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Amazing how your mood can change in a heartbeat.

I just heard that one of 'our' Danes died last night. Little Vivien was a white Dane and as with most other white Danes, she was deaf. Being deaf meant she wouldn’t be a service dog but would be a fabulous pet to someone Carlene knew and trusted.

But accidents do happen. Vivien got into her new mom’s skin medication and, unfortunately, her liver couldn’t handle it. It is a terrible blow to all of us but especially to Vivvy’s family. They are ‘friends’ with so many of us who watch the puppies from birth to service and beyond and are volunteers at the Service Dog Project. As bad as I feel, I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible they must be feeling. They are good people and one slip in judgement has cost them so dearly. They thought the medication was out of Vivien’s reach. But Dane’s are smart…and tall. They discovered Vivvy had eaten some of Vit. D cream and was rushed to the vet. They tried to save her but 2 days later she died from liver failure.

Vivien was only 7.5 months old and was having such a great life in her new furever home with people who really really loved her. Many tears are being shed for that little rascal and she will be missed by so many. :sad-smiley-012:

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You put poisons and cleaning agents away and dog proof your house and then they get into something as simple as a cream. It's something I've done many times myself. It doesn't make it hurt any less but it really shows just how easy it is to not think of the little things or to set something down 'for just a minute'.


I wish I wasn't so tender hearted when it comes to animals. We've lost 3 this year. Two to parvo and one to accidental poisoning. Losing one doesn't get any easier. If they weren't so darn cute...


Some woman on the dog site is a real whizz when it comes to Photo Shop and made this picture. I swear the pictures look just like the three.




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I'm so sorry, I know how hard it is to lose a family member and that's what they become. Even though she was young baby, I know you loved her. Just know how happy she was her short life and how loved she was. The only bad thing about our little fur babies is that they don't stay with us forever. Sorry for you loss.

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How sad. I hope her parents are consoled in knowing that she knew she was loved. AS I tell my cat with the water on the brain (vet has been telling me she has lived far beyond what was expected) 'know that you are dearly loved and cherished for as much time as God give's us, and that is all anyone can ask..."

Condolences on the loss.

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Oh goodness, how tragic. My sincere condolences to you and her family.

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Thank you all! I chatted with the 'mom' yesterday and she is doing better. She feels so guilty. Honestly, I would too. But, that's why they call it an accident and they happen. As bad as it hurts, thank God it wasn't a child and a huge lesson was learned.

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