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12 hours ago, The WE2's said:

 For supper...we're still eating from one or the other of the pantry's...tonight we had boneless pork chops, steamed potatoes and green beans.  Dessert was raspberry gelatin  (I make it from the Mennonite's blend and soooo much cheaper than jello) with whipped topping.  I buy the dry whipped topping from the Mennonite's also. 




We used to buy all the bulk supplies from the local Amish store in Indiana. Sure miss the great prices.  :whistling:

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6 hours ago, snapshotmiki said:

So glad we traveled and had the adventures we did before he got sick!  Everyone thought we were crazy, but we were not!


I have been EVER SO GLAD for all the adventures I had while I still could....since the MS ran over me fairly early.  It's good to be able to reminisce.  Having real memories and not just seeing stuff on TV or Internet.  Tho I do search out things on Internet now a lot.  Have friends over Internet....cuz mobility doesn't allow for a lot of IRL anymore. 


MtRider  :grouphug: 

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On 12/19/2019 at 8:26 PM, Mt_Rider said:

Today, DH had appt. with his new primary.  We DO like her!  She talked him into some med changes.  Was a bit horrified with his family history....and his statement:  I've already outlived all the males in my family.    Her goal is that he outlive them by a couple more decades!  I CONCUR!!!  See...I like her!  But he's at risk on cholesterol, diabetes, etc....for heart attack.  She's won him over by simply being honest and informed....then informing him.  We'll see how the med changes work out in the months ahead.  He's quite compliant in things he agrees to.  Has good exercise.  But does not eat a diabetic diet....still holding out for the meds to counteract that habit for sweets.  Hmmmm.....  [me too but no one has ever said I have blood sugar problems.] :rolleyes: 



I'm not sure if you ever said you were on FaceBook or not. If you're not, I STRONGLY suggest you create a profile in order to join the Type 2 Diabetes Rebels group! It is a private group - only members can read the posts and new posts need approval to ensure that nobody adds anything outside of the dietary guidelines the group follows which is strict Keto.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1752321458323821/



NEW MEMBER INFO, first reply

Diabetes 101
Diabetes is nothing more than the failure to properly regulate glucose levels.
Doesn't matter why. The end result of insulin resistance and insulin lack is the same thing
Glucose that is higher than normal.

We Diabetics simply cannot properly control glucose levels.

2. Diet is the largest source of glucose in the blood.
The body can create glucose and it can store glucose, but these amounts pale in comparison to the amount of glucose available from diet.
The example, in the human body there are three gallons of blood. In the bin static in that three gallons, they're is a single teaspoon of sugar/Glucose. 4 grams.
A single 12 oz can of regular Coke, there's 37 grams of sugar. 9 TEASPOONS.
Nothing impacts Glucose level, like what is and isn't on your plate.
This is a fact that no one denies, yet the mainstream ignores.

3. Every complication is directly tied to high glucose and/or insulin, not the disease itself. Complications happen in three major ways, Oxidation, gycation, the polyol pathway.
We can go in depth here but for now we'll just roll with this. Oxidation, gycation, the polyol pathway.
Several studies have shown tremendous reductions in complications risk and incidence with lower glucose.

Short version
You control how fast your vehicle goes with the gas pedal.
We can't regulate how our bodies react to carbs so we let up on the gas. They used to call it front loading. Being proactive. Preventive maintenance.
If you can't control the reaction, you limit the reaction by slowing supply.
We attack the problem on the front end, thereby limiting the end result.
This is step one.

Your next step is testing.
You can't know what you don't test.
Detectives use clues to solve mysteries.
Without enough clues, the case grows cold and goes unsolved.

In diabetes, testing gives you the clues you need to solve the mystery of glucose control.

We suggest
Fasting/Wake up
Pre meal
Post meal, every 30 minutes until glucose tops out. Then one hour from that point.
This is typically one and two hours but it varies for some and top out may be pushed back if the meal had a lot of fiber or fat.
Any time you feel "off"
Additional testing-
Any time you wish.

