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Thanks Ambergris and Midnightmom. I know you are right. I really need to start doing better! :hug3:

I'm not on Facebook though. Never have been. I looked into Keto but have heard reports that it's bad for the kidneys and I'm having kidney issues. 


I finally went errand running today. I got most of what I went after. A couple of things they were out of or I couldn't reach them on the top shelf. I forgot to get another set of readers and I was right in The Dollar Tree. I also forgot to get one of those tall paper towel holders like We2 has for her canning rings. And I had both of them on my list. Neither Wal-Mart nor my grocery store had the liquid B-12. Might have to get it on line. Ack, I forgot trash bags. They were on the list too. I also forgot to ask pharmacy if they give B-12 shots. Tomorrow is another day. Sigh.


I did stop in Old Time Pottery. I got a big stainless steel soup pot with a glass lid and another smaller one just like it. I don't remember the sizes. 12 quart and 8 quart maybe. They are still downstairs out in the Jeep.


I picked up a galvanized thing to put magazines in for the bathroom at O.T.P. At the Dollar Tree I got a couple of crossword puzzle books and a clipboard. I'm going to tear the pages out and hang them on the clipboard. It will go in with the magazines. 


Dang, I forgot to look in the veggie aisle to see how they were stocked up. And I wanted to check the prices on gas. :huh:

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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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Y'know, I realize it's still 90F out, but it's going to get cold before too long.  Why the crap don't the stores have decent coats out yet?  The only place that had non-frufru coats was one of the western wear stores that had all the FR coats for men - nothing decent for women.


Found a coat online - here's hoping it fits when it gets here!

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Just now, Jeepers said:

I'm not on Facebook though. Never have been. I looked into Keto but have heard reports that it's bad for the kidneys and I'm having kidney issues. 


If you are on YouTube you can find and follow either/or Dr. Berry or Dr. Bosworth


Ken Berry, MD https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIma2WOQs1Mz2AuOt6wRSUw

Here is a list of his vids on keto and the kidneys: https://www.youtube.com/user/KenDBerry/search?query=kidneys


Dr. Boz [Annette Bosworth, MD]  https://www.youtube.com/user/annettebosworthmd
Here is a link to a PDF of facts about the keto diet: https://bozmd.com/download-fat-can-save-your-life-50-keto-facts/
The first 3 vids on this list are related to the kidneys: https://www.youtube.com/user/annettebosworthmd/search?query=kidneys
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Just now, kappydell said:

Midnightmom we don't want to use that allpha dog stuff with Jack.  ... He is so eager to please that the positive reinforcement works wonders (and besides, we find much less trauma to the dog than using the old way).  That was a cool synopsis & article. 



Here are a few vids to help you along specifically w/ the barking issue:






Zak George is a pretty good channel to follow. Most of his vids are short and to the point. You can also search out Kikopup and Dr. Sophia Yen on YouTube for more extensive training vids.


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Another day shot. I have a new updated errand list but I'm sort of housebound today. Something is wrong with my hip. I can barely walk. It hurts so bad. It hurts when I move around in the bed too. I can get to the bathroom and back but that's it. Speaking of which, I can't stay out of the bathroom. I don't dare leave the house even if I could. It started yesterday when I was at Wal-Mart and got progressively worse. I do think it might be trying to ease up a little. I didn't do anything to it like bump it or fall. I wonder if it could be related to the sciatic nerve pain I've been having. Time to consult Dr. Google again. This getting old is getting old. :pout:

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Seems like Monday's are a "high energy" day for me...got most of the laundry done and line dried.  Just brought them inside and hung them on my inside lines and I'll fold them up tomorrow.  Sorted through my closet and found a lot of clothes that needed to be bagged up and stored at the homestead.  Put all my "bling" wear (holiday tops etc.) in bags and hung them in the closet on a hanger with clips.  NOW...won't be long until it's time to put away the summer tanks, knickers etc., and pull out the short sleeves...and have the winter wear handy.  Where has the year gone!? 

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Worked at the homestead most of Sunday afternoon.  Took all foods I have canned her this past month or so over to the extended pantry.  Saturday (because it rained all day) we sorted the extended pantry BIG time and was amazed at how much room we were able to make on our shelves!  So the extended pantry and the kitchen pantry are full and ready for winter. Brought several quarts of soup here. The only things I want to start setting back are more TP, paper towels and boxes of tissue.  I also need to start putting in some paper plates, bowls etc.  in case we ever encounter a boil order again.  Didn't feel good about washing my dishes (even though I used a tad of bleach in the wash water) and rinsing them in water that was considered unsafe to drink! 

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:groooansmileyf:  I can barely move tonite.  My hands ache just typing.  I discovered my waterproof bag with my most important paperwork is NOT where is should be.  :runcirclsmiley2:I know I had taken out a small packet from that bag.  Then today I was going to put it back into the waterproof bag which goes in a metal safe box.   :scratchhead:   Well WHAT did I do with the waterproof bag...cuz it is NOT in the box?  DH's is there.  Mine isn't.  


