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Cooling off here for a few days, they are saying 36, so I covered the garden plants I want to save. The tomatoe plants are about 4’ squared and loaded with green tomatoes, and the jalapeños are also loaded with small jalapeños not ready to pick. 


Made white bean soup with the ham bone from Thanksgiving and a batch of Mexican cornbread. Was able to package some bean soup for MIL. Something a little different than pinto bean soup. Hope she likes it. Froze enough for 3 more meals. 


Friday we had company, barbecued 40 shish kabobs, cooked the extra meat & mushrooms in a cast iron pan on the coals, to make stroganoff later this week. It rained off & on most of the morning and between the dogs & company coming in and out, the house really needed to be cleaned, which we did yesterday. DH & I switched back to our normal jobs. 


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I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

Test results are in.  No COVID!

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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It was in the 60's here yesterday with thunder, lightning, rain and wind. But today it is barely 30. Crazy for December. I know "it's" coming though. 


I have a couple of quick errands to run and then do some cleaning. Elmo's potty training book is going to be first on my list. Ollies had it for a couple of dollars Friday. Hope they still have some left because "someone" needs to step up his game and he loves Elmo. 

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Frosty ice, this morning even though the thermometer says 39*, but it’s on the house. The sheets I used to cover the plants are frosted too.  


Laundry, end of the month book keeping, and if I get time, monthly supply run.  My list has expanded slightly, DH got a smoking deal “Cyber Monday” and it arrived Thursday.  My Christmas present,  a KitchenAid, with the veggie slicer, meat grinder & sausage stuffer attachments, all for under $200.  I’ve never had one before.  Made pizza for his dinner, using the dough hook. Yesterday, I chopped some veggies and thought of the clean up necessary, if I had used it. :shakinghead:  

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Nice weather here for several days.


DH woke up with a high BP reading.  His heart rate was high too.  I had him take a nitroglycerin tablet which brought it all down..too low.  I called the 911 rescue squad when he hit 64 over 42. Usually the EMS are out quick with an ekg to check him out.  Today it too half an hour and they sent the fire men who only had a blood pressure cuff. Anyway he stabilized on his own so no ER visit today. Thank God!


After that excitement we kind of lolled around today just in case his numbers went crazy again.


Gee Annarchy Santa was nice to let you play with your Christmas present early.

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One thing about this cold dreary weather when I'm housebound (hubby's still working on current project) is that I get most of my "to do's" done in one day.  He'll probably be done with her housing repairs by Friday, then it's on to our bathroom project.  She's got 5 new roof vents, 1 new water heater roof vent, 1 new bathroom exhaust roof vent, a new bathroom exhaust fan and a new ceiling in her hallway where the leak was (from her faulty bathroom exhaust vent) and she'll be ready to either move back in or sell the house (her son wants her to sell it...she's 93).:cook::dusting::dishes::clothesline::happy0203:

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12 hours ago, Annarchy said:

 My Christmas present,  a KitchenAid, with the veggie slicer, meat grinder & sausage stuffer attachments, all for under $200.  I’ve never had one before.  Made pizza for his dinner, using the dough hook. Yesterday, I chopped some veggies and thought of the clean up necessary, if I had used it. :shakinghead:  


Between my KitchenAid (DH even found a grain grinder years ago for it), and my Cuisinart food processor, I really don't use any other appliances. An old blender is nice during the summer for smoothies, though. Love my KitchenAid.  :hapydancsmil:

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Sorry to hear about hubby's BP issues Momo. I have them too. I can't get a consistent rate either no matter how diligent I take my meds. If I get in the normal range I pass out. Glad you guys avoided the ER. Probably would have come home with the creeping crud that is going around.  :hug3:


Oh my Annarchy, such a wonderful gift! Lucky girl. And that price...Wow. Kitchen Aid is too top quality too. I can only dream. 



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Kindle again
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today was "bill paying day" of course.  normally it is not so bad but this time of year it bums me out.  good news is we did wiggle the budget enough to allow for Christmas baking supplies.  we make certain goodies ONLY at Christmas - mound bars, pecan fingers, ribbon cookies, sugar cookies, zucchini bread, stolen for example.  the garden is still doing great, so we will have some fresh veggies tomorrow I think..probably creamed kale.  I'll get myself some collards (Mary does not like collards - too strong - but I like them just fine.  they are supposed to sweeten after getting frosted, so tomorrow i'll find out.  who knows, maybe mary will decide she likes them after 'sweetening'!  lit up the Christmas decorations in the yard tonight.  fishing santa (santa in a bass boat holding up a big bass) is a hit with the sportsmen in these parts.  