Now, we apply the rule
This isn't an either/or situation.
It is a both/and situation.
You want to see BOTH a small increase AND to remain below 140 mg/dl.
We define "small increase" as 20 points from pre meal.
As you progress, you will see the results of your efforts right there on your meter.

The more tests you do
The more info you'll have
The easier it will be to pinpoint the actions you need to do.

Don't be afraid
Don't be confused
Your party isn't over
Your best days aren't done.

The methods here work because they fit with the biology of diabetes.


These three simple posts, will teach you all you need to know on how to control your Glucose.




This group is for those who are taking their type 2 diabetes seriously and isn't afraid of some straight talk when it comes to constructive criticism. We promote a LOW CARB way of eating to help manage our diabetes. We DO NOT EAT grains, starches, fruits, rice, sugar, oatmeal, cereal, corn, beans, milk, pasta, potatoes. We DO NOT follow the ADA guidelines. We define LCHF, low, and high carb as the following:

* LCHF (ketogenic diet): 20-50g / day or <10% of calories, based on level needed for ketosis
*Low Carb: <130g / day or 10-25% of caloric intake
*High Carb: >130g / day or 26-45% of caloric intake

This isn't a place for anyone looking to have a pity party. We're kicking diabetes in the rear, one person at a time. Join us if you really want to change your life.


1. Be respectful. Treat others as you want to be treated. Keep it PG. If you find a post offensive, report it to an admin. If someone contacts you privately without your consent in a harassing manner, report it to an admin. See rule 12.

2. No solicitations or self promotion of any kind will be allowed. Only those whom we have brought to the group for their expertise are allowed this 'favor'.
These people are
Kristie Huneycutt Sullivan
Sandy Bahr
Tim Rice
Jenn Louise
This includes posts replies and messages to members.
Any member receiving solicitations from another member via messaging should report it to an admin. We have a set policy to deal with such situations.
Any member falsely reporting soliciting by another member will be removed immediately and permanently from the group.

3. Pictures or suggestions of high carb meal choices or unapproved foods will be deleted without warning or notification. All recipes must be converted to LCHF prior to posting to the group.

4. No political or religious posts.
Religious replies to a post are ok under certain circumstances.
We do not ask anyone to deny their faith or choice of no faith, this group is focused on controlling glucose. There are other groups for religious/political sermons, debate and discussions.

5. While we want to get to know each other and build camaraderie, please keep in mind that this is a type 2 diabetes support group. We're not qualified as life coaches or psychiatrists. Please seek out other support groups or professional help with issues of a personal nature that are not directly affecting your diabetes treatment.

6. This is a private group. That means what we share here needs to stay here. If you friend someone in this group, remember to respect this and ask before you post something diabetic-related on their timeline.

7. Violation of any rule is grounds for removal of a comment, removal of a member, and banning. Final determination is up to the admin and/or admin team.

8. No blocking of Admin that will be cause for immediate removal from the group.

9. No surveys, polls or live videos are allowed within the group. Please place all food recipes or pictures in the food post. Memes are allowed as replies only

10. Arguing with admin is cause for immediate dismissal from the group.
Discussion is fine. Debate is fine.
Admin aren't afraid to admit when we've missed the mark, but disrespecting admin-name calling, snarky comments towards admin etc- will not be allowed.

11. Please do not upload any file without admin knowledge and consent. Facebook's file system is chaotic and disorganized.
We cannot control it's organization and this can further confusion when members view the files looking for a specific topic.

12. There are to be NO messages by members to other members of a harassing nature or questioning their 'fit' into the group.
Any member identified as sending such messages will be INSTANTLY removed PERMANENTLY.
Any member reporting such contact will be asked for verification AND EXPECTED TO COMPLY or may face removal themselves.

13 There is to be NO SPECIFIC MEDICAL ADVICE (don't/do take, dose adjustments etc) in the Group.
You can post medical information (how a drug works, what a term means) and you may express your own experience and/or opinion.
We are not doctors and this is both unethical and illegal.

Admin may post the group position IF they so wish or they may remove you immediately.

15. ANYONE who violates Facebook's community standards we'll be removed IMMEDIATELY, no second shot, no appeal.
instant removal. Act as an adult and you'll be fine.

