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I'd bill them but they would just find something wrong with it. I still have to play nice until I get the Jeep title transferred over.


I hear ya on the laptop. I'm hanging on to mine as long as possible. That mouse pad thing on it is worn down to a slick shiny surface in the middle. And some of the keys are getting faded too. 


I was going to start up an auto payment plan for my supplemental insurance. I think I'll wait til I move though. Some state laws differ from each other and I don't want to jeopardize anything. We all know my luck. I'm not playing with my insurance.


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Test results are in.  No COVID!

I wanted to let you all know that DH pasted away early Sunday morning. He passing was quick and he was very much at peace. He knew the Lord and I know he is with him now singing and dancing with his p

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Don’t know, Mt_R. DH said a lot of people mentioned it. The forum he is on has 100,000’s of members. They were saying it was all over the country. I don’t know if ours went out, we weren’t here.  MIL’s internet had glitches. 

:tinfoilhatsmile: Y2K revisited. :coffeescreen:


My Win10 gave me black & blue screens when I tried to turn it on and had to be reset. (Grumble). I lost my Office programs. Luckily, the company we used, allowed me to download it again. This time, I printed out the authorization key. Didn’t do it the first time. Learned my lesson. I was sorta hoping the new computer wouldn’t have the problems older ones had, no such luck. :buttercup:


Yesterday, we did inventory and I got most of my reports prepared and paid bills. Thankfully, DH got his retirement. Today, between doing loads of laundry, I hope to close out last years books, finalize & type the financial reports, and finish filing. 


It’s cold here, 31* on the house, everything outside is sparkling with frost. I’m hoping my plants survive under the sheets. The news said it hasn’t been this cold in 3 years. I know it’s not as cold as the rest of you are experiencing, but for me, anything under 50* and I’m shivering. Our heat pump keeps going into defrost mode, blowing cold air through the house. 


The colder weatheris effecting Grrr.  He fell down a few times yesterday and couldn’t hardly stand up, then, he is having trouble walking. Poor old puppy. 


Time for me to get motivated.....

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Warm/sunny here....52* for a high.  Made stew out of last of roast beef, homegrown [my friend's] carrots, taters, onions....  :cook:


Internet is doing good now.  I was typing a long email to a former neighbor/friend .....just about ready to "SEND" ....and my laptop went black....off.  :blink:  It wouldn't come back on...dropped out battery and put back in....nada.  Prayed....begged for another chance to update everything on the thumb drive.  :amen:  Granted.  It came back on tonite -- and the email was still intact.  :amen:


I HAD been planning to update.  Last update to thumb drive was mid Oct.  So if this was today....it wasn't the same problem you're talking about was it, Annarchy?  I'm just so THANKFUL I didn't lose data back to Oct. 


MtRider  ...I'm so tired I hope to be in bed fairly soon...  fresh air outside today tho  B)


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Got my eBay office and personal office set up for 2019.  Got my driver license updated with correct address today.  Fertilized the rose garden before the rain yesterday.  Trying to move forward on all fronts right now.

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Oh wow Twilight...thanks!  :hug3:


I didn't know about that. I don't think she even knows about it yet. It hasn't been mentioned in any of her daily emails. I've got some Googling to do. :wub:

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I'm running a brothel.


I have broth ready to be washed & labeled. I have broth ready to be de-ringed. I have broth cooling, in the canner, warming on the stove, cooking in the Instant Pot & bones roasting in the oven. Yup. I'm running a brothel.

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Today, since we finally got a DRY day, we went & picked up the little freezer from our friends' porch where it was kept after we loaned it to their kids during a power outage (they ran it via generator).  I scrubbed it out so it looks brand new and we moved it to the carport in the most sheltered spot.  Now we can put any overflow from the house into that freezer again.  Not the biggest freezer (the 15 cu ft one is buried in the shed still) but still a step ahead.  I'm so glad, now we can take advantage of meat sales (Got some spiral sliced ham at 50% off...$1.65 a lb on Jan 2nd, for example. 

