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:( So sad, Momo. Yes, she sure did struggle. Apparently her struggle is nearly over but y'all will have the missing her to deal with. Is she still aware/conscious?


MtRider ....takes Momo's had to just sit. :pray:

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My baby sister lost her battle early this morning. I am just heartbroken and nearly everyone in my family is a worthless........ Thank God she had her hubby to help her through this.

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I am so sorry. Praying for comfort.

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Thanks for your kind words. Her hubby had her cremated and is not having any services. He is just too wrung out to deal with any more. He didn't even have an obit for the paper.

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I'm sure he is feeling so lost now.


When my D-ex's uncle lost his son to heroin, they did the same thing. They were so distraught they didn't even want to hear condolences from anyone...including family. A real tough time. :sad-smiley-012:

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