16 We cannot possibly cover every situation here, some situations will be handled as they arise via this 'misc' rule.

We reserve the right to change these rules as needed but will notify members if / when the rules are changed.



All content is commentary or opinion and is information provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional advice of any kind.

In no event shall the group moderators be liable for any consequential damages arising out of any use of, or reliance on any content or materials contained herein, neither shall the group moderators be liable for any content of any external internet sites listed and services listed.

Always consult your own licensed medical practitioner if you are in any way concerned about your health.




Your ultimate guide to eating keto and using our foods list.

Step by step instructions on what to eat
How much to eat, meal prep and an cheat method for planning your meals and figuring your intakes for each meal.

Please see the first three comments.

How to keto
Rebels style.

Here is our official Rebels foods list.
This list is NOT all inclusive but does include foods that are generally regarded as safe across most all keto diet foods lists.
Keep this list handy. You'll be referring to it often.

Eat foods according to the category guidelines.

Always test new foods separately from a meal containing them, following these same guidelines

Proteins generally comprise 15-30 percent of your total daily calories.
Your protein macro is a must.
Always consume enough protein!!!!
If you exceed it, you should be safe as long as the overage isn't terrible.

Limited to YOUR protein macro.
(most of these are less than 1 carb per serving)
pork (no sugar glaze or topping)
bacon (no sugar added, sugar cured is ok as the sugar doesn't penetrate the meat)
processed meats (check ingredients)
veal is ok but usually lean, so add fat.


any other fowl/poultry
Eggs (no limit)

4 oz per day limit on cheese.
4 tbsp limit per day on liquid/soft dairy.
heavy whipping cream
hard cheese (cheddar, blocks, etc)
unsweetened almond milk
bleu cheese
brie cheese
cream cheese
sour cream
whole fat yogurt
whole milk ricotta
soft cheese

Carbs generally comprise 5-10 percent of your daily total calories.
All carbs listed are both low count per serving AND complex in nature.
Carbs are a limit.
Never exceed your daily macro.
If you Miss it-don't sweat it.
You'll be fine barring any medication taken that replaces or forces insulin production.

2 Cups per day minimum.
bok choy

2 Cups per day MAXIMUM for veggies.
artichoke, not Jerusalem.
bamboo shoots
bean sprouts
green beans
hot peppers all varieties
string beans
snow peas
sprouts (alfalfa and bean)
sugar snap peas
wax beans
peppers (green, red, yellow)
green onions

Fruit should be avoided initially.
Once you've obtained better glucose control, you may add a few berries at a time.
Berries are included due to their high anti oxidant content since diabetes is a very oxidizing condition.

1 Cup MAXIMUM per day
Eaten in SMALL servings only.
berries in small amounts per serving
(raspberry, blueberry, strawberry)

Fats are your lever.
Other groups use fat as their weight loss lever.
For us, it's hunger.
If you are hungry, have more fat and protein.
If not, you're good.
Fat IS NOT a buffet!!!!
Too much fat CAN cause problems.
Fats generally comprise 60-80 percent of your total daily calories.

olive oil
coconut oil
real butter
avocado oil
Lard-make sure it's NOT hydrogenated.

almond flour
coconut flour.

Step one
Pick your protein from the foods list
Limited to YOUR protein macro.
(most of these are less than 1 carb per serving)
pork (no sugar glaze or rub)
processed meats (check ingredients)
veal is ok but usually lean so add fat

any other fowl
Eggs (no limit)

Step two
Pick your low carb veggie.
Eat it as is or as an ingredient in a recipe.
Limit it to 2-5 total grams per meal.
2 Cups per day MAXIMUM for veggies.
artichoke, not Jerusalem.
bamboo shoots
bean sprouts
green beans
green onions
hot peppers all varieties
Peppers, all varieties.
string beans
snow peas
sprouts (alfalfa and bean)
sugar snap peas
wax beans

Step three
Add a generous side salad
Or you can forego the salad and add another low carb veggie for a side.
2 Cups per day minimum.
bok choy

How much to eat.
As mentioned, eat to YOUR specific macro set. Never eat less protein, never overeat carbs, add fat until your hunger subsides.

