else? Should they search out a more Bible-friendly alternative instead? Should they just ignore Halloween altogether?
The answer to these questions largely depends on the individual themselves. However, for the sake of simplicity (and to poke a little fun at ourselves as well), here are the seven Christians you meet on Halloween:


The 7 Christians You Meet on Halloween
1. The Witch Hunter
For the Witch Hunter, Halloween is a night of spiritual warfare. They see October 31st as a celebration of all things pagan, a time when witchcraft is at its peak. Naturally, they intend to break these demonic forces through the power of prayer and intercession. The Witch Hunter will typically spend Halloween night leading small group or hosting a miracle services at their church.
2. The Trunk-or-Treater
You’re a parent. You want your child to enjoy the pageantry of Halloween, but you don’t want to encourage such a controversial holiday. What’s a responsible adult like you to do? Why, call the Trunk-or-Treater of course! The Trunk-or-Treater celebrates Halloween by giving the night a distinctive, Christian twist.
Rather than collect treats door-to-door, the Trunk-or-Treater brings children to their local Church parking lot where they can go from car-to-car instead.
3. The Hell-House Raiser
Where the Trunk-or-Treater sees a possibility for wholesome, family fun, the Hell-House Raiser sees an opportunity for some gruesome, questionable evangelism. “If people are going to get scared on Halloween,” they reason, “Why not scare them into the arms of Christ?” As their name implies, the Hell-House Raiser tries to accomplish this by raising “hell-houses”.
For the unfamiliar, a hell-house takes guests through various dramatizations of The Pit while actors portray the eternal torment inflicted upon murderers, adulterers, people who talk during movies, etc.
The tour ends with an altar call where spectators are encouraged to reflect on their relationship with Christ.
4. The Reformation Day Redeemer
While the Trunk-or-Treater and Hell-House Raiser both believe Halloween can be used for good, the Reformation Day Redeemer is having none of it.
Why should we cavort with ghosts and ghouls when there is a perfectly Christian holiday we could be celebrating instead? The Reformation Day Redeemer spends every October 31st trying to convince their fellow believers to revive Reformation Day.
5. The Devil Mocker
This Christian doesn’t just celebrate Halloween, they love every bat-infested minute of it. Taking a note from C.S. Lewis, who said, “Above all else, the Devil cannot stand to be mocked”, the Devil Mocker has fun at the enemy’s expense.
The Devil Mocker throws elaborate costume parties, carves pumpkins with their family, and hands out more candy than anyone on the block. For them, Halloween is a reminder that Christ has overcome the darkness. With nothing left to fear, the Devil Mocker fills the evening with good food, good friends, and laughter.
6. The Door Locker
As their name suggests, The Door Locker is a Christian who, on Halloween night, simply locks their door and goes to bed. They know all the spiritual arguments surrounding Halloween.
In fact, the Door Locker is probably good friends with all the other Christians on this list. However, as a Christian, The Door Locker simply doesn’t feel comfortable celebrating a holiday so steeped in darkness.
7. The Closet Harry Potter Fan
The Boy Who Lived has been a point of contention among Christians since he first mounted his broomstick in 1997. Conservatives say J.K. Rowling’s books are inappropriate for Christian readers, believing they glamorize witchcraft and the occult.
On Halloween night however, their long-suppressed feelings cannot be contained, and like nerdy werewolves they transform into completely different beings. The Closet Harry Potter Fan is easily identified by their lightning-bolt scar, house scarf, and use of made-up terms like “Muggle”, “Snitch”, and “Blast-Ended Skrewt”.


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When my children were young, our family was #4: The Reformation Day Redeemer.


Some years we were #2:Trunk-or-Treaters (depending on the Church we were attending). However, our variation of this new variation was actually a "Harvest Party" or some other alternately named event held INtSIDE the church building!


Since I have been an empty-nester, my "tradition" has been to hang a NO CANDY HERE sign on my door and watch a movie, etc. The reason started as a #6: The Door Locker, but it is also very practical..................I simply cannot afford the candy!


How about you? Which "type" are you???

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I'm rather appalled at the change in this holiday since the dress-up fun for CHILDREN it was when I was a kid. There was not nearly the emphasis on the Dark & Ghoulish back then. There were as many princesses, cowboys, and kitty cat costumes in those days as witches and Casper the Friendly Ghost.


Now, it's being overrun by adults and will inevitably become less.....child-like.


Thar be dragons that way..... [translation: danger lurks if you play too much with darkness]



Since I live in the boonies with no children living in the neighborhood....and have one of the longest, steepest driveways....we've never had Treat-Seekers. So it's a non-issue for me. But this adult involvement is just creepy for me.


Adults used to have "the masquerade balls" ....but not associated with Halloween. :shrug: That's not the part that gives me the creeps. It's knowing that satanists really do exist. Dark powers really do exist.


So do they lure children in with a "house made of candy" ....Hansel and Gretel? Yes.....and not just on this particular day.


Someone I know well deals with some of this professionally. He knows way more than he'd like to know about how satanic rituals damage/victimize children. He's told DH and I just a bit, not wanting to even speak of it much.



As far as I'm concerned, THIS is a day that the LORD has made. We shall be glad and rejoice in it. Under Christ's protection, we indeed rejoice in any day.....giving over NONE of them to the enemy.


But.....THIS is also a day when the enemy has gained some 'ground'. ....We've read that last chapter: he loses. But the battle still rages in our time.



MtRider :pray:

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When I was a kid a bunch of us would dress up in what ever we had around the house and go out trick-or-treating. Now that was scary! Kind of a misnomer though because there were never any tricks involved. Girls gone wild hopped up on sugar and giggles.

Pretty much the same thing for my son except I took him around and made sure he said thank you.

As an adult with an adult son...many years later, I enjoyed the little kids in costume coming around. One year a group of tweens came and when I opened the door they were dressed like KISS and we all sang a hardy rendition of, "I wanna rock all night..." It was fun too. And loud.

The last time I gave out candy, a group of teens without costumes came knocking smoking cigarettes. I was done. Now between 6:00-8:00 I turn the lights off and hide in the bedroom reading or watching TV. And save a lot on candy.

And then there was the whole razor blades and needles in candy and apple issues. Sigh.

All of this evolved around the secular side of me because I was never taught about the evil side of Halloween and the true meaning. To me it has always been a fun night out for the kids. We never did the scary stuff...probably because we: A) didn't really know about it and 2) couldn't have afforded it.

Now, a Christmas tree in church got my hackles up.

Edited: because a capital B with a parenthesis behind it makes a smilie! B) <--------see!

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