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You said the magic word Kappy. Mound Bars. 


I was just going to post about them the other day. I looked all over for them at Halloween and now at Christmas. No one around has them in the fun size packages. They all had Almond Joy but I like the dark chocolate. It's even hard to find the regular size Mounds. I wonder why? Same company. 

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Thanks. I’m still trying to figure the KitchenAid out.  


We did a fire pit last night.  I set the fire up to make coals for today. Right now it has my Dutch oven with chicken roasting. I wanted to do biscuits in it, but the chicken filled it up. Guess I’ll put them in the oven instead. 


Gunny is keeping an eye on it....




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Finished off all the blue berries that were in the freezer (son brought them to me)...I'll take a couple more jars over to him but the rest are MINE!  I think my time, my ingredients, my jars, lids and rings are worth me keeping a dozen or so!  Wanna see? 


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Did you know that I use mason jars for measuring cups?  I've always got plenty of measuring cups this way! :thumbs:  Measure to the first rim and ya got it!  Half Gallon = 8 cups or 64 oz; Qt = 4 cups or 32 oz;  Pint = 2 cups or 16 oz;  half pint = 1/2 cup or 4 oz; Baby food jar = 2 oz? Check the size you want.  I just mark them with a black permanent marker plus I keep a written list taped inside my cabinet door (where I keep my measuring devices etc.) for easy reference. Just sharing.


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Those blueberries look so yummy!  :yum3:   And I'd never thot about using that for measuring cups.  :thumbs:  


Seems like I've been going in circles for 2 days.  I've gotten plain, ole ordinary stuff done but not noteworthy accomplishments.  Need to ride...hips waking me all nite.  Not sure how to get rid of horses....our first attempt decided against taking them.  Not good timing for him.  So...back to square one. 


DH had my folks all over the village today with appointments and grocery and business.  My mom even went thru the small grocery today.  She's improving. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Went to motor vehicle today, got in & out in record time. Hit WM on the way home, got extra supplies for cinnamon rolls for Christmas presents. DH wouldn’t let me near the KitchenAid while it was mixing. He’s really excited about it. But, the dough is rising. Saved me having to mix & knead it. :cele:

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Went Amish/Mennonite shopping today.  Needed some more half pint jars and the place we usually buy them was sold out :( Hope that doesn't mean he won't be bringing more in.  I still have 3 cases in our homestead pantry but didn't want to use them.  Got plenty of pints so I'll just have to make larger batches of whatever I'd use half's for.  Spent the rest of the afternoon making stops at Aldi's (eggs were 79 cents but a limit of 3) so we got our limit.  May go back tomorrow and see if they have any more.  Pulled the meats we had in the deep freezer that needed re-packaging and vacuum sealed them into smaller packages...cooked brats, beef hot dogs and some batter dipped cod bites that we love.   Also picked up some more yogurt...2.99 a case...we bought 2 cases.  One to bring here and one that went to the homestead frig.  Then we topped off the truck's gas tank.  Didn't buy anything we really "needed" but when we shop Amish/Mennonite you have to buy what they have because it may not be there ever again.  I wanted some of their fries and their yogurt specifically, but made room for the additional bargains.

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Friends are getting together for a Christmas party.  They're having a "white elephant" gift exchange of something you have in your home.  I'm trying to think of something...other than a roll of toilet paper :24:  I'm bring dessert so we bought 2 dozen glazed donuts at WM and put them in the frig.  I slice them in half, spread cream cheese in the middle, put them in my waffle maker and when they're done ... oh my oh my!  Then I'll take some of my jam and they can drizzle it over the top.  The host went nuts...said she'd never heard of it.  Funny how you can come up with good stuff...but I did see someone just doing the donuts.  I figured I'd put a bit of a twist on it.  :cook:

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Today we loaded wood into our shiny (Christmas present to ourselves) truck.  It took about 1/2 cord neatly stacked. (?? 6 feet long, 4 feet deep, 4 8 feet wide??) We don't heap it up, just to the side rail tops.  Tomorrow we go to Alabama to see a friend who works at a wonderful camp ground (we stayed there one winter when we started snow-birding) that is ALWAYS out of firewood.  Its a city run campground and they wont spring to purchase wood, and they rarely have to remove trees so as a result they are usually out of it.  Pretty silly in my opinion, since they charge $5 for 6 pieces of wood for a very tiny campfire.  

Anyhoo, we are taking them some of the wood we cut last summer.  We cant even make a dent in it with our small fire pit and nobody we know heats with wood, so, we will gift the campground so campers will again be able to have a camp fire - the kids love that part of camping.  We traded a pool pass for the wood - so in the summer we can swim there if we are in the area.  Good swap.  I expect they will still charge for the wood, the money-grubbers.  Oh well.  