Dr Bernstein sets his macros at:
6 grams for breakfast
12 each for lunch and dinner.

On a 20 gram per day level this would be
4 grams for breakfast
8 grams each for lunch and dinner.

To find YOUR specific level
Multiply your carb total by .8
This will give you your lunch and dinner combined total with the remainder being breakfast per Dr Bernstein's ratio.

For the more free wheeling
Divide your carbs into thirds and adjust until your breakfast carbs are lowest and lunch is the highest.
For instance
A twenty gram diet could be split
4 grams breakfast
10 grams lunch
6 grams dinner.

For the REALLY free wheeling
Keep breakfast your lowest intake and fill in as you proceed.

Some complain that the keto foods list is too restrictive and too narrow minded.
I remind you
We use keto to treat our disease.
Not weight loss.
Not getting shredded for athletic competition.
Our stakes are far higher that losing the old spare tire or winning a bodybuilding trophy. Our very life is on the line.

If or when you feel bored of the same old same old
Don't quit
Don't give up
Pick a new veggie or find a new recipe
Keto does not mean eating the same old foods day in and day out!!!!!

We have one of the largest recipe resources posts available for you on our resource page.
All sites and recipes are keto or LCHF
In addition, LCHF and keto recipes are widely available on the internet.
There's no reason for anyone to give up on keto because of food boredom!!!




Some of you may be wondering why we stress the importance of low carb counts and low carb content foods.

So, I want to set down there very important reasons that explain this.

Why low carb part one.
Obviously, as diabetics we have a glucose regulation issue.
Our bodies simply cannot regulate glucose properly.
Limiting carbs helps our bodies regulate glucose as much as it can.
Since we have a glucose regulation issue, fewer carbs makes it easier for our bodies to keep pace.

As I've said many times
you don't control a glucose regulation issue by eating a diet of food that is filled with foods that become glucose or that spark a huge glucose reaction.
We must do for our body what it cannot do in its own.
Limiting both carb total and carb type, helps us do this.

Why low carb part two.
Your glucose meter is a liar
Glucometers cannot be made to be as accurate as lab equipment.
All meters have a 20% +/- tolerance level.
This means your actual glucose level can be up to 29% more or less than your actual test result.
Limiting carbs and carb count helps here by changing this in our favor.

Let's look at two tests
test A 300
test B 95
Splitting a little math
test A could be up to 60 points higher or lower.
this gives us a 120 point spread.
At 300, glucose can be anywhere between 240-360

now it's look at test B
At 95, the accuracy margin is 19 points higher or lower.
a total margin of 38 points.
a rest of 95 may be anywhere from 76-114.

At lower levels, the accuracy is far better because the total spread of error is lower.
It's far easier to accept that your glucose is within a 38 point spread than 120!!

Luckily, the FDA is working to help us here.
Most meters now are within 10% of actual glucose.
This is getting ahead of the coming tolerance level change.
It was supposed to already be in effect but many meter companies have filed to delay it claiming they lack the technology to produce such accuracy.

Why low carb?
because our meters aren't as accurate as we believe they are. As we want and need them to be.


Why low carb part three
This one is a doozy y'all.
You go to the store and you pick up a package of cheese
you flip it over and read the nutrition label
drop it in your cart and off you go.
If only it were that simple

When we see that label, we think of a government scientist in his little lab coat, complete with pocket protector, and he's hard at work doing test after test after test to determine how much nutrition is actually in our food.
The sad truth is, this is a fantasy.

The FDA allows food companies to self report these results and they are after based on ingredient averages, not ingredients used. The FDA rarely tests did for nutrition accuracy. I can see their point here.
A lab for this would be extremely expensive and would stay EXTREMELY busy trying to keep up with all the new foods that are being introduced.
However, we also know, allowing a company to self report relevant info is not always the best idea.

