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Test results are in.  No COVID!

Every day, you guys. Every. Single. Day. We’ve had 2 days of clear air in the last four weeks. Today this is what my car looked like while sitting overnight under the carport. It’s on the windowsills

When you think you are prepared.... the unexpected happens.   DH lost 1/2 of a filled molar.  The dentist took him, which was a blessing, however, he called me..  the cost to repair it was a

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i am always astonished at other folks (including relatives) reactions to stored food.  They think they are automatically allowed to have some, like you have to share with the whole class.  

Lately cars have been stopping while I am picking greens out in the garden, and folks asking how much it would cost to buy some.  I tell them we plant enough for us two to get thru the winter only, no extra.  Now we have to keep an eye open for poachers, I fear.  These are the same folks that won;t grow their own, of course.  But relatives....they seem to have a heightened sense of entitlement (of course that is more and more common in these days when public service announcements trumpet that you DESERVE all the freebies you can get your hands on.)

Hmmmpf.  I'd sure like for someone to explain what people do to DESERVE freebies (excluding breathing, of course).  Oh well, I'm doomed to disappointment in that regard, LOL.  Makes me want to be a hermit sometimes.



The big leaves on the top pic are Florida Giant mustard, and they are huuuuge.    Collards beside them, but nowhere as mature yet.  Bottom is broccoli & cabbages, and bok choy is the 4th row back.  So far we are tentatively picking that mustard & some bok choy  but only the large outer stems, so they can regrow all season.  I had forgotten how tasty bok choy is...I have to force myself to keep from eating those juicy stems right in the garden!  Planted some radishes, lettuce & kohlrabi, all should have time to come up before things get cooler.


Today was a rough day otherwise, I forgot about my recent claustrophobia and went for a neck MRI....NOT.  Became instantly nauseous, sweating, and panicky right from the get-go, so I had to call my doc to prescribe a couple valium so I can reschedule.  I was soooooo upset, mostly angry at myself and feeling foolish.  Then on the way home got a flat tire on the truck.  Good thing we have tow & tire change service on the truck, got tire changed & will go have the flat one checked (we could find NO puncture anywhere on it, and it is still rather new).  They are nitrous filled (what a nuisance) so we have to go to dealer to get them worked on.  By that time I was pretty frustrated, so it was nice to help Mary string lights (I am ladder holder & tosser-upper, and call-911 spotter).  Christmas decor is going up!

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Oh my, that Turkey is absolutely drool worthy!  :feedme:


I would be nervous if people stopped to check out my garden and even more so if they commented on it. Unfortunately it is the age of entitlement. People say, "the government can afford it.' Uh, we taxpayers are the government. We pay for your entitlements. Not some phantom government. Where do they think that money comes from.  :gaah:


Sorry you had a rough panicky day. Better to reschedule than to have a full blown panic attack in the machine. :hug3:


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Ok, someone up there is making me hungry.  That turkey looks good.  

And no falling down on ice.  That is not good. Be careful out there.

Had to go help DH cook collards again today.. I think that by the end of year, he won't be doing it any longer. Though we will both miss that money.  But his health is more important.  It really came in handy for all the things we have done to house in past 4 or 5 years. Roof on house 4 years ago, then the furnance, hot water tank, then air conditioner was replaced as well.  Then we had the driveway, walkway and front porch riped out and new put in.  So I guess if his job comes to an end we will then have to start using our retirement savings for some things. We try to cash pay when we get these things done as we don't want any monthly payments. So this has worked great for us. 

DH is feeling a bit better today, but is very tired.  He did take a nap today when we got home. though now he has been feeling a bit down because he can't do anything to help me around house. Told him not to worry about it, we do what we can. House work can wait. It will get done when it gets done.   

So today helped with collard cooking,  We got home a little after 12 and I got the sweet potaoto casserole made for tomorrow night's church dinner.  Got the clothes washed as well and dishes washed.  I have to make another on Wed. for Thanksgiving.  I'm getting by easy this year. I am making the casserole, gravy and collards, which are in freezer. So just a heat up on those. Then off to daughter's house for dinner and a good time with family.


HOPE EVERYONE HAS A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING.   Seems we all have something to be thankful for this year. 


For those that have been needing prayer,  I have been praying for alll of you.  

Mt. Rider, Praying that your MS improves over time.  I have a neighbor with it and she has a lot of issues with it as well. It does make it harder to do things. 