We bought three hams.  The first one is already cut up, slices bagged for scalloped potatoes & ham; small schnibbles cut into smaller cubes and loose-frozen for scrambled eggs, fried rice & the like;  any fat trimmed off was frozen to put into baked beans and to flavor greens; and the ham bone (pretty nekkid by the time I got done trimming) is in a bag for ham broth when we get a hankering for split pea soup to eat with fresh rolls.  

We make that ham go far!  Now we have two more and I am happy.  There was also a sale on steaks at another store, so we got few extra packages, along with one of those bulk 10-lb packages of chicken thigh quarters.  I will be happy to skin those & freeze them up tomorrow.

Three cheers for freezers!  As for tonight - one of our favorites - liver & onions (yes, again).

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So, today I finally got out & did a survey of our land. We just bought the house in May. I was sick for more than 2 mos this last fall, & have been so busy, unmotivated & sick that I hadn't planned much of anything. We figured out where we want the garden, where we're running fencing, what plants & beds need to go & where we're putting some of our bushes (berries, grapes, etc). I'm also still working on broth, the jerky is finished & jarred, laundry is going & best of all - we started REVIVAL week at church!!!

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:hi:ArmyOfFive4God, nice to see you back. Sorry to hear you were ill. Sounds like you have your hands full with your new home. 



It rained almost all night Saturday, after we cleaned house. The dogs are learning, they stay in the back room until their feet dry. :thumbs:Everything seem so green around here. A couple of the cherry tomatoes are beginning to turn yellow/red. :happy0203:  I am planning the garden for February planting. Hopefully all the work put into the soil will pay off. 


Sunday, when I went out, there were a few little earthworms drowned on the cement. I’m hoping that is a good sign for the garden. 


We had a little excitement yesterday afternoon. I fed the birds, as usual, and came into the house to cook dinner. When I looked out at the back yard, a Cooper’s hawk was standing on the fence near the area. After it hopped around a little, a sparrow attempted to fly out of the wood pile, to get away. The hawk swooped & swiveled, then landed on the fence. We think it wounded the sparrow, which only made it halfway down the fence line, to the tree, landing in the dying queens wreath. That hawk spent about an half an hour or so, watching, jumping to the ground, into the wreath, to the top of the fence, and back & forth. I didn’t get to see it catch it. A few days ago, I wished I had a slow motion camera, as it swooped in, captured a sparrow in mid flight and kept on going with one in its talons. Yup, not only am I feeding the small birds, it seems it’s providing food for the predators too. :shakinghead:

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Went to Church yesterday morning and surprise! Our pastor resigned. He and his wife are very young and are moving to the other side of the State where he will be an associate pastor. Sometimes it is good to NOT be in the loop, I think. Guess I will wait and see who comes in next. After church, I deadheaded the rose garden, made guacamole for DH and completed a few other tasks for him. My Peanut just had another seizure. She has been having about one a month lately. The doc put our schnauzer on phenobarb for seizures, which worked great until DH decided to take him off because he thought the pup was better (he wasn't). If I can get her on it, I will have no plans to take her off. I hate seizures!
I just googled about seizures again and will try changing the food that I make for them before I try a drug. 


I hope to stay home today doing laundry, eBay drafts and messing around more outside.  Hi of 68 today!  Yay!

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Aww, thank you Twilight, you're a sweetheart. My son's in law gets that magazine and she said would save it back for me.  :bighug2:


I haven't been on much the last week. Weather changes = migraines and neck pains. It is a doozy. It's already going in my jaw. Pfffft. 

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On 1/3/2019 at 7:30 AM, Annarchy said:

hoping the new computer wouldn’t have the problems


Our laptop was only a year old when it gave up the ghost.  We took it to Staples (where we bought it) and they couldn't restore it.  Said we could ship it off to HP and maybe they'd restore it for a few bucks, or they could totally clean it out and put windows 10 back in...without the Microsoft proprietory hardware.  He told us that one of the biggies has been that when Microsoft does their "updates/downloads" they often crash the computers...especially if they're older pc's.  So we just had Staples reinstall "their" way.  Just passing on what they told us.