Just like our meters, the nutrition label is allowed a 20% variance.
Now let's crunch some more numbers.
obviously, I'm going to focus on carbs., but we'll be looking at a low carb diet vs a high carb total.
diet A-20 total grams per day
diet B- 240 total grands per day
this is the diet my AADE certified cde gave me to follow
On a 20 gram this tolerance is 2 points.
Your total daily carb intake could be 18 or 22.
on the official diabetes diet, it's far worse
that's a 48 point swing, either way, a total possible range of 96 grams. a 240 gram diet has a possible range of 192-288 grams total.
This is one way, carbs hide from us ..... and it's totally legal.


So there you have it.
3 reasons why we suggest you eat a low carb diet.

  1. it makes it easier to control your glucose
  2. it makes your meter more accurate
  3. it helps eliminate possible hidden carbs in the nutrition label.



After all of that, if you still are not interested in the give and take/conversation that is available on FB, here is a link to a dot-com site:


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Oh my goodness, Midnight!  That was a lot of work to copy/past all that.  THANK YOU!  I have no idea what DH will do with it.  I copy/pasted onto a file for me and also sent him an email with all that data.  We'll see what he does.  The new med had him nearly in a face-plant today at work.  He'd had protein, etc but the minimal dose pill was too much.  He'll switch to half.  


Long, long ago, we both did Keto....before it was called that, I think.  He began so I could get rid of systemic candida.  It did.  But I was about in a panic after only a short time.  In that day, no one mentioned it for weight loss.  And lose we did!!!  I thot I was getting some dire illness....losing that quickly.  :o   At some point, I had to start putting carb back in, or I'd lose too much.  It seemed to have worked permanently for the candida tho.  I have no idea if he's in the mood to go low-carb again.  But thank you.  


MtRider  :thumbs: 

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Yesterday made a loaf of beer bread.  So EZ.  This morning I listened again and again and again...to Shane and Shane "Worship Initiative"...while enjoying my morning coffee.  I absolutely love their worship music...so scripturally based.  THEN...we had a late breakfast and packed ourselves a picnic lunch, hoped in the truck and headed for our favorite state park.  Took a nice long walk then ate our lunch outside at a picnic table.  Got a bit chilly towards dessert so we got back in the truck and finished it there...his was a Chocolate Curve/nut bar and mine were graham crackers.  Then we came home...took a nap...and watched an episode of Mountain Men.  It's been around for awhile, but oh so interesting.  Some we haven't watched.  Just finished catching up on my sink full of dishes and I'm done for the night.  My butter jars have the rings removed but are still sitting on the counter to be washed, dried and labeled for putting them back in their half pint box and to the homestead for the extended pantry.

The weather has been really nice...in the 50's...but today with the breeze and the shade from the park trees (even with no leaves) made it feel a lot cooler.  But it was nice to get out and enjoy the sun.  We know winter will arrive!

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WE2.....It's when yeast infections keep reoccurring and can't ever quite get rid of it.  Can show up in other parts of body.   But yeast is fed by sugars so DH wanted me to go low carb to starve it out.  It worked but then I started losing weight FAST.  :o   But turned out to be natural, so losing weight  was okay too.  :)  


Hey Midnight.....  :bounce:    I sent all that data over to DH's laptop .....and he looked into all of it, most of which he knows, of course.  THEN HE JOINED YOUR GROUP.   He has a Facebook page we use but rarely...to see pics from kids/Grkids.  But....he did it.  Which means he's perhaps unhappy enough with going the chemical route that he might be ready to try low carb again.  :shrug:   I'm not sayin' nothin'.  If he decides, he will do it.  Thank you!  


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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Made cookie deliveries today.  My doc was delighted with both the cookies and the fresh greens (collards, kale and lots of bok choy) she got as well.  She loves bok choy as it turns out, which is good....when the weather warms too much (even a day or two) it will bolt so we have to eat it soon.  So she will get more as will my pastor who is Vietnamese and knows darn well what to do with greens of any kind!  Any surplus after that I will dehydrate to limp me thru until I can get fresh again.  


Radishes & lettuce are coming along nicely, so there will be replacement goodies....