Seems we will be putting up our Christmas tree and getting things ready for Christmas in a short week or two. Time is flying. I'll do what I can and not worry about it.  Everyone comes to my house for Christmas and my house is still a mess. Guess I will be working double time to finish it up before Christmas eve. My hands have been hurting with the arthritis past couple of days. That is not helping anything.. Have been working on the computer.  Getting rid of all those political nut jobs in e-mail. The ones I can unsubscribe from though I never subscribed in first place I hit that and the ones that I couldn't do that went to spam.  Then I unscubribed from all the stores that seem to have my e-mail on auto pilot.. My antivirus came to an end and I got a different one this time.  Seems to be doing much better as the other one was slowing down the computer and causing it to stick everytime it did a scan. 

Got all the paperwork filled out for DH's demotology surgery.  They mailed it to us, so going to take it in to them Friday.  DH sees his family doctor tomorrow for his lab results and check the fluid issues as well as how his sinus infection is doing. 



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Hubby's started hanging sheetrock in the bathroom project! :cele: While he was doing that I jarred up 21 half pints of carrots (I use my Vidalia Wizard chopper) and 15 half pints of celery.  Used mostly Tattler's this time since they'll go into the extended pantry.  Used a few metal lids and I'll keep them here for immediate use.  You can't imagine how much you use carrots, celery, onions and potatoes when you make soup nearly every winter day.  When it comes to onions and potatoes...we eat them nearly every day in our breakfast.  I just use the ones I've jarred up.  Can't keep fresh ones long enough before they start to soften or sprout (I just despise paying high dollars for a small bag of potatoes) and it's sure EZ to dump a half of a pint jar into the skillet, grab some onions that I've used my wizard on at put in the freezer I'm good to go.  Or..a potato salad is pretty quick too.  I usually have been able to buy a 50# bag of potatoes from the Mennonite store for less than 10$.  Made more yogurt yesterday and it was ready in the frig for us this morning.  I really am grateful that I figured out how to make "thermos" yogurt using Gossners (?) shelf stable whole milk, Nido instant powdered whole milk and my own starter.  Not too tart, just really pleasant and creamy. I think the hardest part is getting it out of my thermos because it's so thick.  Greek yogurt...yep! Our girl is still "farty"...hopefully this will pass (figuratively)! She's now only going to get her regular kibbles and her minty at night...poor baby!  She hangs around when I'm canning because she loves her "bits and pieces" that I drop into her bowl as a treat.  I'll have to discipline myself as well! :(

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It's been snowing since midnight last nite.....  We have a foot of snow and IT'S STILL SNOWING....  The setting sun is shining.....AND IT'S STILL SNOWING.   We have a car kinda sideways NEARLY up the steep hill of our driveway......gonna have to take that back down after the snowplow guy arrives early tomorrow...after he clears downhill from it's location.  <_<  The jammed fingers of the L hand  [from falling on Sunday] have turned into ? pulled tendons ?  or something.  Cuz I was sweeping and shoveling and then noticed OWWWWW!  NOW that hurts A LOT more!!!  Wrapped in ACE.  Can barely type.  THANKFUL it's my left hand that's affected.  But DH had to de-bone turkey today.  We're having pizza for Thanksgiving.   


Y'all east of CO....this is a doozy winter storm.  Prepare and be careful!


MtRider  ....ow.....I HATE SNOW.....I HATE ICE MORE!!!  :frozen:  Gonna be SUBZERO tonite.  OW.  

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Kappydell,,  Your garden looks really good.


Mt. Rider, I hope your fingers get better soon.  I have jammed mine before and it does not feel good.  One of the things I did was to rub some ben gay or one of the other arthritis rubs on there and put a cotton glove on at night. I have gloves with no fingers in them as well that I use during the day when I rub the arthritis oitment on.  I use those mainly because I don't want to get into eyes.  I has helped me a lot with my finger and now mine has healed on the finger I jammed.  Might be worth a try.


The We2's,  you guys are really coming along with the bathroom project.  It will be done and ready to go before you know it. I love the tatler lids.  I just bought a few of the small mouth lids a couple of weeks ago.  Waiting for another sell and I am going to get more of the large mouth as well.  though I still use the metal lids as well. 