Thinking it might have slid down into the living room chair I sit in, I upended the thing to check.  Also used the opportunity to vacuum....AND sorted and .....  :sigh:     Discovered a box of food NOT protected from mice.  Should have been sealed up and I'm not even sure WHEN I put that in that awkward-to-reach location.   So we're filling up the trash.  Not much loss...some pasta and 2 soup powder bags and a lot of old Ramen. 


:shakinghead:    .....so Ambergris loses food to Freezer Fail and I lose to MICE.   Don't know why I even put it there! 


AND....have NOT FOUND  the important papers bag I was looking for.   Tonite I'm so sore/achy that I need a hot tub.  Don't have one.  OW! 


MtRider  ....hope tomorrow gives me better results!  :offtobed: 

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:amen:  :balloons:    I FOUND IT!  :balloons:  :amen:


The waterproof bag with the rest of my most important paperwork....  I was talking to my mom on phone before going to bed.  Got an idea ...over by where I keep all the outgoing stuff.  Moved my shorts I use to do chores and   "Oh thank YOU, God!" 


Now everything is back in it's normal place again.

MtRider  ...while it obviously had to be SOMEwhere, I like knowing WHERE!  :happy0203: 

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It's a horrible feeling misplacing important stuff. Important papers, charge cards, ATM card, checkbook etc. BTDT. Glad you finally found them though. It causes so much worry. 


My hip is feeling better today. When it started feeling better, it was almost feeling like it was sprained. When did I get so old and when did I become such a hypochondriac? Probably at the same time. I may get a few quick errands run today but mostly just rest my hip. 



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It’s finally raining here.  It’s a nice gentle rain, PTL. Yes, Mt_Rider, it is the remanent of the hurricane.  Mario is advancing from the outside of the Baja.  Yesterday, the rain skirted around us, giving us only a dust storm.  Glad you found your paperwork. DH asked me to make another paperwork bob. JIC. 


My trip home was uneventful.  Spent yesterday doing laundry. Next month I will go a week early. I will miss the annual fashion show at the CoC, because we will be babysitting Luna, a 3 year old German Shepherd, for 3 weeks.  


Sorry about your freezer, Ambergris.  That has to be disconcerting.  


Nice to to hear you are feeling better Jeepers. Age + pain = normal in my life.  :buttercup:  I wish they did give us an option, Homesteader. 


WE2, your pantries sound wonderful. 


I’ve been planning the winter garden.  Hopefully, it’ll produce enough. Kappydell, your garden endeavors intrigue and motivate me.  







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I FOUND IT .....AGAIN!  :rolleyes:    No, not the paperwork packet.  The dog....the same little mostly white dog I found on the 11th.  Same time.... walking Koa just before dark and there was this little white head down the embankment near what should be a creek.  But isn't now.  Was she looking for water again? 


Dilemma:  I was nearly a half mile from home WITH A BIG DOG.  Koa would not 'play nice' so I had to hustle us back home.  Put Koa in the back of truck under topper...as usual.  Then drove quickly down there again.  Light was failing fast in our valley and I used headlights.  Had to get to her before I couldn't SEE her. 


I think she might be deaf.  I was talking to her while I came up behind her, yet she jumped like crazy when I put my hands on her to pick her up.  The little tubby hadn't gotten any thinner.  I STRUGGLED  to get her up the very steep embankment to road.  Got us in the front cab and drove back to my house.  Put her into the 10x20 dog kennel  [otherwise known as the Circus Tent...tho that is almost completely deconstructed now. ]


Called sheriffs dept and got the dispatch or whoever.  Explained it's the same dog but she couldn't find the records.  Obviously someone claimed her.  Now late morning today, a car was driving slowly by our road, calling out every few yards.  Was this her owners?  Do they know she's deaf...if she is?  If they could give me the phone/address....I'd drive her home.   But instead I'm waiting and waiting for the

deputy to arrive to take her.  It's getting cold and I'll have to bring her into the garage soon.  I filled a milk jug with hot water ...hot water bottle.  Laid down rugs.  She's dumped the water X3 so I gave that up.  She did drink.   


MtRider  .....waiting.  DH will be home soon.  Koa UNhappy up here in house.  Sheeeeesh! 

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So "Tubby" went off with the deputy.  I was severely tired....been tired today.  DH went off to shop groceries and we did laundry.  Not a lot of excitement.  Rest and restore day.

MtRider  :rolleyes:  

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Today was an odd day.  Last sunday, after church (I sing in the choir) the organist and choir director asked me if I'd like to fill in for her when she is gone next month.  I had told her about my background in playing church organ since age of 7 until 20 yr, then playing for a music group a couple years, and my decades of classical piano training.  Sure I said, but Im a little rusty.  She let me play the organ and things came back much faster than expected...and she promptly enlisted me to play for all FOUR services the weekend she was gone.  She was very flattering about my "talent" which was embarassing, but i do have a knack for playing & accompanying singers (I sing too) and I come from a very musical family, so I might have some.   Today I finally WROTE DOWN the ditties that run thru my head and I have no idea if they are any good, or not.  I dont know how to find out.  I think they are good, but i'm biased, of course.  Soooo.....do I confide in her and ask her opinion?  I'm not sure how accurate her assessment would be as she is a teacher and tends to over-encourage people.  