It will be good to see our friends in Alabama again and go out to dinner with them once the wood is delivered.  

All is packed except my CPAP and the dogs.  We will leave right after M's VA appointment.  (Cue Music...."On the Road Again"....)


Noticed the neighbors camillias are blooming - beautiful - still gotta get me a couple of those!

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Finally gave in and set the horse water tank.  It warmed up above freezing sooooo..... 

Been having a LOW energy day....for a couple days but today is worse.  :scratchhead:  Not sure if any activity level is causing the plunge.  All I did with water tank was go turn on the water and turn off the water....haul hose up the stairs so it drains well.  DH was down below arranging that end.


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Cold and had some sleet this morning, so I stayed put until hubby came in from lunch.  Then we took our vacuum sealed bootie over to the homestead freezer.  I still have a large package of sliced cheese that I need to re-package into smaller bags.  I don't vacuum seal them because they get mashed and then I can't get them to come apart once they've been frozen.  Lots of the local "warming centers" have been open this past week for anyone who has a cold home.  I know there are people of poverty in our city but they live in really shabby homes and ya best just leave 'em alone.  It's good that they can voluntarily go someplace for the night (or day) to stay warm and get a hot meal.  

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It started sprinkling around 3:30 and has been constant since. Nice, we need the rain. 

Dehydrated the leftover bell peppers from the shish kabobs. Hopefully, I’ll get the remaining apples sliced, with the KitchenAid, ,:happy0203: spiced and put them in the dehydrator before the customers come in tomorrow, before my appointments. 

Called regarding the car stalling, turns out there is an unlimited warranty on the part. It’s a vapor sensor above the gas tank. When we filled up, the gas splashes on the sensor and it cuts off. Taking the car to the dealership tomorrow. It’s a 2006, but it’s my travel car, when I go to MIL’s. 


Took a batch of of cinnamon rolls to my neighbor. She called asking if I could help her clean her cast iron pot.  Saying, if I couldn’t, she’d make it a planter or throw it out. I cleaned it and told her it was ready, and she said I could have it... for some cinnamon rolls. Lol.   Wow. It’s a 10 1/4 Lodge pot. Nice trade, just a little elbow grease and some rolls.


Time to get some rest, long day tomorrow. 





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Went to my appointment at the dealership and was grilled about where I got my info.  I answered, “The internet”. :008Laughing:


I had the paper I had written every thing down on, dates, times, names of the people I spoke with, their phone numbers and place of business, and exactly what they said to me. Including, my VIN was on their list..


He said, “Just a minute” as he walked away, back to his booth, then returned with a tablet, stuck it near the front consul, goes back into his booth, printed out something and came back out to ask me if I was leaving the car. Uh....no, I’d wait.  The look on his face was priceless. Then, I said I was by myself, and if I left my car I would need a loaner to get home, 40 miles away. Nope, no loner, gave the last one our earlier. 


They have to replace the whole gas tank, which they don’t have in stock and have to order it.  I asked him to give me a timeframe when it should come in. Next week, they’ll call. 


Got home, and our company came over with their 2 year old shepherd. She’s a sweetheart. She and Gunny played, and played and played... for almost 3 hours!  Grrr on the other hand, after howling in the house, got to come out leashed, to see, and promptly growled and snarled at her. He got to meet/see her and had to go back into the house. 


Today is house cleaning day. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get those apples taken care of. 


It’s in the low 50’s, low cloud cover, probably fog, dew on every thing, in the twilight of dawn, and a hoot owl singing in the distance. 

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The crack in the garage floor opened up after our flood this summer. The mudjacker FINALLY came in November, with a little prompting from DH.  :whistling:  We've been busy moving lots of heavy equipment so that the floor can be epoxied, ground down, and painted. The cold weather is against us so we're probably done for the winter. Thankfully, I was able to reinventory the freezers and organize them for the coming garden season. I don't know how they get so messy. I'm the only one in them.   B)  I find it so much easier to know what I have for my once-a-month menu planning project. I don't cook everything at once, but I have a better rotation of food by planning ahead. Thanks Y2K.   :ashamed0002:


I've been dealing with ear infections the past month and hope the round of antibiotics will kick in. When it warms up a bit, I'll start snow skiing again. It's always fun identifying the animal tracks around here. We know we have bear within several miles as they have been caught on trail cams. I'm hoping not to meet them. :0327: I picked another batch of kale this week. It may be some of the last for this year. The temps are suppose to be around 0 at night. Even kale will only take so much frost. It sure is sweet though.  :hapydancsmil:

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