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They are trying to find a rehab facility that is in her insurance network and equipped to handle her special needs. Apparently she requires more care than most want to supply. I thought that's what all nursing homes/rehab did. Her future prognosis is not very good. Her periods of "reality" are getting to be less and less. Her hubby says she seldom makes sense and is heavily sedated to prevent seizures.

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Sis is out of the hospital finally. They could not find the proper rehab/nursing home for her condition so they apparently just "dumped" her somewhere that is not equipped for the type therapy she needs. The hospital did not set up her treatment plan etc. They have no facilities for what she needs, so after the 30 days the insurance covers is over she will go home. What a system. Her future is not looking too good right now but at least she is still alive so there is some hope.

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My sister is supposed to be released tomorrow to go home. Unfortunately she has fallen while in rehab/nursing home three times requiring 30 stitches and 2 trips to the ER. Her hubby is trying to get her setup with hospice to help care for her at home. He has to work and only has his mother to help him with her care. It is too much for just 2 people. My brother lives in town but refuses to help any. I wish I lived close, but even if I did I could only be partial help since DH and I have alot of health/mobility issues of our own. She still needs all the prayers she can get. Her situation is heartbreaking. At this point it is doubtful she will be around much longer. My poor BIL is under sooo much stress. The poor guy is basically working full time and then spending evenings and weekends fully on her. He is such a good guy.

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She is finally home! She is using a walker but she is able to answer questions. She is not initiating talking though. She has(essentially) been in the hospital since before Thanksgiving. The news is not all good. They expect her to live less than a year so they have approved her for hospice care. The fact she has made it this far is a miracle though. Thanks to those of you who have prayed for her!

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I am glad to hear it. I am sorry she has gone through all this, and her life expectancy. But having her home is very good. I hope you all can find things to help her at home that make her feel good. Even reading to her periodically from a good book might help .

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Wow....does sound like a miracle she came home at all.....and walking? Love the time she has left....and you never know how long God will let her stay. My aunt outlived her diagnosis by 4 yrs. God knows.


MtRider :pray: ....for continued stable times and good help from Hospice!

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Today is her final birthday..she is in the hospice facility and they have quit monitoring/testing and feeding her. I am so sad right now, but at least she will soon be at peace. She sure spent the last six months fighting hard.

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