But it would be cool if I could get a few dollars selling them.....I Know we have writers in here, how does one copyright their work?  I presume music is he same.  

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It's copyright to some degree the minute you wrote it down, but that doesn't mean anything in the real world. 

To register a copyright, to actually protect it, you compile everything into an album so you can register it with one $35 fee instead of a $35 fee per song.  Then put the lyrics and music in PDF or MP3 or some other accepted format -- to find out what's acceptable, go to https://www.copyright.gov/   You have to go there anyway to open an account.     Once you have the  everything in front of you and the account opened, click copyright services, then on "register a new claim."   Upload the PDF or MP3 or whatever you've chosen, send $35 by credit or debit, and wait for about six months, last I heard.

Doing it by mail is a lot slower and more expensive.

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steps out of order
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ty.  between mag articles & music its time to start copyrighting things.....


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That sounds really exciting Kappy! I always wished I could play the piano. When I was growing up we couldn't afford lessons let alone a piano. Wasn't even on the radar. They didn't have keyboards back then. 


I got most of my errands run today. I got my lower back X-rayed. It was kind of strange. My Dr. had given me a print out saying to do the X-ray at their affiliate hospital and just walk in. No appoint or anything. Just check in at the desk and wait. It was fast and I liked not having a scheduled appointment time. Didn't have to watch the clock. It was just strange. Different. But I liked it. 


The rest of the story...the girl taking me back was walking so fast I couldn't keep up. I was getting dizzy and told her to stop while I leaned against the wall. Sheesh. About 1 minute later I was fine. We got to the changing room and I felt rushed. I was changing into the gown and she asked me if I was ready. No. I couldn't get the bottom tie on the gown tied in the back. I told her to come in and tie the #$%& thing. Then we were off to the races again to the X-ray room. 


I was on my back and she took the picture. Then I was on my right side and she took a picture. I wonder why she didn't take one with me on my left side? I guess she could see through me enough on one side.


She galloped me back to the room to change. I couldn't get the #$%& gown off. I tried and tried. No one else was around. I would have relied on the kindness of strangers. Even in my blazing white granny panties. I tried to rip it off. I didn't care. it was tougher than I was. I tried to slide it down over my hips but she tied it too tight. I finally managed to get it off over my head. Guess what she did? She tied it in a knot. I thought that's what it felt like but surely not. Oh yes she did. Heifer. 


That hospital is a satellite facility of a major hospital. It has only been there about 2-3 years. Nice building but but you wouldn't know it from the inside. They don't have automatic doors. You have to push or pull so far and then they open. They are heavy. They didn't have the areas marked very well either. I had to ask where radiology was. And the #$%& gowns were old and while clean, they didn't represent a new facility. I'm just nit-picking because of that #$%& gown. I put it in the hamper still knotted. Let them figure out how old Houdini escaped it. 


I finally got to Wal-Mart and finished up getting what I forgot the last time. I did walk down the veggie aisle. It was pretty well stocked however, there were more cans of the small single serving size than I ever remember! Single cans and a lot of the 4 packs of the single cans. It was enough that it made an impression on me. I didn't check the price. I wouldn't have remembered anyway. Forgot to check gas prices. 

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On 9/26/2019 at 6:49 PM, kappydell said:



When I recorded (in my very younger days) the rule was that you copyright your lyrics AND your music...otherwise others can make their "claim to fame".  The company I used was ASCAP.  Not sure if they're even still around.  Like I said...I was a VERY young lady! LOL

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DH took Koa in to vet today.  I was going to go....washed my hair ....and had no more energy.  They had to look at an owie on her paw.  As we thot, it's  hot spot she won't leave alone.  We tell her:  It's MINE!  The first word we taught her as a pup...and she's been good about it.  But she just automatically licks it.  Course now it's sore so she licks it.  She had to wear a muzzle with vet.....good choice.  Defender dogs are also defensive dogs.  But vet says nothing is IN there...just hot spot.  So gave some oil of orange [bitter] to put around it.  She really didn't like it.  ICK...get that off my tongue!!!  Also some stuff to put on the open area in the middle to heal it up.  That might prove interesting the next few days. 


Tomorrow we might take my mom and me to Walmart.  We'll see how Draggin' Anchor is feeling tomorrow.  :buttercup:  


Sorry you had such a time with gown, Jeepers.  Simple things these days, right?  :sigh: 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Aw poor Koa. Bless her fuzzy little butt. :wub: 

Hope it heals fast. They just can't seem to leave those lick sores alone. 


Hope she doesn't have to wear the cone of shame. 


Heads up. Kennel cough is going around big time. 

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