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Weather pleasant.  Jarred up 8 more pints of potatoes and they'll be washed and made ready in the morning...then I'll have to take care of some more.  May have mentioned it, but we bought 50# of the reds over the weekend.  Boy they jar up so much easier, and not near the starch.  It doesn't take me too long to put up a batch of potatoes...and I've been known to put both canners to work, but not this time around.  Just too long standing on my feet peeling, even though I have a swiss/german? peeler and can peel really quick, it's still a marathon of standing in one place....and that's what gets to my back.  I can walk and take steps, dance you name it....but standing in one place will do me in before too long.  Hubby will be finished with the customer's sheetrock repair tomorrow then it will be back to our bathroom project.

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Had a lovely time celebrating birthdays with my Dad.  We took him his much loved KFC and then back home to celebrate with friends my birthday.  Seventy Two...how did I get there so fast! LOL  But boy did we have a blast at the party that our friends threw for me.  Instead of customary "meals" I requested just a snack table and some cake and ice cream.  Boy did they put on a spread.  Then...we started telling tales on each other, sharing things we pulled on friends at work, and you name it.  Laughed our heads off!  Was so nice.  I really needed it and I think hubby did too.  My son did a nose dive and came at me verbally on FB so he's on the blocked list and I doubt if this rift can be healed other than with Godly intervention greater than what he confessed before.  All because he wanted us to vouch for him at our vet...and we said no because he doesn't pay his bills.  He owes several vets in town so he couldn't take his aging dog to any of them.  Poor dog.  She's never gotten loving care...only a rabies shot because it's required by the city.  He even griped about that being $25 because he'd never had her spayed.  When the poor thing developed a near death uterus infection he somehow got a vet to do the spaying and necessary things to keep her alive ($1500) and "for some reason" couldn't take her back there this time when she developed an absess (?) in her tooth or something.  He then took her to another vet in town, they put her on antibiotics but told him she'd need further care...so he obviously didn't pay that bill because he couldn't take her back there.  She's about 15 years old so I don't know...but he sure dumped on us.  It's pretty bad when you've been hurt so many times by someone that when it happens again you don't even cry...and that's where I am.  So being with our friends and laughing and having a wonderful time was good medicine for me and I know hubby was glad to see me enjoying the party.

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I've been awol again.  DH has pretty much been bed bound the past month. He has blood clots which they can't treat with blood thinners because he bleeds internally from them.  He can just get out of bed to go to the bathroom.  His feet and legs are hugely swollen but at least he is not having any more pain. I am so wore out but I am glad he is still fighting.


It has been too warm but a cold front is coming tomorrow..it will feel like winter.


I'm still hoping 2019 will turn out to be a good year!

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How odd.....the file editor "restored" a post I THOT I made here a few days ago...but it didn't post?  Well, nothing of much significance anyway...


WE2...Sorry to hear your son is still blaming....having a "decency relapse", is he?   Well God has his number and HE is about the only one who can turn around folks who slept thru the class in 'growing up and being responsible'.  Sad tho. 


A suggestion about peeling potatoes:  I use that as an opportunity during cooking to SIT DOWN!  Yes, it's easier if you have the sink and the water right there.  But I wash the skins at the sink, then haul two metal bowls and my knife over to my comfortable chair.  I peel into the bowl in my lap holding the potatoes.  Then drop the peeled into the clean bowl setting within reach.  I wash them all off when all are peeled.  It gives me the much-needed break from standing on my feet.   Don't know if that would work for you.  :shrug:   I have a 3-legged rolling seat that I can use if my legs are giving way.  But leaning from that over the sink isn't that comfortable.  Sometimes that rolling seat does make it even possible for me to finish whatever I'm doing in kitchen tho.


