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My problem is that when I am on this site, sometimes I can post and sometimes I get "this page can't be displayed". Sometimes I can't even read without getting that message. So it is a little discouraging at times. Every once in a while all is good!


So Merry Christmas Everyone!!! I miss you and think of you often and will just keep trying to be here!!!


In other news, we are planning to move back to FL in Spring or early Summer! Can hardly wait to see family and friends again! We've been gone about 13 years.


I hope to be back on here soon. We are not getting any of the Southern storms, just some rain. For those in the path, stay safe!

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Hi Mt. Rider! I've had the same problem through 2 laptops but I'm still not sure what the problem is. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas Day and that we all have an exceptional New Year!!! I'm just glad I can still post today!

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