And for those who might be wondering why they put an 18 month guarantee on the metel lids is because they have less rubber on them and they say you no longer have to heat them. Just wash and put on jars.  


Took DH to doctor today. Did not like the looks of the blood work. His chol. was 66 and it was to low. His kidneys were not doing as well either.  Told doc. he is not drinking much because his stomach swells and he gets out of breath so easy.  Doc. told him though he is holding fluid he still needs to drink water to keep his kidneys going. So he is on another type of fluid pill till the fluid goes down.  I have my work cut out for me trying to get everything back in order on his labs. Not going to be an easy task. But we will get through this also. He is a bit deydrated as well. Must drink that water. 

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And yes please all of you in the path of this winter storm. Please stay safe.  We are warming up just a bit but it won't last long.  Don't want anyone here to get hurt from slipping on ice, etc.  I think most of us have enough problems without adding  a fall to the list. 



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4 hours ago, Littlesister said:

I think most of us have enough problems without adding  a fall to the list. 


Yeah, you got that right!  The jammed fingers were fairly easy to get around....don't try to unscrew any lids...  ow.  But extending it to the tendons going into my hand/wrist....yowww.  DH has had to do a lot today cuz I couldn't.  But it's eased somewhat by tonite.  Not using it thru the nite should help.  Will take a Nuprin b/4 bed but  THANKS, LitttleSister for mentioning BenGay.  Still remember the smell from college sports days.  I don't have that but I just dug up some arnica cream.  I will try that.  :)  Hadn't even thot of it.


:groooansmileyf:  It's not even midnight and we're at 13 DEGREES BELOW ZERO!   I hate subzero ....so DANGEROUS!  It will still be below zero tomorrow early when snowplow guy comes.  Have a feeling it will be me driving our car out of the way at 7:30AM.  DH just cannot stand the cold anymore.  Raynauds in hands ....he's got his super-glove-mitts with chemical heat packs and that helps a lot.  But the  rest of him can't stay warm.  [Maui, here we come...}


Remember...anyone who uses the 'hunter' chemical heat packs.  They are oxygen-activated.  So if you only use them for a short time, zip them up tight in a jar or even ziplock bag.  They will stop processing and will reactivate when you take them out to use them the next time.  No waste on a 4 hours heat pac.  DH discovered that trick.


MtRider  :offtobed: 

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Stay safe in all that, Mt Rider.     I hope your DH is doing better, Little Sister.   


We have a high wind warning until tomorrow morning.   I can hear sticks and other stuff hitting the house.  I'm hoping our power doesn't go out.  Jeepers, are you getting hit with this wind, too?


Anyone do the Black Friday shopping?  There were more ads stuffed in the newspaper today than actual newspaper.   We don't go out shopping for that.   Many of the small businesses (with online stores)  I normally buy stuff from have sales over the weekend, so I do shop those. 


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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7am...alarm rings.  :scratchhead:  Huh?  What?  7:01 phone rings.  Oh,snowplow guy on his way.  Jump into winter coveralls and tall boots.  Gonna be doing some snow-swimming as we get car out.  DH is not one who can get up and function.  Needs 2 hrs of   S L O W L Y   getting into business of the day.  Besides, tho it was his car that was sideways in the driveway, I'm the better driver -- especially in reverse.  He's fine driving traffic...which I can't anymore.  But I'm the specialty driver...having driven allll sorts of big and small rigs.  So S gets the driveway clear behind me.  I try to roll down drivers window so I can see the mirror.  But windows are frosted up AND frozen.  Have I mentioned that it was still MINUS 10 degrees!  So I had to reverse all the way ....long way....down driveway...across the flat part and up a bit so I'd have car out of the way for S.  AND I'm holding the door open [with my sore wrist]  to see where I'm going.  S does an amazing job with that ATV and tiny blade.  Fast too. 


When he was done, I took car up to top....gathered the last bag of trash -- since trash pick-up did not come yesterday.  Also hot water for ducks.  Cleaned off the drift of snow from hood/windshield of my truck....not going to start that old one till it's MUCH warmer.   Ducks in deep straw, lotta feed, and now water in a different container.  Frozen SOLID bucket from last nite...set it outside in sun to melt.  Then went back up in house for breakfast.  DH had pellet stove roaring but....typically, I was way overheated.  :knary:    ...then CHILLED later.