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Yesterday.  Didn’t sleep well.  Mom keeps the house at 77* and I didn’t open our window early enough, plus, I was concerned about not getting up early enough for my 8 a.m. appointment.  Gunny got me up 3 times to go out.  2:30, 3:30, & 4:00. I stayed up after the last time. I guess he was a little stressed not being home.  

Got to the dealership on time & got my oil changed, they even rotated my tires.  A pleasant unexpected perk.  I noticed the odd looks and stares from people, in the waiting room.  I was reading a real paper book.  :happy0203:


After getting back to the house, DH was up and had a list of things he wanted to do. When MIL got up, she added to the list.  DH & I left to do some shopping. We went to Savers, he got a fleece jacket and a couple sweatshirts, all for less than $20.  The jacket was $10.  He found it online for $60!  Score!  Then, we went and got some craft beer for his friend.  They only had two six packs and his friend wanted a case.  

Came home and picked up Mom, went to the jewelry shop, to replace her watch batteries, but they were closed until next year, then we went to Dillard’s in the mall, she needed her makeup.  While she was doing that, I headed to Lens Crafters.  The glasses I got in June, were the wrong prescription.  Gave me a headache and nausea, and, I lost 10 lbs. from not eating.  DH went to TX in July, giving me a month’s break. He brought back the sunglasses, Mom had picked up, because they had to send them out to get them made for me.  During my August trip, I went back to try to have my glasses fixed.  They gave me the run around, because it had been over 30 days.  I explained, I live out of state & that was my first opportunity to get back to their store.  They checked my prescription and said it was fine.  :gaah:  I went next door to the optometrist.  They said they were fine also.  That’s when I blew.  I handed them the old pair I was (and am still wearing), and said No! They are NOT right!  He took my glasses and came back, asking me to be re-examined.  He messed up.... Really!? You think?  Anyway, Lens crafters said they would re-make my glasses, but, needed to send them out and they would mail them to me.  I got the package 3 weeks later.  When I put them on, they worked, however, I kept getting shimmering light around the top edges and along the left bifocal.  I pulled out my 6+ reading glasses and examined them.  There are shattered cracks around the top and up the bottom.  At that point, I became weary about wearing them.  What if, a piece of that got into my eyes?  So, I told the guy, gave him my receipts, he told his assistant manager, she started to say it had been too long, I interjected, she told her manager and came back saying the would remake them.  DH said No, they don’t work, are a possible hazard and we want our money back.  “Yes or No?”  She started making excuses and he asked several times again, “Yes or No?”  “No”.  We left.  Sooo, when I get back home, I’m calling corporate.  I am not going to stand by and do nothing and waste $400.!!!!! And that price is using my own frames!  :banghead:


Sorry, that was kinda long winded.  

On the lighter side of life...  I’ve brought Mom a couple of the Abraham Lincoln dark red roses when I visit, she kept asking for one of the pink Chicago Peace roses, but, there wasn’t any nice fresh ones whenever I was coming.  This month there was only one rose on the bushes and it is as big as my hand. Mom got her pink rose.  :happy0203:



Today is Christmas Eve, I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  

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Merry Christmas!  


It's after 10:30 and hubby decided that both teens should be awake by now (one has been prowling about for over an hour).  The one who is up looked under the Christmas tree at his one package and a journal for D&D and stated that it was all he got this year.  Completely forgot about stockings.  Hasn't remembered that they exist yet.

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By the way, if you're looking for more info on blood sugar explained in an easy-to-understand format, I LOVE this lady's website and books: https://www.bloodsugar101.com


I need to go through it all again and get back to eating low carb.


We've figured out that nightshades (ie, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika, jalapeños, etc.) definitely don't agree with my system.  I was getting horrific heartburn every night until we figured that one out, so re-learning how to cook yet again.

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I sat down and went through our debt spreadsheet again.  (Exciting Christmas 'round here, can you tell?)


With bonuses and other bits of "found" money, we've paid off $5500 of debt in 2 months.  Once hubby gets his truck reimbursement for this month, we'll thrown some more at it.


At least we're making some progress in the right direction!