Wondered where you were, Jeepers.  Sorry to hear you were in pain.  :hug3:  


Had severe WIND here yesterday.  Delayed going to feed last nite till it finally slacked off at 8pm.  Still had to chose where to put horse hay so it wouldn't blow away.  Found out this morning that the feed store [...under new ownership and the donkey can't even drive his small flat-bed truck off road ....as in: back over a few yards to the hay shed that many many others have done in the decades we've been here...]  .... he didn't set up his contacts for hay this winter and now they've got a 10 bale limit per customer.  Since it's $60 delivery....they won't be delivering either.  Guess DH will be bringing it home, 3 bales at a time, on top of the car.  Like the old days.  Too bad our friends got old and unable to do hay....that's where we'd been hauling it from these past years.  Sad for them and us.  But they're my parents' age.


That severe WIND did scour the recent snow off the driveway tho.  It EVEN scoured the snow out of the minor trenches the UPS truck burned out by spinning his tires till he got down to gravel a couple weeks ago.  We did let him know we don't expect him to use the driveway if it isn't safe for him.  Honk and we'll come down to barnyard to fetch whatever he's bringing.  He's walked it up the past couple times tho.  He doesn't need to do that...but he's a nice guy.  I've told all the drivers that thru all these years of battling with this driveway.  Anyway....the sun was able to heat up the exposed dirt/grit in those stripes and that will expand the melting.  Got a bad stretch of icy hill right now.  DH and I can get down and up fine.  Experienced.  But those big ole Brown UPS trucks are probably not as maneuverable.  And NO ONE wants to slide backwards with a nasty, roll-over-and-over caliber cliff to one side. 


MtRider  :pc_coffee: 




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Jarred up 8 more pints of red potatoes.  The only "comfy" chair I have MtR is my recliner/chair and I'd have to sit on the edge of the seat to accomplish the task there.  I did that several years ago with peaches and vowed I'd never do it again (the next morning...sciatica!) because I hurt so bad.  I have a kitchen chair but I don't think I'd have the lap space for my big stainless steel bowl.  I don't process potatoes like some do.  I keep my t-pot on the stove with near boiling water, the canner on a burner on low heat, jars hot, and my large cutting board across my sink with a plastic bag in the sink.  I peel, wash, slice and put in a jar, add salt, add boiling water, then lid then ring, then into the canner...and I do them one at a time.

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Got most of the personal laundry done today while jarring up potatoes.  Hubby's done with the outside work project so he'll be back on at the homestead's bathroom.  I'll continue to work up the potatoes.  I still have a couple bags of cranberries that I want to work up and add apples to it.  Then I need to get started jarring up those hams we bought.  We won't talk about the six turkeys in the meet freezer! LOL

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Six turkeys??  :0327:  I thought two turkeys and a ham was extravagant.   :hapydancsmil:   I do have to get them canned up before Spring, though. I use pints and half-pints. I may have to head to the charity shop in the coming months for more inventory. I don't use quarts as much with just the two of us except for ham/bean soup and chili.


My garden and orchard sucks me in for about 6 months and I need to kick the meat out to make freezer space for the summer produce.  :happy0203:

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Headache is much better. I even got some errands done today. I need to get back to packing stuff up again. That crud, I still have, and trips to Indy to get my license really sat me back.


I'm sorry your son is being a poopy head again We2. I was hoping it was all straightened out. But that was his decision to act that way. Some people just can't see eye to eye so its best to just step back and not take abuse. "When people show you who they are...believe them."  :hug3:


I'm also sorry to hear your dear husband is not well Momo. I'm sure its hard for you too, both mentally and physically. Hoping 2019 will be better for all of us.  :pray:    :hug3:    :pray:


I use a bar stool for doing a lot of sink prep work when I'm canning too. And I sit in the recliner when I'm sorting through dried beans and things like that. Anything to take the stress off of my back and legs. New house is smaller with a galley type kitchen so I'll have to be more creative I suppose. 

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