Later afternoon, DH and dog had to travel into town.  I rode down to barnyard so I could start my truck and .....wait....wait...wait for the old thing to warm up.  I was finally able to get up onto the road and drove it around to really make sure it would not stall out on me.....  :o  .....half way up that driveway!  Mission accomplished! 


At the moment, snow/ice/subzero are my LEAST favorite words!!!! 


Hey Little Sister.  The arnica really seems to be helping with pain.  Thanks for the idea ...tho you said BenGay...same idea.


MtRider  ...DH/Dog home with groceries.  Gotta go pull them up with pulley.... 


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20 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Remember...anyone who uses the 'hunter' chemical heat packs.  They are oxygen-activated.  So if you only use them for a short time, zip them up tight in a jar or even ziplock bag.  They will stop processing and will reactivate when you take them out to use them the next time.  No waste on a 4 hours heat pac.  DH discovered that trick


Thanks for the info!

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47 minutes ago, Mt_Rider said:



Be careful not to get it into open wounds etc...just from the info I have researched from past years.  I keep some around here also. Put on a pair of vinyl gloves and rubbed some on hubby's back when he pulled a muscle.  I does work...but expensive.  Also found some Arnica gel at WalGreens and used it when I pulled my thumb etc., lifting an iron skillet the wrong way.

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Might check something I’d like to get Mil for Christmas is discounted for Black Friday. Other than that, we don’t do or go anywhere. Our go anywhere will be going home. Miss the traffic, if I can.


MIL wants me to decorate for Christmas. Then, I will cut the cantaloupe into cubes, peel & dice potatoes & mash ‘em.  Mom got a brisket from Sam’s, pre-made.  I brought Mexican cornbread & long grain & wild rice, and will cook some mushrooms to complete the meal. 

We went to dinner today and brought home, beer battered shrimp, onion rings, TX beans, pineapple coleslaw, and bollio loaf bread. That’ll add additional snacks, if she wants.


Cold here, 47* and overcast this morning, didn’t warm up, instead, it started blowing and raining the rest of the day.  Mom has the house at 76*.  Ack!  Too hot for me, but, I’m ok.  I opened the window in my room & shut the door. Keeps my room around 68-70*. Nice comfy temp for sleeping. It works for me.  Post meno hot flashes don’t let me sleep well in heat.  I’m not saying anything, she’s still coughing congestion from the flu she had 2 weeks ago. Sigh.  Then, I’m upset at the people that came to our house on Saturday.  An off comment about having the crud, from their kids...  I got a major sore throat last night, then, today, a drippy nose, and headache and... irritation.  I stuck my face in a book and ignored everything.  Ugh.  I took extra oil of oregano, trying to feel better and praying Mom doesn’t get it too.  God forbid!


Tired.. cranky... and know I need to buck it up, pretend everything is fine.  :groooansmileyf: 

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Had a really wild windy evening last night...but not as bad as some counties around us.  We got mostly lightening, thunder and rain...and guess who didn't like it!  I covered her up with her bedding while she was on her mattress since it's on the floor on my side of the bed...and that's where I was reading. Daddy's shoes were a no go this time around.  Glad it didn't last too long.  Guess we just go with the flo?  She seems to have pretty much gotten over the "fairy dust" ... but she sure hangs around when I'm cooking.  I seem to have a few "men over board" when I'm cutting cooked meat though...;)

Did get notice that a 2nd cousin of mine died Monday morning from injuries he sustained from a car wreck.  He was hit from the back.  He was 84 and not in the best of health.  They air lifted him to a trauma center but he just didn't make it.  Prayers for his children and grand children.

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Went to the homestead today and hubby hung more sheet rock.  Not much left to do on that.  He'll have to do some plumbing work in the basement before he can hook up the water though...as he plans to get the shower fixture in and working before he can sheet rock that particular wall.  While he worked I put all the celery and carrots I jarred up, away in the pantry as well as making some room in the pantry by double stacking some of the commercially canned stuff (jelly, peanut butter etc.) on those little cardboard "flats".  They make great dividers!  Also cleared up and put away some things that seemed to have accumulated on the top of the stove and kitchen counter...:24:

He went back this afternoon and worked some more and I stayed here and got some things taken care of.  We're going out of town a little ways to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner at the church where his parents were long time members.  No cooking here.  I'll do another Thanksgiving meal later...maybe for Christmas? But who says you can't have Thanksgiving any time you want!?