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Ate a light breakfast then drove to the church for their Christmas Dinner.  Wonderful food and lots of fun conversation with hubby's friends from the area.  A bit of a drive but so worth it.  We ate Thanksgiving Dinner there and decided we wanted to spend this day there also.  The pastor does nearly all the cooking...and boy does he know how to set out a spread...for free!  There was a little boy at one of the tables behind us (sorry didn't get a pic) that decided I needed a hug!  He wormed his way under my right arm and snuggled up next to me and no matter what his momma said, he wasn't leaving...then gave hubby a big hug...and then back to me!  I love baby hugs! He was probably about 3 years old.  So good for me!  Then it was a nice long walk with Abby-girl, then this evening was a big mug of hot chocolate and the movie James Stewart made..."It's A Wonderful Life". 








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WE2, that looks like some of our church dinners.  Glad you had a great time. Our church has a Thanksgiving breafast and for Christmas we have a breafast the Sunday before Christmas. To many people from out church go out of town, so would be hard to do that on Christmas day. It's nice that your pastor can do that. 


We had all the family over. Don't know how I pulled off getting everything done, but we did have fun and I am so warn out now, I can't sleep. So thought I would get on here to catch up a bit. 

DH was so worn out that after everyone left, he sat in his chair and went to sleep. His breathing has not been the best today. I am really starting to get worried about him.  Things just are not looking good.  He has good days but mostly bad ones and I know he is suffering from his breathing issues. He has labs tomorrow and then they are setting up a CT scan but I need to talk with them about his kidneys. I don't think he can have the dye. But will see what they say.  Then on the 6th he has the Bairum Swallow test. He get's choked easy and hoping that only needs to have his throat stretched. Just not sure how that will go as they will need to put him under anesthesia. 


Though it was hard on DH and myself with all going on with doctors and his not doing well, we did have a spread of food. Everyone always takes home anything left over.  It is part of their Christmas to get to go home with lots of goody bags.  SIL's parents usually come over but his father has been really sick with they think could be flu or something. So we sent food over to their house. They just live in the neighborhood next to ours. So fixed them each a plate and SIL and Daughter took it to them. Hoping he will get better soon. 


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and from some of what I have read, it sounds like everyone had a great time.  Now to get ready for the New Year. Praying it will be  a much better year than this past year. 



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Took laundry over to the homestead and did more pantry inventory while hubby did more work in the basement area.  The wiring is just about where it's somewhat "safe".  There's two receptacles on each side of the kitchen sink that we're leaving capped off for the time being.  I can manage without them for awhile.  I'll still have a four-plug receptacle where the dishwasher will set, and I can use that since I'll be using the top of the DW for my microwave anyway. Got caught up on vacuuming, sweeping etc. this afternoon. Got clothes folded and put away. Still got supper bowls (fixed spaghetti) in the sink to wash.  Used up the rest of my beer bread to make garlic toast to go with supper.  Made a regular load of bread.  I have love my breadmaker ... I just let it do the kneading...take the dough out (it has a dough setting) and let it rise in a bowl, covered in the oven with the light on, then push it down, dump it in my loaf pan, let it rise a bit again then up goes the temp to 425 until it's the brown I want, then  cover it with foil for another 20 minutes. Still eating totally out of the pantry's and freezers.  Saving mucho dollars and rotating foods out too!

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I'm starting to get really tired of stuff being actively destroyed through the carelessness of the kids.


One of them decided it was a good idea to STRETCH the rubber seal of a bowl around the dishwasher pegs.  Guess what will never fit back in its groove again now?

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Got a call from my cousins son (my second cousin?) saying that she's in hospital and they've found several places of cancer in her body...a lung (she already had one ... removed?) and one in her colon...and a bleeding ulcer that they stopped bleeding...but??? Would enjoy your prayers for her and the whole family.  She's quite a bit older than myself so this is not good news.  We're planning to make the trip to see her when she gets home from the hospital.  It's quite a ways from us...but we've got Miss B for a motel and a place for our Abby-girl to be safe and comfy, plenty of food and water we can take, and will just have to use some of our saved dollars to put in the gas tank.  I want to spend some time with her ... regardless of her future.

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