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33 minutes ago, The WE2's said:

double stacking some of the commercially canned stuff (jelly, peanut butter etc.) on those little cardboard "flats".


Anyone else irritated at the shape of canned goods now?  The cans don't fit on top of each other like they have in the past.  So I guess I need to put some cardboard between cuz they keep sliding off the bottom one.  Grrrrrr!   New and Improved!  Not.


Annarchy, I've had my eye on the Doppler Radar site this week.  Wondered if you were in TX....and kinda rough weather there.  BRRRRR.... 47* in TX.  I'd take that over CO weather tho.  LOL  :pray:  Have a safe trip home...Fri? 


We're having pizza tomorrow.  We've had turkey for 2 wks already.  And again tonite.  Pizza...DH makes deep dish.  I thawed the sausage today.  :yum3: 


Jeepers...you in OH or IN??  Be safe.


MtRider  - we'll rest and recover and watch for those storms that CA is going to send our way..... 

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So sorry to hear about your second cousin We2. Such a hard time of year...:pray:


OOTO, we are really getting blasted from the high winds. It is starting to rain a little bit too. I'm so thankful I don't have that heavy fence anymore. I'd be out there in the morning trying to pick it back up and lift it up on the posts and nail it back on splinters and all. I'm sure I couldn't do it anymore. I struggled by shear determination two years ago.


I was out earlier this evening to pick up meds. Why do I pay for a prescription plan and still have to pay over $100.00 for meds. I know it's for three months but still hurts all at once. I asked if they give vit. B12 shots and she said no. I didn't think they did but didn't hurt to ask. 


I don't do the black Friday stuff either. Except I probably will this year. I might check out a new computer. I need one really bad and they are so expensive any deal I can get I'll take it. 


I'm in Ohio. I didn't really feel like traveling. I'm thinking about going over next week but son will be on call so I'm not sure now. Suppose it will depend on if they want to go Christmas shopping for "you know who". :D 


I went to Subway tonight and got a foot long. I ate half for supper and will have the other half with some soup for Thanksgiving. My kind of cooking.  :grinning-smiley-044:



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On 11/21/2019 at 8:24 PM, Annarchy said:

 DH is gimping from his knees & ankles & every arthritic joint on me is screaming at me.


Have you all ever tried mixing powdered ginger and honey into a paste and taking a spoonful twice a day for arthritis?  Annabelle and I started doing that a few years ago and it is one home remedy that really works for me.  Annabelle was 89 when we started it and within a week, we couldn't slow her down!  It was amazing and so simple and cheap!  DH and I are using it now with the same results so I thought I would share.


In other news, not much going on.  May have company again--different fellow and his dog-- or not.  


I'm making a turkey pot pie today from turkey I had cooked and frozen, green bean casserole and a butternut squash pie from the butternuts that I grew in the garden this year.  Pretty low key and will have some leftovers.  Also, bought another turkey to cook and freeze Monday.  


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Happy THANKFUL  Day, everyone. 


ginger and honey?  I'll tell DH to try that.  The :frozen: of winter always gets him. 


Sunny day with icicles melting.....and actually growing feet in length on the W side of roof.  Gotta go knock them down later.


MtRider ....not doin' nuthin' today...and keeping my wrist quiet and immobile to heal! 

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Had a very interesting Thanksgiving Dinner.  We drove to our destination (a church hubby's parents were members of) and the power was out in the whole town!  So...everybody just took tables nearest windows so we could all see, and enjoyed our meals.  There were about 30 people.  All the food had just been cooked and was placing on the buffet when the power went out, except the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole...but believe me...there was plenty of good food!  The Lemonade was tasty and they had ice, plus water but the coffee wasn't really hot...but good enough for me to enjoy with my dessert!  The power came back on about 2 hours later so the late comers were able to eat with light!  We're calling it our "Off Grid Thanksgiving"! A truly different experience...but really quite fun!  When the power came back on everybody began to clap their hands...:24: The weather was and is rainy, but that didn't dampen anybody's spirit of thankfulness.  Like I said, I think everybody thought it was a fun experience.  We came home, put on our sweats and kicked back to let ourselves digest all that good food...and I didn't have to cook or clean up!  We just finished having some popcorn for a late snack. Tomorrow it's supposed to be raining all day and all night but hubby will be working inside and I'll be here taking care of chores here. 

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